Vanessa Guillen’s body found, suspect flees and dies by suicide: Part 2 | Nightline

Authorities say Aaron Robinson killed Guillen, then he and his girlfriend dismembered and buried her remains. Guillen’s family continues their quest for justice.



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  1. This is beyond me. I have 3 sons and my middle child has always wanted to In list in the military. I had to show him this story so he understands that the military does not care for anyone. I have seen it over and over. They need to let go of people in charge and fix their entire system. A couple of things that are questionable, how do they not have footage and cameras working on base? How come they didn’t find anything on the day they searched his phone if he was a person of interest? (They didn’t check tower locations at the same time they checked her phone?) what’s also concerning is why wasn’t he under custody in a jail cell hold instead of guarded by an unarmed custodian officer?! They aren’t being forthcoming and truthful, they need to understand that this is why the familia Guillén is upset and thinks there’s more to the story. They know more than they are saying. You really think the girlfriend doesn’t know the true motives?! I mean if I was going to help someone burry a body, they would have to give me the story as to why he killed her in the first place. My theory is that Vanessa as the sweet girl her mother describes her to be, wanted to continue in to serve her country and stay in military and didn’t want to make any accusations to her higher ranked commanders/ sergeants. She probably felt like she had enough and went straight to the source and told him if this didn’t stop she was going to take the next step to report it. He got upset and scared and decided that he couldn’t take the risk. I’m disappointed of our military system. You are here to protect and you failed this young girl and her family. We need to laws in our military because clearly your system is failing to do it’s job right. Two young soldiers lost their lives. This is beyond me! Make a change close this place down until you fix your broken system. This is more respectable instead of your unapologetic apology to the family of a young girl you all failed to ensure safety for. Last statement Cecily is just as responsible.There is absolutely No excuse for her covering up and helping out for Robinson to carry out this plan so charge charge as an accomplice because I don’t care how naive, nice and caring she was. She didn’t care for the life of an innocent young girl who did not deserve this. #IamVannesaGuillen Señor en tu santa gloria la tengas descansado. Prayers for the family. Estoy orgullosa de su madre por su lucha y no está sola la respaldamos. I won’t allow my son to join the military willingly!

  2. 100% American flags that’s what sisters are for that’s what she die for even though they did not stand for her we as American people were staying for her 100% we love you respect you and I am in you and your family

  3. It crazy but when the NFL player was able to get killed with FRIENDLY FiRE that is would let me know all is going through and is going to HELL!!!! He was in the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Her family just wants to blame the military. It didn’t empower anyone this has been going on for years. The weak are raped and the strong survive. This has been part of war since the dawn of time.

  5. Vanessa guillen and other soldiers that are being found dead and that some are still missing need justice now! Aron robinson was a victim too! My condolences to all of their families and friends!May they all rest in peace 🙏 that military base needs to close down! There's a killer already in prison and her name is cecilia aguilar, " she is turning everything she did on Aron robinson," and there's still a killer on the loose which is probably cecilia's husband! he use to be a soldier in that military," and Aron robinson was a witness to what cecilia aguilar had done! maybe cecilia's husband was friends with those military personnel that were watching aron robinson and cecilias husband, told them to get rid of Aron robinson and that's why they made Aron robinson kill himself! Have they investigated vanessa guillens boyfriend and close friends? Why were some soldiers fired and not arrested for being suspects on the case?? We need the vanessa guillens law to pass so sexual HARRASMENT COULD STOP!🙅🏼‍♀️

  6. Cecilia is a killer and shouldn't be released! Investigate her husband! Aron robinson didn't kill vanessa guillen he is just another victim! Cecilia is turning everything she did on Aron robinson, aron robinson was framed! Why is there soldiers still missing and why are soldiers being found dead! They made Aron robinson kill himself or they were going to kill him anyways! Investigate vanessa guillens boyfriend and close friends", I think Aron robinson was a witness to what had happened to vanessa guillen and that's why they made him kill himself!

  7. A lot of the time these sexual harassment cases are non sexual, taken wrong. Such as looking at someone funny or paying compliments.

    But this was not one of those times. This is a heinous and brutal crime, this was real.

  8. A year later & still no concrete answers. I believe more than Robinson & Aguilar were involved. Nothing makes sense. How can an military person be murdered on a base, dismembered & carried out in a bag to buried without being caught?!?? Another case is so similar to Vanessa's, soldier Laveena Johnson. She was also raped & murdered without justice, just 19 years old. I would never join the army, no form of government work for this country. Their priority is not protecting the people, it's protecting themselves. The police, military, to the politicians

  9. that is so sad the army hiding important information to cover themselves and it’s crazy how they are lying about not knowing this or that they probably knew she was being harassed and didn’t care because they didn’t do anything until the family protested

  10. Ive had a few hook ups in army bases and let’s just say nobody goes in or out without someone noticing specially main entrances if he was able to get his car that means the car was parked by a main entrance, he couldn’t have gone out without his ID and clearance…

  11. She died in Building 9421 Old ironsides Ave, Fort hood, TX, 76544 Regimental engineer squadron, 3rd Criminal regiment. This is the UNCENSORED TRUTH. I was stationed at fort hood and lived in this same building at the time she was murdered. I knew Aaron Robinson Who was in ares troop. He Was was a Shady guy from when I knew him. This is Where some of the worst Leadership in the Army is As ive witnessed Soldiers being sexually harassed/ Poor leadership/ Soldiers suffering depression and suicidal ideation. Before I was discharged August 18th 2020 I saw another soldier in my troop try to commit suicide and jump off the 3rd floor balcony of this exact building. Also another soldier in our Squadron was found making a bomb. Well there's the truth whoever wants to find more go visit. I won't be suprised if more murders/ sexual Assaults and more happen here in the future.

  12. That man didn’t kill Vanessa. This is a cover up. He killed her with a hammer and cleaned up all by himself? Use your damn brain… they raped her and then he was left to take the blame.

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