Native communities wait to see if their fight for atonement gains ground: Part 2 | Nightline

“For my future grandkids and … future generations, I’m hoping that the struggles that we’re battling now, that they don’t have to,” Muscogee Creek Nation Principal Chief David Hill told “Nightline.”

From sovereignty to the official recognition and preservation of their ancestors’ land, Native Americans across the country talk to “Nightline” about what reparations mean for them.



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39 thoughts on “Native communities wait to see if their fight for atonement gains ground: Part 2 | Nightline

  1. I am the only native American Cherokee that works at Walmart fun fact did you know that selena Quintanilla was also native American Cherokee just like me many people do not know that but it's a fact.

  2. Tasers were approved to use to prevent the threat of physical harm instead of a gun, not because your fat ass isn't strong enough to put her in handcuffs. She had a mask, an adult should have found a way to get her to put in on. US cops only know how to escalate problem and make violent arrest and most don't trust or like cops

  3. It makes me mad that black Americans demand atonement and reparations. Their voices are now being heard and they still say it's not enough. But, Native Americans had their country taken away from them. They don't have a home to go to because it was taken from them and what they were given back was crap land. Black Americans if they want to go back to Africa and visit their ancestral home they can. Native Americans cannot. Where's the justice and reparations for the Native Americans? Why aren't their voices being heard? Why does America cater to animals that riot in the streets but Native Americans that protest in peace their voices aren't heard? Does America really live by mob rule and anarchy now?

  4. The Truth is the Light!!!!!! It has to be Recognized. Too Many Lies were Told of the People of the Earth. Too Much Pain and Theivery by the Government the Native Americans had to Endure and are still being exposed to. The Chiefs did their Best to Keep the People Safe and Were Killed. There is No Excuse!!!!!!! 🙏🏼

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  6. It's hard for me to acknowledge people that have blonde hair children and want some sort of reparations. There has to be some sort of standard for quantum that can be verified through scientific methods. And we must all all nations come into this agreement. It's not right when you see a last name that is Jewish or German or Spanish or English. Start with your name. Start with your native name! Not paperwork but blood work because it is in the blood that separates us from the evil that came upon us. It is not spirit it is blood


    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!!!

  8. Too much 🔥 water. Heavily subsidized ethnic group that bred laziness, drug addiction, and squalid communities. Stop subsidy is probably the best course for the native population. Sad but true, reparations don't work.

  9. Land stolen or conquered. World history depicts one group conquering another, and yet cultural distinctions remain, amazingly. Certain amount of assimilation preserved the culture??? It will be interesting 3see how things work out in the final days.

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  11. For any reparations for us Natives and Chicanos needs to be recognized first. We will always, ALWAYS be forgotten about until we gather together and unite as one to no longer ask, beg or apologize- but Teach our generations, our communities and our legislators and leaders that we are deserve a place in history to tell our true history not the watered down WASPy version that has good side, bad side and reflects to the institutionalized racism stigma still existing and running rampant showing we are less deserving of respect, resources, compensation or our truth be heard due to what history or politics or political deterrent for bigotry a politician will use even though the land of our ancestors was roamed for centuries before any settlers came West.

  12. Is this so amazing, and important to remembering it was their land first. Same thing happening with black people, stories being made up, and the refusal to give out reparations. So sad. 😔

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