It was such a blast to watch this smokey little c10 truck improve day by day at Drag Week, equipped with a P pump 24V Cummins! Seeing a driver get to know his new set-up for the first time is always fun to witness, ESPECIALLY when they keep finding ways to go faster! Hopefully we’ll see some solid single-digit passes next year!

He discovered at the end of the trip that his new, smaller turbo was actually the correct size but the wrong part number of the two, he received a turbo that spins the OPPOSITE way than it was supposed to, so it was actually stealing boost from the larger turbo. We can’t wait to see it in the future, and quite a bit quicker!!! One of our favorites from the trip!

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49 thoughts on “DIESEL Chevy C10 Truck – SMOKE MISSILE!

  1. I Just Purchase a 2003 Chevy S10 with a 4.3L V6 Vortex & Positive Rear & Cold Air intake Do a 12 sec Quarter Mile 0-60 in 5 secs. Not Bad for a v6. Will chance a Big Boy Heavy v8 Full Size Bring it only. Stock V8s Welcome 😎

  2. What a pile of shit that is it should be cut up with a torch in front of the owner who should be charged with polluting our world !!! Fucken assholes anyway!!! Whare is the laws!!!!! Why aren't they enforced??????

  3. I've also been getting more interested in diesel power, I'm all about efficiency. If shit tons of horseys, and torque are built up, bonus. But I also strove to build fir longevity. But I'm frugal. I might build bad-ass motor, but I don't push em. I like my things to last as long as possible. My oast customers never blew up any of my engines, they wore em out.im nor a go big or go home, I'm a go big enough to get where you have to go. You do what you been doing bro. I'm a fan

  4. You have a total monster bad-ass ride bro. I have an 86 long box, bought it in 95 had a 5.0 boat anchor, but it would burn the tires at shift. Original owner used it to pull a 38' charter boat in N.C. I never have been able to afford a short box or stepside, I built 2 subsequent 5.7 small blocks. Natural aspiration both, maybe I like to shoot more than hotrod, I was in the Marine Corps which bought it, it was my first step in the so called credit building saga of American dream experience. Which blows BTW. My first rebuild didn't run like I expected, but never failed, I lost it in a storage repo auction 🙁 but my next engine was a 1st gen efi rebuild. Could not afford to retrofit a efi power plant in a carb truck, but found a egr performance intake that would fit a carb intake to a efi head. 50,000 miles she gets 19 mpg, and dynoed at 400hp, back when I did her up for my tech school engine rebuild class. She will haul my 5000lb boat through the hills between broken bow NE and Loup CITY NE and get at least 14 on the highway. I had to build another Trans cuz the original 350-c bonded the 3rd gear planetary to the output shaft. So NOW I'm stuck With A Non Lockup converter Transmission. But I love square body gm truc k s keep on trucking dude!

  5. If anyone has seen the C10 in the video please report it to the police. The C10 was spotted yesterday on a trailer 'heading down 75 going towards Wapak'. Both the C10 along with a 60s C10 was stolen as of 10/29/2017 while in Dayton Ohio. WDTN has an article about this.

  6. fastest trucks have ever gone is 7s all fuel types so calm the fuk down cars have gone high 3s 4s 5s 6s seconds please this truck is fukened slow i bet you race mostly stock cars lol nonsense cars will always be faster fact is fact ur denial is fact .period

  7. So sick of the bullshit. My old man runs a 350 chevy crate motor in his 1953 Mercury M100 pickup, so a different motor in a different brand means jack shit. You wanna run a Cummins in a Chevy? Give er!! haha.

    Drag racing these days has become nothing more than a sponsorship war. I can't stand watching it on television, miss the days of "run whatcha brung" when I was a kid, and kudos to you Jessie for giving the finger to the haters and running a bad ass truck.

    I had to sell my 1964 Chevelle (four door) with a 283, four barrel carb, and headers..so I will get my kicks watching your truck run lmao.

  8. jesse harris……are you using a controller for the transmission? or is it a full manual valve body?  is the bottom end stock? what about the head? I would like to talk to you if possible.
    I love the truck

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