New wildfires scorch nearly 10K acres in Northern California l GMA

The two new wildfires, including the Glass Fire, exploded in size overnight prompting mandatory evacuations for thousands of residents.

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  5. The liberals democrats and the stupid claims climate change is root of fires are the consequences of climate change, . but millions of people have this question. Why only California its burning to the ground leaving families homeless . the Midwest has trees grass the east have the same and in the summer this trees and grass dried too. But its only california. Who set this fires and why to show the great of the nation that is not burning climate change is real. Its criminals to burn your forest

  6. Listen to what the REPTILIANS have to say about climate change. – I am a proven psychic medium and a spiritualist reverend. We are not alone in the universe, nor even on this planet. Yes, you can communicate with your loved ones in spirit but you can also communicate with et's and interdimensional as well. Hear this EVP interview with a reptilian as he talks about the potential annihilation of the human race if this climate crisis is not resolved. THIS IS REAL!!

  7. it sounds like an attack on Cali by the Federal Gov't "DEW" , because they want zero chance of freedom anywhere , this is how we end up with this weak watered down Gov Gavin Noose, Ole Jerry Brown turned out to be a constitution hater as well . people keep talking about all the control burning thats not being done in Cali are people for the most part never lived around the forest out here ! those of us that have lived out here in the mountains most of their lives know something very strange is going on some thing unnatural

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