Boulder Grocery Store Shooting: Man Describes Grandchildren Hiding From Shooter | NBC News

A man named Steven tells KUSA that his 2 grandchildren were inside the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, with their father. They hid in a coat closet for safety during the shooting. 

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Man Describes Grandkids’ Experience During Boulder Grocery Store Shooting | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


30 thoughts on “Boulder Grocery Store Shooting: Man Describes Grandchildren Hiding From Shooter | NBC News

  1. I feel so badly for the grandfather's concern but I can't see gun control laws doing a lot to curb those that want to be evil. Just like you can't blame the alcohol for the person getting drunk, and creating masses of rules around opiates just makes life miserable for those with chronic pain and yet the 18 year old that got an unknown pill from a friend and died wasn't helped by any of it.

  2. You can't barricade in a 10 meter wide glass entrance at gun point. You can't die or be immobilized unconscious without a spot of blood that's conveniently blurred out. And they walk a actor with critical blood loss poured on his leg without a tourniquet or bandage. You all need to be arrested for lying to the masses

  3. Shootings like this will happen once in a while, not because guns exist, because poor mental health exists. The amount of people that have spent their entire lives owning and operating firearms without harming anyone completely dwarfs the amount of people that use them for mass murder to a blip on the radar.
    The threat of taking away guns is also far more dangerous than the threat of mass shootings.
    Its against the law to shoot up a grocery store, clearly a law doesnt stop the people that intend on doing harm. Its pretty clear there is an attack on a few of the amendments lately from the democratic party. If we play by the same rules as these people, then Joe Biden is completely responsible for this shooting.
    Watching Kamala Harris embrace him and say "we did it!… we won!" After they completely, utterly and obviously rigged an election is hilarious. How can they live with themselves. Theyre not embarassed? I couldnt even cheat monopoly and feel good about praising my accomplishment.

  4. False flag, people please wake up. Us “conspiracy theorists” aren’t crazy! We’re normal people who were just like you until we started researching. I started by simply typing Illuminati. If you’re going to argue with us, at least do some research instead of discrediting a LOT of people as having some sort of serious mental problem, while showing no other signs of paranoia or anything like that. Maybe just depression at this point from being ridiculed and ostracized for trying to spread knowledge, love, truth, hope. Things are only going to get crazier if you don’t wake up and stand up. Please. ❤️

  5. When the Altanta shooter was arrested, they release him and when white people get attacked, the shooter is held without bail. Get rid of these RACISTS that want the legal system to only work for them.

  6. If you had a good person, carrying ,they could of stopped this. But instead, the Democrats want to take good citizens guns away, and leave them helpless to the evil, and make more people loose their lives.

  7. Place the blame at the shooters feet not at us law abiding citizens make sure this person that killed those is punished and put to death not our constitutional rights 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. I was waiting for ter ceast he "Better Gun Control Laws Needed" line. What a joke, Boulder has some of the most strict gun control regulations in the country and tat store in particular prohibits firearms. Gun Free zones are always targeted. Lefties never ceased to amaze me with how easily they are emotionally manipulated

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