Trump’s medical team updates on president’s condition | ABC News

The medical team said the president could be discharged as early as Monday and continue his treatments at the White House.

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43 thoughts on “Trump’s medical team updates on president’s condition | ABC News

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  4. LOL Trump has/had NO damn symptoms and a blood sat going from 98 to 94 IS NOT a big deal! Give him some O2 and forget about it. This is just another trick of this ANTICHRIST TRUMP to possibly delay the election. And, I doubt if any of those guys are even doctors!!!!

  5. If anyone works in the health care industry knows 94% oxygen is nothing to be concerned about. His lung function is good if he can max it out. Send him back home!!!!! This is a farce! What about the FLOTUS ????

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  8. So lets see: He did after all get oxygen on Friday in addition to continuously being treated with drugs to target falling oxygen levels.👌😁 Despite that, he had an incident again on Saturday but nobody on the entire team of "proud experts" conveniently knows if he received any oxygen or not. 🤞 He also had blood levels somewhere below 94% but not in the low 80's because they dont have any recordings of that.🤣 So he could have had lvl's as low as 84%!? 😯 In addition, all findings on other organs are of "expected normal" values for a covid patient. 👍 And finally wile being on the lung treatment drug "dexamethasone", he's maxing out the lung spirometry tests. 😅 When caught lying, the explanation is that they didn't want to create the impression that the president wasn't doing miraculously by informing that the president has had "light" respiratory problems. 😂 Yeah, you should probably call it short and stop answering any more questions before they get a chance to ask about the feber and pre-covid testing. 🤐 What an impressive bunch of lying experts. 👏

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  10. Reporter: why would the president be admitted to Walter reed hospital
    Doctor: bc he’s the president of the United States
    Reporter: how come First Lady isn’t at hospital
    Doctor: she’s doing fine thanks for asking

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  12. It’s a shame that all these Naval doctors are risking this young careers to support all Trump’s lies . They are not patriots ! I guess they thought it’s worth getting g whatever Trump promised them in expense of our country . They all need to be investigated and go to jail fir these .

  13. Doctor @ Walter Reed are irresponsable by letting DT go for a joyride around the hospital. It looks like DT is not following medical recommendations and going at will. DT is an unruly, irresponsible and bad patient. What doctors said do not match his behavior. If he is sick keep in subside in bed as any other patient. If he is up, outside the hospital means he is lying to American again.

  14. Nothing seems right here at all. They’re seems like a lot covering up.
    And the fact that he is travelling with other people isn’t right because the people have to be locked in a room and arnt allowed to be in contact with anyone except doctors etc to prevent the risk of spreading it

    This isn’t right at all.
    And who the hell can understand what this woman is saying bloody muffled or what?

  15. See that's way he's doing so well these amazing doctors. Trump 93 percent whoa. These fake doctors don't know how to pronounce medication. It was 93 not 94vthey just said. Doctors are smart they don't say uh uh uh uh in front of the words they speak. Your there to to about his and you just say your not there to. These guys are horrible actors

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