Trump, Biden spar over COVID-19, economy and racial tensions | Nightline


In the first presidential debate of 2020, President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden hurled insults at each other in between exchanging jabs over jobs, the pandemic and their records.



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35 thoughts on “Trump, Biden spar over COVID-19, economy and racial tensions | Nightline

  1. Journalism’ is supposed to be about ‘fact’ and not be bias or opinionated!

    The following are places you can experience ‘freedom of speech’. You can be the judge in the end of what you believe to be ‘fact’. That’s America! You should watch and listen to ‘all’ points of view. Your ‘Freedom’ Depends on it!!

    > Charlie Kirk, Dan Bongino, Dr Steve Turley, Eric Greitens, Hodgetwins, Huckabee, John Anderson, Liberal Hivemind, Newsmax TV, NewsNow, NTD, OfficialACLJ, One American News, R&R Law Group, The Chicago Tribune, The Epoch Times, The Las Angeles Times, The New York Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Las Angeles Times, Victor Davis Hanson and many more. Please feel free to add places of free speech and please share.

  2. We love you Godly and Faithful President of our time Donald Trump we know that after you becoming a President again God is happy and in some years to come after you left the Palament or white house America is going to be a mess for ever until the regret why because you will be gone Anointed by God's grace and white house will remember you but this time it's your time of God again in Jesus Christ Name

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  4. Joe Biden pulls ahead of corruption with China economy ahead of President Trump. Based on what did Joe Biden do to pull ahead of the US economy. He can't even handle his family income other than corruption from China and Ukraine. Just bullshit.

  5. How funny losers ABC as they hold the hand of brainless biden during tonights town hall you freaking one sided demon sided unprofessional news station God will place the best person in office even with all ABC circus God sees all and in 2016 I didn't vote but I took a knee to pray God placed the best person/man in office & I'm sure God will keep him office. Joe is brainless you stupid ass wipes.

  6. read the historic long lists of results. Extremely shocking & impressive!!
    The reason economy is shut down is China, Dem & Progressive MEDIA, LEADERSHIP & SCIENTISTS. They want to blame the economy crash on President Trump for political purposes & leftists agendas.

  7. Trump gets my vote in PA based off the Economy doing so so well at a all time low before the virus Biden couldn’t do that he lies to the American people he likes to blame trump for people dying and the economy being bad but it’s recovering so well rn but you can’t have it both ways the economy was shut down to save lives

  8. One final comment, any suggestion that any place in the US is getting close to herd immunity is absurd. With very contagious viruses, like measles, herd immunity is not reached until 90%+ of the population gets vaccinated or is infected and recovers. Long-term carriers may exist, as with this Covid-19, that manage, unintentionally to transmit this virus to distant pockets of Americans that were isolated and not immune, e.g., the homeless or rural residents, even if most Americans some, distant year in the future, reach herd immunity.

    Measels has an R0 that varies depending on conditions but may be 12+. See This virus may also have very high R0 if conditions exist in a county like Trump's huge, maskless, close-packed rallies or Florida's foolish reopening of bars (etc.) without mask or other requirements or other restrictions.

    I am starting to be reminded of a very dumb dog that I once knew with a fan whose wire protective cage had come off. The dog kept putting his nose near the fan and getting his nose hit by the fan blade and crying in pain every so often, because he could not absorb the idea that the fan would hurt him.

    Similarly, Trump's cultists, like the Florida fools, repeatedly ignore the fact that NO we do not have herd immunity anywhere in the USA and YES, this virus remains very, very highly transmissible if you do not wear masks and take precautions such as social distancing and quarantining of infected individuals. Thus, you, Trump cultists, will get your noses hit again and again by the COVID 19 virus each time, because you cannot comprehend reality, apparently. The R0 of this virus in areas filled with Trump's foolish cultists who do not take precautions probably approaches that of measles, so it will take many, many years to reach "herd immunity."

    The most sad thing is that, even after the competent governors of California and New York showed what had to be done, states like Florida have now forgotten completely the appropriate responses to this COVID-19 and are reopening while their infections are on the rise and while they have NOT reached anywhere near herd immunity. Thus, like the dog that cannot comprehend that a fan blade will hurt him, who keeps sticking his nose in the fan, the foolish governor of Florida is again repeating the same dumb mistakes yet again, because he is a Trump cultist.

