‘We Have Never Been Closer’: House Holds Hearing On Bill For D.C. Statehood | NBC News NOW

The House of Representatives held a hearing for a bill to add the District of Columbia as the 51st state. Mayor Muriel Bowser testified, saying D.C. residents are “denied the fundamental right promised to all Americans” of representation in Congress. Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., dismissed the bill as part of the “radical leftist agenda to reshape America.”
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‘We Have Never Been Closer’: House Holds Hearing On Bill For D.C. Statehood | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


44 thoughts on “‘We Have Never Been Closer’: House Holds Hearing On Bill For D.C. Statehood | NBC News NOW

  1. It would be one thing to take an oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. It is entirely another matter to bastardize the Constitution to change the Constitution to ignore the Constitution like the Democrats are doing.

  2. Yeah why don't we continue to step all over the constitution remove whatever is inconvenient for the DemonRats. Just like they do all the time. When ita convenient they swore by the constitution when it's not convenient it's an outdated document. The devil is a liar and those who agree are being tricked by these forked tongue DemonRats. This is coming from a life long democrat that woke up from the matrix.

  3. The Founding Fathers purposely did not want the Capital to be a State! That way they would have to neutral to other State Issues! DC Has been a Country of it's own and should continue to do so. If the people of DC are allowed to vote and abide by the same laws that the rest of America do, then they do have indirect representation in Congress! Considering the majority of those in Congress live there, all the Leftist want is more power of the Country they are supposed to be protecting! Which they are not doing. Instead they are using their current power to destroy America and sell it to the NWO!

  4. why are the citizen paying taxes if they're not being represented?
    why is DC so populated?
    Also, if add 2 more seats for Democrats, they are still under represented, in terms of the US population.

  5. DC should be a state, 700k residents have no representation in congress and pay taxes, lots of tax. Republicans will make excuses to denied statehood because majority of people are minorities and historially democrats. Not a valid reason to say no.

  6. DC requires a constitutional amendment process to become a state. But hey pass it on a simple vote by congress and wait it out for years as the court cases are resolved. I doubt the SCOTUS will view changing the status of DC to a state on a simple vote with the same enthusiasm.

  7. Congratulations, Biden's Voting Access Bill will ensure republicans cannot create vote suppression.

    Teasing and laughing at MAGATs and their voting suppression during 2020 was funny.

    Now that it is 2021, teasing and laughing at MAGATs feels like laughing at the disabled.

  8. I don’t understand why this is unconstitutional? Many other nations have their capital city as a sovereign district with equal representation to other districts.

    While there are at it, make Puerto Rico and all other U.S. territories and holdings in the Caribbean one state to represent all of them too. As well as all other territories( colonies) to a form of statehood.

  9. If DC becomes state then is there going to be new usa 🇺🇸. It's going to be 51 stars. What about Puerto Rico? I heard they want to make that 52 state? Then how they gonna put 1 star or 2 stars in the flag??? Cuz right now it's equal. After making dc state or Puerto Rico then there is going to be one more line with 1 or 2 stars.

  10. 90% Democrat or 55% non white population? That's the answer of any Republican when a black or hispanic district or territory wants to be brought into the union! That's the only reason that Washington DC and Puerto Rico aren't a state, because they're heavier towards the democratic side

  11. @Alphonse Appiah I have family in MD and VA, I think that you cannot call neutral ground as the surrounding area boarders two states that is the district. Why don't we allocate a more respective approximate to vote in the congress, that is fair, think of Guam and Puerto Rico that are Americans that fight to be represented and have done so for decades. We are part of America stop denying our place and contributions

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