Pharmacists Speak Out About Mounting Pressure Amid Covid Vaccine Rollout | NBC Nightly News

As the Covid-19 vaccine rollout enters retail chains across the country, pharmacists and technicians speak with NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen about being overworked and concerns over patient safety.
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Pharmacists Speak Out About Mounting Pressure Amid Covid Vaccine Rollout | NBC Nightly News


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31 thoughts on “Pharmacists Speak Out About Mounting Pressure Amid Covid Vaccine Rollout | NBC Nightly News

  1. 99% PLUS of people who get COVID 19 disease RECOVER WITHOUT A VACCINE ~ I had it and my immune system handled it well. I will not take the EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES ~ Why would anyone trust a pharmaceutical company especially knowing that they have been relieved of all financial responsibilities for any harm their experimental vaccines may cause ~ Take vitamin D3 supplements to boost your immune system. Vitamin D3 is ANTIVIRAL ~

  2. I was told this is what I signed up for as I asked higher heads for help with staffing due to possible safety measures of being understaffed. Companies tell people they don't have budgets to help put with staffing but have no problems with store face lifts and new signage to make themselves LOOK great. This is universal. Something needs to be done.

  3. Thank you for this news segment! We get battered all day! Technicians and pharmacists crying after their shifts. No one seems to understand. And as a future pharmacy student something has to change in healthcare. Pharmacists are doctors and well educated professionals. They should not be under so much unneeded stress.

  4. As a pharmacist that still holds an active license in Colorado #10670 for 44 years, I’ve said for a long time and now it’s time for you young bucks to say, “NATIONAL CHAIN PHARMACISTS UNION.” If a lawyer only goes to law school for 3 years and can have any 4 year degree and pass the entrance examine he/she can charge $300/hour for services puts pharmacists in that same category and above that pay scale as it’s needed to have 4 years of a scientific background and a high gpa to get into 4 solid years of pharmacy school making pharmacy schooling 8 years now and a pharmacist worth $500 per hour.

  5. World Health Organization has just WARNED: The CORONA may PERMANENTLY STAY. SO WHAT? By REVOLUTIONARY, MUTUALLY DISTANCING Corona Free- Residences CFR on extant Highways-Sides, we, all the people, can survive, live well, healthy, well-connected to dear ones and go anyway, any time, anywhere in the entire globe, but some clubs, malls, academies and grand cities die hard. SO HOW TO AVOID FOOLING OURSELVES THEN OUR DEAR AND RESPECTED ONES? CHECK OUT FIRST Type #1: Top-Quality CFR added on the sides of EXISTING Interstate Highway System, IHS owned by the states, include 100-meter (~300 ft) distancing apart, 1-FLOOR Private CFR-Units with 'service roads' linking them to Existing IHS SERVICE ISLANDS ~20 miles apart [with extant restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, groceries, etc.], while Type #2 is ~same, yet owners can directly enter '2 LANES IHS' some in the vast deserts, freezing lands and the grand canyons-mountains-lakes-forests of the world, but avoid current tourist attractions, make your own path. FARMERS get extra Climate Credit for OLD-TYPE HORSE-VANS SERVING FRESH MILK, BREAD, EGGS, FRUITS, VEGIES, etc. just out each CFR unit. CITIES Most may be able to keep their performing arts centers, worshipping facilities, Courts, Pharmacies, Libraries, Museums, Restaurants, Zoos, Entertainment Areas, Car-Home Centers, Material Shops, City Halls-Services, Train, Taxi & Bus Hubs/Gas St, open & support nearby airports/ports, but most malls, stadiums, banks would Physically Close. University Campuses & ALL CLUBS Some may be able keep their Hospitals, Facilities, Private Parks-Beaches and Sport Teams functioning but most would turn into public parks/beaches, Research-Gov-Services or Corona-Guarantee Areas, Schools, Banking, ATM machines May function mainly online, but not globally. Buildings & High Rises sadly and catastrophic to many, may be abandoned in time, but positively converted into the Grandest Nursing Homes, and warm new homes to the so many hopeless, poor, past homeless./

  6. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was manufactured by a British-Swedish multinational in Cambridge, England.

    Oxford and Cambridge Universities offer high education and suspect vaccines.

  7. India and Cuba once thought of as 3rd world banana republics manufactured their own vaccines and highlight US vaccine ineptitude.

    US have finally approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that will not be donated but sold for billions in profit as that is the American way.

    Next it was republican voter suppression and now Florida's republican vaccine suppression where sponsors pay to get vaccines first.

  8. China has exported vaccines to 69 countries with plans to help another 43 countries and has arranged vaccinations for Tokyo and Beijing Olympians.

    Traitor Trump and Alex Azar lied about having stocks of vaccines and left it up to Biden and Harris to order more.

    Traitor Trump took the vaccine himself in January but his MAGATs believe that wearing masks and taking the vaccine are not safe or effective? why?

    US Warp speed has finally caught up with Belgium, China, Russia, UK and India to be the 6th vaccine to market..

  9. Really . pharmacists put the perscriptions in the computer and the computer tells the pharmacist if there are possible interactions. Other than that they count pills . Difficult schooling but easy peasy job! I order one perscription that contains 40 pills and wait for 40 minutes……..

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