Sunny Hostin: Black and brown bodies ‘devalued’ and ‘demonized’

Co-host of ABC’s “The View” Sunny Hostin discusses her new memoir, “I Am These Truths,” as well as how her personal story has shaped her career and how she has navigated her duel racial identities.


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49 thoughts on “Sunny Hostin: Black and brown bodies ‘devalued’ and ‘demonized’

  1. Sunny Hostin is entirely full of critical theory nonsense. The poor woman thinks she's an intellectual. She's been indoctrinated into the "Woke" ideology by too much time in college.
    She's a poster child for why critical theory needs to be banned from our institutions. It's a racist ideology based in resentment.

  2. I agree… if she was the first person at work and the last person leave work and worked hard and was productive, she should have been rewarded to match her efforts. I happens to many people who aren't in the clique at work.

  3. Sunny Hostin is a racist and fascist by almost every definition of the words, and it's
    disgusting that ABC would keep her on the air. Someone who thinks
    people who have different political views than their own should be
    blacklisted is the most dangerous type of person. We don't do things
    like this in America, and Sunny clearly needs to go back and read about
    the Hollywood red scare which was the last time people tried to do what
    she's suggesting. Sunny really needs to do some soul searching and
    understand that America is about supporting free speech and differing
    viewpoints, not being fascist and trying to silence anyone who

  4. Anyone who says microaggression sway them down the all credibility in my mind this is a desperate washed-up hag looking for anything she can do to make herself relevant so she's a race Hustler no different than Al Sharpton.

  5. If Black and Brown lives matter why did they vote for Racist for profit prison Crime Bill Joe? A society of clueless dumb down pledge pin Democrats, can't fix stupid but easy to exploit.

  6. I’m a brown Latino and that woman does NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!! You leftists demonic news organizations when will you quit enticing minorities to rebel by way of the rage you instill in them. Woe to you all!

  7. As I sit at the red light of a poor neighborhood waiting for it to turn green, I see this……. people are walking each way north and south, mostly black….. across the street is the only gas station with in a few blocks….. black men and women both cross right into traffic, seemingly daring anyone to hit them….. from my right a young couple pushing a stroller stop at the corner and press the button on the pole to cross the street to the very same gas station….. they were white…… now there I sit thinking about privilege? Maybe that crosswalk button only works for white peoples! Problem solved……need I say more?

  8. Does The Host Realize That Her Lip Gloss Is Picking Up The Lights As White Spots In The Corners Of Her Mouth? It Almost Looks Like She Has White FANGS When She Talks & Is Quite Distracting. WHAT DOES SHE MEAN BY — "Black & Brown Bodies" Are Devalued & Demonized? Most People, Upon Hearing "BODIES" Envision DEAD BODIES or CORPSES.

  9. Now to the latest BS sprouting from the lib dem(really radical socialist) run fake media. The ultra phony narrative about the President with this 'white supremacy' garbage. The man couldn't be clearer on the record condemning ALL racism(including critical race theory Marxist brainwashing) as Kayleigh McEnany(man she explodes lefty brains with her oh so effective messaging, we love her) pointed out at this mornings WH presser. BOTH the KKK and ANTIFA have been declared domestic terror organizations by this administration. Distract tactics based on pure lies. The press has forfeited any claim to neutrality or ethics. Journalism is dead in America!

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  11. So much talk about skin color. 2:41, Trayvon Martin was not demonized. All that time, leading up to the trial, everyone was outraged that he was killed by Zimmerman. Sunny is very interested in skin colors, thus, she should also put Zimmerman into one of her skin-color categories.

  12. Ethnic and Non Anglican people are strong, beautiful, well seasoned, wise, intelligent and creative human beings. We matter, we are worthy to be on this planet, we've earned our place here from many generations. We must celebrate our heritage and gratefully thanking our ancestors for leading and preparing a positive solid legacy for us, to always follow. We are the Global Commonwealth, we are free citizens. May God continue to bless us and we continue do good and lead by example. And we must support each wherever we go. Thank you Lord God. Amen 😀🌈💗❤️💙🌺

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  14. You're a beautiful woman and person Sunny! I like what you stand for! I'm your fan in a field ment for the public to just have justice. Because that's what I'm a fan of. Moral Justice. You are the type of person I want my daughters and sons to look up to!

  15. I'm sorry to say it but Sunny is a little fake she talks about how much she loves her people however she disrespected her own grandmother and openly set it on The view that she changed her name and her grandmother disapproved of it so why didn't she Grant your grandmother's wish and keep your name? Oh that's right so that you can get into Hollywood!!!! Smh

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