Vaccine Watch: Are China and Russia cutting corners on safety?

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on concerns that Russia and China are skipping key measures to determine safety and effectiveness in the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.


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41 thoughts on “Vaccine Watch: Are China and Russia cutting corners on safety?

  1. You tell me who’s covid19 vaccine is unproven. Fact is China economy has opened up & people are free to convene without masks, US & western nations are under lockdown with Covid19 cases & death continues to rise.

  2. US is cutting corners with unproven mRNA technology because it doesn’t have sufficient capacity in virus incubators. China uses tried & true tech because they have incubator capacity.

  3. Actually China is using traditional tried & method for vaccine, US due lack of incubation capacity uses nRNA that’s causing high allergic levels & death. US media isn’t talking much about this.

  4. Yes, China did cut corner by sending to other countries to test for the phase 3 trial. For example, Turkey tested and they immediately order for their country. Data of the the test is still waiting for the Turkish government to release. These are same as other Middle East Countries. US vaccines are new tech by using mRNA which goes into the human cells for it to make virus spike proteins. Then the immune cells attack the protein presented own cells. US is using the world to test effectiveness of there vaccines. Do you trust the unknow???????

  5. We already know, US vaccine is not safe. LOL.

    Chinese-developed inactivated vaccine has low rate of adverse reactions.

    Chinese-made vaccine able to fight all mutations: developer

    2 Alaska health care workers suffer reactions to Covid-19 vaccine.

  6. Knowledgment will be lost in time. Future teachers will have no true informantion about scientific explanations about this Pandemic situation. Only political lies that they will spread to their students. It is a shame, but i guess this is how the SYSTEM WORKS.

  7. WARNING: Everyone has to understand this: the mark of the beast technology is ready. It' only matter of time when they roll it out. Don't take the microneedle array patch for covid 19 that will be made mandatory on the right hand or forehead for buying and selling. Read revelations 13 and 14, which foretold these event 2000 years ago; It will forever alter your DNA and thus separate you from God and you will be doomed for eternity. Hold on till the end when you won't be able to buy anything without the mark and they will persecute you. Do your own research. ​@t; Luciferase quantum dot vaccine exposed: They will use 5 G for global surveillance, to hunt down those who won't be willing to sell theis souls and become slaves of this new world order, and of the the antichrist system! This is an attack on humanity. Wake up!!!

  8. The Russian elite are vaccinated against COVID-19:
    The inoculation was made by the heads and management of state corporations. As well as the former head of the presidential administration Alexander Voloshin, the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, the minister of defense Sergei Shoigu, billionaire, founder and head of Phosagro, Andrei Guryev, and his son:

  9. Dunno Trump: "I talked to FDA and we will have a vaccine soon"
    FDA:"I didn't say that"
    Dunno Trump: "He was confused, and I talked to pharmaceutical companies. We will have vaccine by election date"
    Pfizer CEO: "I didn't say that either"
    Dunno Trump:"You are lying…"

  10. >< SHORT CUTS = FAILURES – Secretary Pompeo@SecPompeo / Feb 4 – USA Sent PPE to CHINA > US government account >> Proud of our rapid facilitation of the delivery of donated life-saving personal protection equipment and medical and humanitarian relief supplies to the people affected by the #coronavirus in #China. Grateful to the generous U.S. organizations donating to the relief efforts. American Nurses wore Garbage Bags. ___________________________________________ TRUMP KNEW HOW DEADLY COVID IS WHEN HE ENCOURAGED AMERICANS NOT TO WEAR MASKS and IF HIS MAGA RALLY GOERS ATTEND THEY RELINQUISH THEIR RIGHTS TO SUE IF THEY GET COVID19.
    “On February 7, the WHO warned about the limited stock of PPE. That same day, the Trump administration announced it was sending 18 tons of masks, gowns and respirators to China.” – & American nurses wore garbage bags for protection. ______________________________ trump-will-make-rally-goers-promise-not-to-sue-if-they-get-covid-19

    You say your pro-life, but you encourage no masks. How does that make sense?

  11. Wtf!? Both Brazil and UAE have said the preliminary phase 3 results are very positive. UAE already approved it for emergency use. Chiba vaccinated 100s of thousands of front line workers. No severe side effect…Why can't we just be honest to ourselves? We won't have a safe vaccine until next March. Don't be a sour grape.

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