Mexican Americans are still fighting for land they were promised generations ago | Nightline

The Southwest was once part of Mexico. When the U.S. took over, families there were promised citizenship and protection of their land. Their descendants are still fighting to reclaim what’s theirs.

Connie Gonzales is an heir to Jose Nicolas Ballí, who was given Padre Island by the King of Spain. After a 22 year search, she learned her family was owed mineral royalties from selling the land.



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29 thoughts on “Mexican Americans are still fighting for land they were promised generations ago | Nightline

  1. They stole Texas because they wanted slavery and California because of is gold Arizona for it sliver so many stories of Mexican being kick off their land and killed for just speaking Spanish

  2. Since I was a kid. My father would work for contractors, they would pay him half of the money, make fun of his English. This is how houses in America where built for a long time. I know because I was there with him. I was a lil boy trying to help my father put food on the table. Trying to help him out while going to school. Being treated like a criminal. One time I fought this kid in elementary cuz he tried to push a girl. And after I was arrested. White pple would walk around the houses admiring them while I'm working with my dad. This is while child labor laws are in place. I came from California was born there in 94. I know what its like to live in a community where the Mexicans are used for labor and the Chicanos are demonized. Yea where did start gangs cuz yall have the clan.

  3. I feel like there are still some echoes of this today. Rich people wanting to live in California, especially LA are making it too expensive for people born and raised in California, a land that was ALREADY stolen. It's a spit on the face to those whose land was stolen and who have been treated poorly for centuries all for some people to enjoy "Coastal Cali Life".

  4. Us Hispanics should create our own country la Republica Chicana since America(USA)and Mexico don’t wants us let the indigenous in since we are similar in my ways anyways, Chicano and Native American country.

  5. Natives had their land stolen from the Spaniards and Mexicans so what goes around comes around . Mexico still treats their indigenous people as second class citizens we indigenous people have been losing our culture and tongues to Governments like this.

  6. Let all unite ,and get rid of them??! They're going to be War because they know they going to disappear the human race are mixing,,,,, especially in "America" .America is for the world all Races!??

  7. Cities all over the U.S. have had centuries with Spanish names, yet Anglo Americans think the mixed indigenous and Spanish "Mexicans" are the foreigners. Those Mexicans were Americans before and after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Racists will always redefine what it is to be American.

  8. There’s North America and there’s South America. Two continents of the same people’s today who are the descendants of the first people’s of the America’s… and who are the indigenous people’s of the America’s.
    Race classification today: Native American.

  9. And how come schools don’t talk about relies lopes tijerina he made history two its just a Mexican guy wanting his land and culture back the u.s isn’t just stolen land from Mexico the whole u.s is just stolen land don’t forget about your history

  10. I hope that the whole world is watching this so everyone can see what a dangerous nation the USA is. The USA is a very young democracy which basically started as a democracy in 1964. Before that it was exclusively a land owned and in honor or white male Anglo-Saxon men. This means that even if you were white but Spanish or white and Armenian, Jewish or Italian you didn't qualify. I live and teach in EUROPE. I tell my students in my classes, DISCUSSIONS, and even radio programmes to which I've been invited that if you play with fire, even if you don't get burned, you may get slightly hurt. The USA is a TERRORIST nation and should be placed as such by any law-abiding nation out there. It is a nation which foments wars, invades others, grabs your wealth. PLEASE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Stop believing the USA is a nation of democratic principles. It is not. It's territoy in its entirety was stolen. The USA is basically a STOLEN LAND, occupied, grabbed from FIRST NATION PEOPLES. It is a land of racial divide and racial hatred. If you want to live in peace, stop associating with THE USA. Limit how many Americans can visit your nation. DO NOT send your children to study in the USA. Do not invest in American businesses. Learn to see the USA as a dangerous nation, which it is.

  11. When the gringos arrived, all the deals and promises went out the window. Even when Mexicans had deeds, the gringos accused them of crimes and deposed them of their properties and many ended up hanged (the gringo favorite way of punishment). Do they tell you this in school across the USA? Of course not. a "great nation" can't be stained by its REAL history

  12. The thing is giving land is very confusing because the treaty was signed with Spanish Mexicans and as we can tell now that most of them are not Spanish so the treaty would’ve been used against the United States and my ancestors and me were left holding the bag and our heritage has been completely wiped out. I laugh when these people think that they deserve more than Spanish Mexicans we deserve to be second-place in this country and how we ended up at the bottom …. very intelligent Caucasian men the rest of you they brought you along for the ride but mother nature and human evolution will correct itself.

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