COVID-19 crisis threatens children’s mental health

ABC News’ Erielle Reshef explores how the pandemic and the upending of daily life is triggering anxiety and depression in children.

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38 thoughts on “COVID-19 crisis threatens children’s mental health

  1. 🤝🤝🤝 People all around the world not only face with covid-19 , but also face with its consequences such as : stressors , trauma, PTSD, melancholic depression, suicidal thoughts , hopelessness, jobless , mental health crisis risks , etc.
    WHO & WPA & WB should play its important role to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
    Pray for our humanities !
    Huge loves from Cambodian people

  2. The thing is with my scenario is that she wants to make friends and she is not getting that opportunity. This is totally fucked. They are not going to be passed on to the next grade fairly. My daughter cries because she feels alone with no one to talk to. It's just me and her.

  3. first world problems.. third-world children have a more severe version of these problems, which remain unacknowledged (People don't even know the terminologies like anxiety and depression) + god knows how many real problems, hopeless world… kudos to the western world who do care for their own kinds…

  4. My son misses his friends hes only 4 with hemolytic anemia so he has to be extra careful his school never sent assignments so we pulled him out but we are working with him but we've had so many deaths and change this year and this is the hardest thing me my fiancee ever had to deal with and explaining how to deal with everything hard.

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  6. So now there is 4 strains of covid 19 because I remember them say months ago that we had 3 strains now they are saying they found another.

    I'm starting to think how much is this is really real and if they are using scare tactics to get people to get the vaccine.

    I for one will not get the vaccine but instead continue to wear my mask and limit who I'm around and keep a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Stop complying with the orders. Stop allowing you and your kids to be programmed to allow media spread panic to dictate fear. Covid has a 98-99% recovery rate. Far better than most flu strains. And unlike other flu strains, covid has two body counts. Dying direct of covid and dying of anything else but tested for covid post mortem. The panic is artificial, the hospitals and politicians don’t mind because the larger death count, the more federal funding they receive, and if you’re invested in pharmaceutical and medical lobbies…. well.

  8. There is a virus taking over the world, and I’m not talking about Covid. I’m talking about the virus of sin. But there is a Vaccine for it! His name is Jesus. Not only that, but He took the piercings for you, to release the healing power which is in His blood. It’s the cure to depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc.. Salvation and healing are available for all who receive Him.

    Turn to Jesus and put your trust in Him. Believe in the Gospel: Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose on the third day so that you would be delivered from the fires of hell and have eternal life in Him. Jesus loves you!

  9. With my experience working in an emergency department for 10 years most of the time the issue is the parents. This has been an ongoing crisis. Entitlement is another big problem. Children are spoiled and anytime the parents take the cellphone or computer away the kid automatically goes to "im going to kill myself" then they come straight to the emergency department. Its a revolving door i see some kids everyother month. Some think its a game. The ones that truly need help break my heart. Majority treat it as a joke or bragging rights. Its disturbing

  10. Things are hitting a literal crisis point. I work in an emergency department that has its own pediatric wing with 12 emergency department beds and every day i work we have between 3 and 9 children in the emergency department for crisis. Its overwhelming the system. They can be in the ER for anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks until they find placement in a psychiatric facility. Most get placement from the er some are admitted if they took an overdose and destroyed there liver from a tylenol od etc. Two days ago my hospital had a total of 45 patients both adult and pediatric that were crisis patients. Its burning out the staff. Every crisis patient has to have a 1:1 babysitting the patient 24/7. We are have alot of staff resigning because sitting and staring at a person for 12 hours is burning the staff out. Monday they had to use RNs to be a babysitter because they didn't have enough staff. Its dangerous pulling all the cnas off every unit for 1:1s when normally the cnas spend the most time with the regular patients so when a patient is acting off they will be the first to catch it. Something needs to happen. Rebuild all the mental hospitals and asylums.

  11. They're not feeling anxiety and stress because of fears over Covid; they're anxious and stressed because they understand that our country has no interest in making sure they can afford healthcare, housing, and education. They're stressed and anxious because of the civil unrest and insane leadership in the country. You show your insane ignorance if you sum this up as just 'stressing kids out over covid', as if that is the only issue facing the youth in this nation.

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  13. Ok, You are witnessing the greatest [coordinated] disinformation campaign to ever be launched against the American people. [D] efforts to regain power. They will say anything. FAKE – What violence, those are mostly peaceful protestors. To Be Cont……………
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  14. I know we all going through this pandemic together. It's not easy for nobody.

    However, there are some teachers who affected, and there's students who are affected.

    It's better to be safe than sorry.

    You want your children to go to school and get affected and home and effect everyone in the house and perhaps die from the virus?
    Than you be ready to sue the schools to get money, but, if you know better you will do better.

    They don't have a strong enough vaccine that's clinically approved yet, to save lives, and if they do they will have to show improve that, by evidence before any human being can be able to take it.

    I don't no vaccine is good yet in my opinion.

    I save eat right, your veggies, drink water, work out, wear your mask, pray or meditate, practice social distancing.

    Everybody will be fine God willing. Cause God can stop this.

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