Trump’s physician says he has made ‘substantial progress’ since COVID-19 diagnosis

Dr. Sean Conley said the president remains fever-free and off oxygen, and has been moving around the medical suite without difficulty.


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28 thoughts on “Trump’s physician says he has made ‘substantial progress’ since COVID-19 diagnosis

    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!

  2. I’m betting on trumps covid being a fake. So many people test positive at the exact same time? The campaign is low on money. There’s a recording of Melania that just came out saying some bad stuff. It would get trump out of debates, take the heat off of his tax cheating, stop the criticism for a couple weeks, and he would emerge strong and fighting right before the election. No transfer of power. There are mixed messages about his condition and the president of the United States is taking an experimental drug? I guarantee none of these people willl die or go on a ventilator. I call BS. plus pump and dump for the drug stock.
    This is the guy who staged the caravan of kids who walked here from Guatemala.

  3. The Donald pull another rabbit out of the hat.
    The much in need of love Donald just play the biggest hoax of the century by faking to have covid so that he can test how much people really, reeeeeally love him. Just be prepared to hear him after this hoax on a none
    stop talk about how much he was loved by the people therefore he deserved to be the commander in chief.

  4. Listen trump has the greatest case of COVID-19 in presidential history. Probably in the world. No Democrat Obama or Hillary Clinton could be able to get the COVID-19 like him. If Obama or Biden tested positive for coronavirus it’s fake news.Biden wears a face mask. So it’s impossible for sleepy joe to get COVID-19. You know it and I know it ! Lol 😂

  5. Since Friday Trump has not bad mouthed anybody which is not normal. It is not a sign of “ substantial progress “. When Trump starts bad mouthing people that would be a sure sign of progress. The virus has tamed the President so much he appears to be defanged. He has not called Biden sleepy Joe even once since last Friday.

  6. Stupid report! The truth is that the Rose Garden ceremony was NOT what caused the contamination: because it happened OUTDOORS.

    The President was contaminated INDOORS, while conversing with Hope Hicks.

    With no physical contact, there's no such thing as outdoor contamination!

    If you understand French, just listen to these two videos: and

  7. Been a left Liberal all my life. But when I started to realize that
    mainstream news agencies are nothing but 'Perception Management Firms' ,
    firms which read the 'script' of the highest bidder. I started to see
    the common narratives. Narratives which demonize and humiliate anyone
    who might expose these news agency's 'agendized' narratives….Then I started to
    actually listen and watch Trump with an open mind when I realized he also sees
    mainstream news agencies as fake and corrupted news reporting.
    Meanwhile, he hasn't taken America to further war in his term, as
    Obama and Bush jr had done. How many of the Presidents of the last 50
    years can say they haven't gone to war for the Corporate war-mongers who have been running the US Administration into never-ending debt? Meanwhile, I get it that he wants 'legal' immigrants….immigrants who pass through the long and slow process of checks and balances prior to entering the US. He does not want the country to be inundated with illegal immigrants. Pretty simple.
    On the other hand, he is a businessman who has made amazing strides in US relations with Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, India and North Korea. He is not a war-monger.
    Let's not forget his is honest about lowering corporate
    taxes to bring back investment into the US , knowing that keeping
    corporate tax rates high will only drive business to set up shop outside
    the US. He demanded that the NATO member countries start paying their
    fare share of the defense budget, stating that the US
    will not shoulder the budget anymore on its own. He knows there is
    still no replacement for oil dependency ie: cars, trucks, tankers which
    burn bunker fuel, airplanes, industry, and even industry to build
    electric cars. So he admits he works with the oil/gas industry.
    Meanwhile I have discovered that the Democrat's major funder is George
    Soros. That shyster's funding ought to raise a little concern for any
    Democrat. It sure got me thinking differently. And trump is the only
    President that continually attempts to alert voters to the dangers of
    the Deep State (International Banksters and their fiat currency….along
    with characters like Soros and Bill Gates…and their lap-dog
    mainstream news agencies). Trump is the only President who has dared to
    stand up and tell us that mainstream news is as corrupt and fake as can be. Just follow the money trail folks. Who funds mainstream news agencies? Who writes their 'scripts'? and while you are at it look into: Who funds the World Health Organization and
    funds through the back door the CDC? I've got the links, after
    searching outside of 'compromised' news agencies and search engines for
    months. I dare you to have a look yourself. I mean look at the
    'narrative' of the debate itself, being similarly babbled by all mainstream networks.

  8. PRAY FOR TRUMP, VOTE FOR BIDEN 😇 What is the likelihood that he miraculously recovers after taking the experimental drug which then gets a speedy approval before elections. Plus no one can vilify him while he is sick as they’ll look like a jerk if they do so. Brilliant strategy after the poor performance in debate #1.

  9. from Black Conervative Patriot… 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    I'm a black man and can say with certainty that BLM / Antifa don't care about anyone let alone blacks!
    Emmett Sullivan is a complete fool!  A dipshit out of order!
    Obama is a Liar!  🇺🇸
    Fake Media is EVERYONE'S Enemy!
    Watch my video's if you can. Thx!

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