What voters hope to hear from candidates in 1st presidential debate

Uncommitted voters around the nation discuss what they are looking for when choosing between the two presidential candidates.


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33 thoughts on “What voters hope to hear from candidates in 1st presidential debate

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  5. Health care is one of the most important things they need to cover!
    How the pandemic is going to be overthrown in the coming administration is a huge issue to cover!
    How they each plan to rebuild our economy and the BLM movement!
    Can the next administration possibly pull us out from our divided ways and as John Lennon said
    It's a time to work together folks!
    Make Love, Not War❣

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  7. Word on the street is that @JoeBiden got tonight's debate questions in advance" tweeted Starnes, now Joe has to get the right answers to the right questions. That’s the reason for the earpiece he’s using.

  8. I live in Canada. I don't expect Trump to win but it happened. I just like his acting and talk show before he become a President. Now I like his social media and comments online, it funny and amusing. At least he stand up to China about stealing and making other country to wake up about chinese way of doing things. He is very smart in this catagory. But as a leader of the USA, he is not ready for this job. Sometimes he forgets what his role is a President or a comedian. Voters expect the country to run like a business. But many people don't understand about business or corporation,or firm. Not all business are successful. A lot of business or run like dictatorship. You have to listens to the boss and you do it with out complaint. Some business have management problem and they wanted to run like that and that ruin the business. Sometime they make decision like merging a bigger firm or smaller firm. You may or may not lose your job in the process. Sometime political marriage happenes to make the business more poweful. There are lot political tectics in a business. There are lot of lieing, cheating, secretcy, strategy tactic and scandal to achieve something. Politics and business are two different things I can go on and on about the big coparation and how it works. But if voters wanted to run like that. Than expect reality of a dictatorship full of lies. Small potatoes or even regular people wan't understand what I am trying to say. Only when you start working for large coparation and work your way up then you will understand what I am trying to say.

  9. Dear ABC News Graphics Director – The Presidential Debate is not a boxing match. This is arguably the most consequential election in 250 of US and history. Please do not demean the debates by using imagery analogous to a brute force, violent competition. Debates are the epitome of nonviolent contents – a battle of wits if you will, character, language and the ability to move and motivate. You graphic is frankly – offensive. Our democracy is on the line not a medal to be won. It's striking but challenge your own expertise & creativity – You can do better. Vote early (vote.org), complete the census (census.gov) and help two people outside your household do the same.

  10. Do not vote for another corrupted leader. Take back your power and lead your own lives. People should not depend on health care. Fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to our bodies. Stop taking prescription drugs. It makes you sick, weakens your immune system and pays the governor, mayor and president lots of money.

  11. While neither are the best debaters, I feel Biden has the advantage over Trump since Trump's whole strategy is to blame Biden for the bad things that are happening under Trump right now, which most of the public isn't buying. That said, Biden needs to beat Trump by at least 4% of the popular vote and have at least 310 Electoral Votes by midnight on election day for the race to not be considered close enough for Trump/Republicans to claim it's results are not acceptable or to be contested. And even then, Trump will still try to say he won/remain in office since he's such a sore loser and many of his cult like base will believe he deserved to win/the election was rigged against him since that's all he's been talking about for years.

  12. "Trump’s base is a brainwashed cult. Read “The Art of Psychological Warfare”, by Michael T. Stevens. Trump uses Brain Washing: Thought reform, Induced dependency, Dread, Demands of dedication. He uses propaganda using logical fallacies like – Ad hominem, Appeal to accomplishment, Appeal to fear, Moral high ground, Misleading vividness. The way to defeat him is to know what you are fighting. Issues of no consequence.

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