Hurricane Delta slams Mexico, moves towards US as Category 3 storm l GMA

The powerful storm is expected to make landfall in the U.S. as a Category 3 hurricane after it slammed Cancun overnight.


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34 thoughts on “Hurricane Delta slams Mexico, moves towards US as Category 3 storm l GMA

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  4. What person in 2020 has and lives in such shabbily built buildings in a Hurricane zone and cry’s when it gets blown apart and down??? Yet they cry about Man Made Global warming and Man is killing the planet. Well hells bells, you guys every time a storm comes up you wash Millions of Cubic yards of trash into the Gulf of Mexico not to also mention the hundreds of millions of gallons of Toxic chemicals. Sad bunch of goofballs. Also the 1800’s had three separate years with Back to back Louisiana hurricanes. Now since there were only about 2 billion people on the planet back then, How the hell would that happen back then if these storms are only caused today by Man Made Global Warming. Fools.

  5. Thank you Fox news for 24 years of global warming denial.
    Thank you Fox news for having all those fabulous sexy Foxsperts make fun of those crazy liberals and their crazy ideas about global warming. What a joke.
    Everyone knows Al Gore has a big house and Obama had a hip hop barbecue at the White House.
    The adults in the room have hijacked the bus and I say let's stop on the accelerator.
    So let's celebrate these storms because real Americans watch Fox news.
    So gas up that gross polluting car and put as many hydrocarbons and CO2 gas into the atmosphere to prove your faith in the Republican party and Fox news.
    Everyone look the other way when you see old refrigerants being outgassed into the atmosphere because global warming is fake news and a hoax.
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  6. Father Lord God YHWH of Israel, Omnipotent One, Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, Alpha and Omega, World Without, please don't let the hurricane cause damage to the coastal towns of America near the Gulf. 🙏🏻🙏🏿🇺🇸🦅💪🌅

    Amen and amen Hallelujah and praise the Lord Jesus Christ whereby Satan is Defeated, the FOREVER LOSER, PERIOD!!

  7. why is UNBELIEVABLE the word? no, its completely believable. nothing about this is unbelievable. It happens all of the time. Well, you better start believing news lady.

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