    I predict that more Floridians will die due to his mistakes. I wish that we could change the laws, so that governors can be sued like doctors for malpractice, because governors have much greater powers than doctors to cause unnecessary deaths due to negligence.

    Trump should have gotten funding for what Pelosi suggested initially: testing, testing, testing, then contact tracing and more testing, testing and testing, so we could then quarantine the infected persons and limit the spread of Covid 19 in FEBRUARY 2020. That would have required a lot of workers. However, the alternative after Trump failed to allow the standard epidemiological testing, contact tracing, and quarantining, when that was negligently NOT done by Trump, became lockdowns.

    After his initial failures, Trump incompetently then actually had the dishonest audacity to keep lying and opposed the lockdowns that his misconduct and lies, negligently, made necessary. This chapter in our history books should most accurately be titled: "how the Trump administration bungled the handling of this Covid 19 epidemic through dishonesty to keep the stock market high and enable his re-election and how it CONTINUES UNREPENTANTLY, AND WITHOUT ANY MORAL QUALMS to bungle it as we speak with super spreader rallies, discouraging of mask-wearing, lies, etc."

  9. I guarantee that greedy health insurers, if freed by Judge Barrett from the restrictions in the ACA as planned by Trump and the Republicans, will use AI to predict which people who will soon get certain diseases and maximize their profits by dropping them from their rolls of insureds. Such software was already created:
    See MIT Technology Review:
    "In 2015, a research group at Mount Sinai Hospital in New
    York was inspired to apply deep learning to the hospital’s
    vast database of patient records. This data set features
    hundreds of variables on patients, drawn from their test
    results, doctor visits, and so on. The resulting program,
    which the researchers named Deep Patient, was trained
    using data from about 700,000 individuals, and when
    tested on new records, it proved incredibly good at
    predicting disease. … Deep
    Patient had discovered patterns hidden in the hospital data
    that seemed to indicate when people were on the way to a
    wide range of ailments, including cancer of the liver."

    See That is the evil Republicans' central plan. Republicans want to maximize the profits of the ultra-rich, who own them, by allowing them to destroy the Affordable Care Act's protections to Americans with pre-existing conditions. (Trump's executive order claiming to bar insurers from rejecting people with pre-existing conditions is patently illegal and unenforceable, as he knows, because he is only using that order to deceive Americans while he destroys their real protections in the Affordable Care Act.)

    They want to insure only those, healthiest Americans whose medical expenses will be so minor that the premiums that they charge them will be pure profit. It is unlikely that any one of you readers of this comment are among those elite Americans. If you think you are, chances are that your doctor may have some surprise information for you to dissuade you from your mistaken belief.

  10. You can't put a leash on a dog once you put a crown on his head. As one Spanish Newspaper had Biden saying, "Stop barking, man." Next debate cut off his mike. That will stop the interruptions and his antics. A shameful performance for a WH occupant.

  11. Simple virus cure.

    Get a bottle of 1000mg of non GMO Vitamin C tablets.
    Get a bottle of 50mg zinc tablets.
    Get a bottle of colodal silver.
    Get a thermos.
    Get a coffee cup.

    At the first sign of virus or cold, boil purified water.

    Add 8 to 10 vitamin C tablets to thermos.
    Add 50mg zinc tablet
    Add 1/8 to 1/4 tap of colodal silver to thermos.

    Add boiling water to thermos and seal and shake till vitamins and zinc are dissolved.
    Pour mixture into cup.
    Sip mixture and blow on it to cool.
    Once you can get mixture over the back of the tougue and swallow with out scalding your mouth or throat,start gulping it.
    Finish the entire thermos.

    Do this twice daily for a couple days and it's will clear virus.

    How this works.
    The hot water will kill viruses in the throat cells and wash viruses that haven't gotten into cells membrane yet. The lose virus will be washed into the stomach where stomach acid will kill it.
    The vitamin C and zinc will boost your immune system to fight the virus.
    The colodal silver will smoother the virus in the blood stream by taking the oxygen away from it.

    Do this Treatment once in the morning and once at night. Drink plenty of water and keep covered up
    Add an ice pack to head to prevent overheating of the brain.
    Let the body get hot and this will kill the virus.
    Reason for keeping the head cool is because the brain is made out of fat and will soften if it gets to hot.


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