Black Americans create safe havens from racism

ABC News’ Steve Osunsami reports on Black Americans who were pushed by racial violence and systemic oppression to seek refuge, by creating their own communities or leaving the U.S. for Africa.


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43 thoughts on “Black Americans create safe havens from racism

  1. Rather than creating a safe haven and spending soo much to make it comfortable why don't you just take your money and move peaceful African countries like Ghana. There are soo many investment opportunities there like real estate, retail, tech startups, restaurants, hotels and others. It's not about working hard but it's about working smart.

  2. I think this is a good idea but what I don't like about it is, they bought 97 Acres on American soil. Any KKK group or racist group can just travel there and terrorize them. We have to completely separate from these people

  3. I see a lot fixed stories about discrimination of black Americans. Most of them truly believe that they don't have a good jobs because of white people discriminate them. Are you serious??? My question is what did you do to have a good job?? You just want to apply and expect good job?? Are you serious? Maybe you spend a lot of time getting practical knowledges and skills? Most of you never care about it. You just want to get fun, smoke weed and get sex that's it!! And at the same time get a lot of money!! It will never happen!! I came to America 4 years ago without any degree but I've spent a lot of time outside of my work learning programming by myself without any colledge and now I have a high paid job. I didn't have a time to get fun outside of my work because I was always busy with my study. I have a co-worker he is from Africa and he is software engineer like me but why he tells nothing about racism??? Racism in your mind but not in white people. Black people from Africa are much more nice and polite than black Americans

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  5. Democrat Party's Master Plan. "Don't force segregation on them. Make em want it" These ppl will slowly weed out the light-skinned blacks, then those with white ancestry, then those who don't think like them, then we have NAZI Germany in Black all over again.

  6. Racist might be bad, but hating them is racism too, or whatever you call when someone is opressed because of their opinion, by hating racists and isolating them you don't make life better for anyone, its like the addiction problem, people faced addicts as a garbage, and it did nothing better, I might say it made the situation worse, on the other hand, hospitals in Canada didn't treat them as a outcastes, but helped them, and it got better
    You might think it's impossible to change a racist, but you need a time, it will not come overnight
    I changed my grandpa's mind, I bet you can too, make the world better by helping the problematic ones, not by outcasting them from the society

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  8. Well…. Everyone is racist in one way or another,and I'm white half Irish half Welsh,I've grown up around Chinese, Jamaican,samalion,Muslim. But if Jamaican,/black people wings on about racism,u need to clean up how u portray yourselves,in films,in gangsta rap music,as this does ure race no favours at all…I grew up on hip hop, graffiti, breakdancing,and class myself as krs1 said I am hip hop,but gangsta rap music has infected the youths of all races,and not helped the cause…. The n word is very offensive along with the horrible words we all can call each other,but its o.k. when u call each other the n word,this I find very hipacritical,double standards even,and gun vilance,drug dealing,and the n word in films music and in social life don't help u,u can't choose when this words offend u,it don't work like that,just stop it…. Please,u are better than that,lead don't follow….

  9. Between the Green New deal the deficit itself and GDP because people are unemployed we will end up being a third world country if anyone even thinks to give reparations I don't care if you're white or black look at the numbers and the economics of this it would be catastrophic!!!!! I'm warning my fellow black people please do not do this you think it will be a benefit it will only destroy ☝️🤓💛🙏🙏🙏👎

  10. Now to the latest BS sprouting from the lib dem(really radical socialist) run fake media. The ultra phony narrative about the President with this 'white supremacy' garbage. The man couldn't be clearer on the record condemning ALL racism(including critical race theory Marxist brainwashing) as Kayleigh McEnany(man she explodes lefty brains with her oh so effective messaging, we love her) pointed out at this mornings WH presser. BOTH the KKK and ANTIFA have been declared domestic terror organizations by this administration. Distract tactics based on pure lies. The press has forfeited any claim to neutrality or ethics. Journalism is dead in America!

  11. This is giving me Jonestown vibes. Remember that the crazy cult leader Jim Jones also had great intentions when he started. He was surprisingly progressive for his time and campaigned really hard against racism. We all know what happened next.

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