Epidemiologist: Trump being treated with ‘an unusual cocktail of medicines’

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is “optimistic” President Trump will be back at the White House on Monday.


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  2. Hey now, how bout those CDC stats? Keep spreading the hate narrative. The press are the experts in this situation. They have sooo much pandemic experience. Pretty much sews it up for joe(the answer) biden. polls dont lie.

  3. We aren't hearing about Chris Christie. He's overweight, he's had surgery for that and he's regained all his weight. That surgery really messes with a persons immunity and overall health for life. He's also an asthmatic. I bet he dies like Herman Cain and hundreds of thousands have.

  4. "Don't fear covid" (Trump). Ok for him because he has any treatment known to man available to him. Anyone else, would be dead within a week. Trust him ,,,,,,,- no f**king way……

  5. Trump's fake infection is not just bone spur moments! His anticipated message encouraging exposure to Covid-19 shows total lack of moral compass/part of his ploy; worse than that he is now an Enemy of Humanity. More preventable deaths and untold long term side effects are inevitable to EVERYONE!

  6. Any Republicans who started wearing a mask 3 days ago will be voted out! When private interest outweighs the welfare
    of the people it smacks down the spirit of the constitution. These people need to go. Long overdue.

  7. Who really thinks Trump will isolate at the WH? Seriously? Trump is just getting to desperate! How can people know if he ever had Covid?… ever got any treatment?… this sounds as fake as he is!
    My money is on him claiming he beat Covid… a little sniffle… and all because of his miracle bleach cure!

    The theater is open, intro done… let the show begin!!!

  8. Trump's failed herd immunity has had a major effect on US school attendance.

    US children will be a year behind children from countries that listened to the WHO.

    Unfortunately, that educational gap will be his legacy and yours for years to come.

  9. WHO 3 point plan: Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

    New Zealand followed leader Jacinda like sheep, had 25 deaths and now Covid free.

    Herd immunity: Do nothing.

    US followed leader Donald like sheep, and are dying in droves 214,852+.

  10. Many, many Trump supporters are voting for:

    Herd immunity = Covid death rate out of control = 214,852+.

    Theft = Billionaire pays $750 a year on tax and hires criminals.

    Racism = Aug 2017 – Very fine people, on both sides.

  11. WHY did he get tested. According to him No TEST – No COVID. If he followed what he wants for everyone else then he "wouldn't be positive for COVID" ANS his hospitalization would have been for something else.
    Mr. Trump, if you had begun aggressive actions in late Jan or early Feb when you KNEW the seriousness and dangers of COVID-19 more than likely there would not be the 210,000 deaths.
    You FAILED in this WAR as Commander and Chief. Your failure has also caused OUR nation to have the WORST economic depression since the Great Depression. You would become a pauper if the people you hurt could sue you. Multiple thousands of small business owner have lost their business, many homeowners may lose their homes, millions have lost their jobs. Do Americans a favor – RESIGN before Nov 3.
    You will have done us a favor and saved yourself massive embarrassment after the results are in.

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