WATCH: China, U.S. Trade Rebukes At Alaska Diplomatic Talks | NBC News NOW‌

The United States and China leveled sharp rebukes of each others’ protocols in the first high-level, in-person talks of the Biden administration on Thursday, with strained relations on rare public display during the meeting’s opening session in Alaska.
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WATCH: China, U.S. Trade Rebukes At Alaska Diplomatic Talks | NBC News NOW‌


Author: phillyfinestnews


25 thoughts on “WATCH: China, U.S. Trade Rebukes At Alaska Diplomatic Talks | NBC News NOW‌

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  2. A world with China at the helm is a guaranteed disaster. On the other hand, the US is quickly embracing a self-destructive, suicidal ideology. Please stop the world, I want to get off!

  3. India US meeting.
    Modi: India and US share the same values of democracy and blah.. blah.. blah
    Biden taping Modi back: Good Boy, good boy..
    Modi: India has to compete with China on Space field. US should help us
    Biden: Nope, India should focus on vaccine diplomacy

  4. soka gakkai international is one of Japanese buddism.
    but it is very near relation of Chinese government.
    Japanese are hating chinese holocaust.
    but soka gakkai is hiding chinese holocaust.
    and interrupting blame chinese government.
    Japanese komei political party is soka gakkai.
    it is one of party in power in japan.

  5. there is one nation on earth, which launched over 40 wars in the past 60 years, killing 1 million people in mid east and making 20 million people losing their home and becoming refugees. This nation, which is also noted as 'Tower of democracy' and 'respect human rights' killed 500,000 its people in the pandemic. Nowadays, thousands of colored people are discriminated and shot or choke to death by police, drugs and gun-killer are everywhere. Guess what guess what, this is what you've called the country of freedom and humanity? Oh, it's USA. Don't you feel hypercite and sarcasitc? The west media and so-called 'democracy'?

  6. bcoz china wants to rule the world … but for me .. I want US to rule the world than china bcoz china is foolish country … and they wanted to have what their own not … china will never win against US … bcoz of their bad motives …

  7. Both sides are in some way hypocritical. Since I currently live in China I witnessed how the Chinese government mishandled the coronavirus (initially) and Hong Kong….and as for Xinjiang….yea they probably are doing seriously heinous things there considering how in the past they treated Falun Gong members. Wang Jiechi was just putting on a show for his fellow countrymen and get a propaganda victory, Blinken was just laying things out and getting it out of the way.

  8. Not sure why the US diplomats opened on a non-traditional aggressive note. Perhaps to distance the State Department from Biden's questionable chumminess with Chinese money interests. It was the height of insanity however to hear the Chinese official counter by weaponizing Black Lives Matter. Especially with Wang Yi at the table. A few years ago he rudely berated a Canadian journalist for raising the issue of human rights, claiming that only the people of China can speak about China's internal affairs. Apparently this is a one way street with them. And compare Black Lives Matter with the massacre in Tiananmen Square. Was it broadcast on TV as the BLM protests and riots were here? The young people in China don't even know Tiananmen Square happened. And do the people in China hear about Hong Kong's valid concerns or the millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps? Neither China nor the USA is perfect but at least America has a long tradition of aspiring to equality and justice. We have shed our own blood in that quest.
    Freedom lives in the light while tyranny hides in the dark.

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