Full: Stacey Abrams Interview | Meet The Press | NBC News

Stacey Abrams, Founder of Fair Fight, joins Meet the Press to discuss state efforts to roll back voting access across the country.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full: Stacey Abrams Interview | Meet The Press | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


46 thoughts on “Full: Stacey Abrams Interview | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. If you like bias fake news, this is for you!!! Brought to you by the guy cheering on live tv when Omaha went Democrat on election night. How can anyone listen to this liberal tool??

  2. … Do not believe that lieing STACEY ABRAMS regrets the MLB move.
    … STACEY ABRAMS originally supported AND ENCOURAGED this move.
    …STACEY ABRAMS wants Americans to believe that blacks in Georgia are stupid.
    …STACEY ABRAMS wants Americans to believe that blacks in Georgia are incapable of acquiring an ID card.
    … STACEY ABRAMS wants Americans to believe that providing comfort for people in a voting line is not campaigning
    … STACEY ABRAMS opposes the electoral college for reasons of supporting the one-person one-vote rule.
    … STACEY ABRAMS wants Republican votes to be divided so that 1/3 of each Republican vote goes to Republicans and 2/3 go to Democrats.
    … STACEY ABRAMS is an enemy to Georgia and the United states..
    … STACEY ABRAMS wants anyone who is unethical enough (Democrats) to vote more than once, or as often as they would like.
    … STACEY ABRAMS does NOT want Americans to know that her supporters are uninformed.

  3. As an African-American woman Stacy Should be helping the black community!! Because by canceling Georgia (Georgia =predominately black colorado=predominately white) she’s taking $100 million of revenue from Black owned businesses and Giving it to Colorado!! Shame on you Stacy!!

  4. Let's investigate stacey…who is helping her…? Who is grooming her and supporting her? What qualifications and experience does she have to run a business…? Who funded the start up of the business …is al sharpton and blm involved…?

  5. 😂😂 you dems won't be around this long…. No trusts you anymore except the little weasel who osts this show. Republican have doubled since you creepy people got in.

  6. She's costing the good people of Georgia millions of dollars and when their through with her she won't be able to afford one trip to the Golden corral but Oprah will pickup the tab

  7. She KNOWS Nothing but lies! that insinuating All Blacks are too ignorant to get picture voter ID is appalling and insulting and makes whites further believe Blacks are incapable of doing normal things to survive!! We can vote just like whites! But she is as bad as her Marxists left. Wing nuts who continue to try to stop Fair elections! We can find the voting booth anx rvdn sign our name just like white voters! She is a lying game player who wants illegals and cheaters to bd continue to vote to save the democrats diminishing numbers!

  8. Stacy Abrams is a sorry excuse for a politician. Georgia resident's should be thankful she is not their governor. I am thankful that the Ga.governor signed that new law to keep
    voting in Ga. fair and honest. But people like Stacy Abrams don't see it that way. Honesty is not in her vocabulary. Get it anyway you can even if you have to steal it. THAT is her

  9. Lie upon lie about the bill. Has she read it? Compared to NY and Delaware, this is ideal. As far as I believe, ALL people need an ID to drive, to get a job, to fly, to check into a doctors office, to get a vaccine. Screw her!

  10. Time to boycott baseball fellas. The league office is lying about the voting bill in Georgia and although it's not the player's fault they are not speaking up. If the commissioner wants to believe such stupid lying cows as Stacy Abrams, ESPN, and CNN then the players need to stand up. BOYCOTT THE SEASON!! The people in Georgia were anticipating the revenue from the All Star game and now they are screwed. Unless you believe anyone from anywhere in the world should be able to vote in our elections, perhaps twice, BOYCOTT BASEBALL. GO DO SOMETHIONG BETTER WITH YOUR FAMILY. IT WILL PAY OFF.

  11. Abrams and her party believe people of color are wandering around like neanderthals asking "How do we do it? How do we do it?" (Regarding: Acquiring an ID)

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