Restaurants brace for cold weather

ABC News’ Erielle Reshef reports on how restaurants are scrambling to adapt solutions for indoor dining ahead of winter, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.


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  1. "Outdoor dining is still safer than indoor dining…"

    Dumbass comment of the year. Just stay at home. Order delivery. Do what we should have done from the start, and lockdown!!!

    All these damn snowflake pussies who need their Starbucks coffee or need to be drinking at bars and can't be seen in a mask, deserve to die.

    It's called the Darwin Award.

    If you don't want Covid19 then take the necessary precautions and stop risking my life and those of my loved ones. Stop risking the lives of first responders, doctors, and essential workers.

    Stay safe, be well, and God bless.

  2. when temperature are freezing outdoor, we shouldn't let outdoor dining because they almost totally enclosed their outdoor dining tents, it is worse then dining-in. The gas fire heater we mostly use because of high temperature of burning it is also sterilize the air, indoor dining is feasible, good phyical separation, modify a bit the air handling system, more fresh air, more air grille on the top of the ceiling with UV-sterilizer which clean the air individual in each zone, increase air dispersion, good air filtrating with individual air cleaner. better then dining outdoor. instead of giving thousand and thousand of dollars to the restaurants in which it is not enough for a few months of rent, give this money to improvise there dining area is more effective.

  3. I am in Northern Minnesota.We are still wearing shorts at 30 below and outside BBQing in blizzards but, you can bet your ass we eat it inside next to a roaring wood stove. I understand ppl like to eat out but, you need to ask yourself, is it possibly worth your life!

  4. The people need to be sanitized, then the tables, chairs, inside walls, menus, plates before the servers touch same with cups.
    Good luck, oh yeah I almost forgot, the servers need to sanitize themselves Everytime they walk in and out of these outdoor bubbles, cause you never know if the person before was served has covid-19 and now came to you via the SERVER 🍻
    Thank you.

  5. I know people want to eat out and restaurants need to stay open to make money , but is taking a chance on getting sick worth it ? I have food a food additive allergies so i haven't ate out in years. Getting something i'm allergic to may be a trip to the ER .So you can survive without eating out . I live in the south and a lot of people cook at home . A home cooked southern meal is better than i can get in a resturant . 😊

  6. Hey for the last month my 72 year old father and I go out to eat, inside, every weekend… at a local restaurant.. every other table is closed.. nobody wears a mask except the waitresses.. not the cooks not the customers… I live in Michigan in flint township… were both alive..and I smoke…… good luck dummies..

  7. Sitting outside freezing with 20 layers of clothes on does not sound appealing. Not to mention your hot food will be cold in a matter of 30 seconds. If your in AZ or CA that could work cause their coldest month is the Northeastern states warmest month. But for the rest of the states, outdoor dining only works about 4-5 months of the year.

  8. I think it's super nice to eat outside near a big fireplace or campfire. It's still cold, but we used to do it while skiing, and everybody was already dressed for being outside. Hot drinks, warm fire, lots of evergreens as windbreaks. And the ski clothes were super stylish and very warm. You could have a skiing theme, or an ice fishing theme, or a hunting theme, or a winter backpacking theme for the look of the place. You could have an ice skating rink nearby, or have that theme. And blocks of ice can be a wall to block the wind. Or glass blocks that look like ice. Have a TV screen showing people doing these outdoor sports on a loop.

    It's the wind that's the main problem. You definitely need a wall or some kind of windbreak. Maybe dig down to a basement level, with lots of landscaping, and a gradual slope towards it. The kitchen can be in the basement, with a walkout to the customers, then it's shielded on all sides from wind. Umbrellas for precipitation in the fall.

    Indoors is zero wind. Then you need UV light to kill airborne viruses. Outdoors there needs to be access to the sun, and at least some breezes. Those bubbles are just an indoor space for each table, but the servers still go between customers, and the subsequent customers still share that space. You have to exchange all the air in between customers somehow.

  9. I'm all for eating in my car. I like the A&W old style of service, where the server is the one outside, and you stay in your car. The trays that hang off the side of your car are a nice idea. People can buy their own trays if they want to be sure they are clean. Just have paper placemats. Bring back outdoor movies.

  10. UV light disinfects both bacteria and viruses. Far Red UV light in the 222nm wavelength is safe for eyes and skin.
    It can be used over doorways, over countertops and in bathrooms.
    Regular UV light can be inside air handling systems.
    You can use it to disinfect bags, purses, backpacks as you enter.

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  12. DROPLETS DROPLETS DROPLETS,are these droplets getting on our food by cooks,servers as they are talking,Masks should be mandatory in the food industry,I just heard droplets can travel and drop immediately

  13. I'm not a republican but I think we should just reopen everything. This has gone on way too long. Trump said last night we can vaccinate 200,000 people per day. That would take 5 years to vaccinate everyone and if it requires 2 doses then were looking at 9 years. And lets be honest most people won't even take the vaccine.

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