How will Kamala Harris VP selection impact Biden campaign?

ABC News’ White House correspondent, Rachel Scott, and ABC News’ political director, Rick Klein, discuss Joe Biden’s selection and what Kamala Harris will bring to the campaign.

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37 thoughts on “How will Kamala Harris VP selection impact Biden campaign?

  1. To all of you that said Biden would lose with Harris as his running mate, now you gonna have to put RESPECT on her name aka Madam vice president Kamala Harris.

  2. Who ever selected Harris to run for VP needs their head examined. She's grossly underqualified, she ask and responds to questions like a sophomore in college, and she can't even debate without fake smiles and giggles.

  3. Wow CNN, ABC, CNBC is really racist against Hawaiians and they are rewriting history right in front of the American people. Her Majesty Queen Liliuokalani of the Hawaiian Kingdom Reign 1891 to 1893 is actually the first female of color to rule a sovereign country before American Business terrorists seized the Island kingdom on January 16th 1893. Queen Liliuokalani was imprisoned in Washington DC until she relinquish the throne but never did even under immense pressure by former Confederates. The permanent Court of arbitration case number 1999 – 01 confirmed the Hawaiian Kingdom exist in perpetuity because of Queen Liliuokalani. Don't lie to the American people liberal new, Kamala Harris isn't the first woman of color to do anything.

  4. I feel much more secure knowing that an intelligent young woman is ready to take the reins should Joe falter! DA for San Francisco, AG for California, Prosecutor, Senator! Intelligence mixed with experience! I think many will vote for the Biden/Harris ticket because of her! Easily the most intelligent candidate in this election! Makes the current infestation in the WH look more like the dunce he is!

  5. First and foremost to Senator Kamala Harris, I was so impressed with your acceptance speech and frankly it was better than I knew you had in you . You are a perfect role model for every girl regardless of color every woman regardless of party affiliation of any man who believes in change as our country's primary objective and most importantly for every humarisn being across the oceans that divide us regardless of their country. Because Senator Harris you are very consistent in arguing and debating every minute of every day to initiate changes in legislation that will finally bring the people of this country together and protect them equally from the previous ambiguity with the laws of this country. Your committment is not only commendably awesome but it is certainly rewarded with higher goals by being awarded a leadership position we the people have needed for a very long time. And personally, how proud I felt to see you beautifully accept the appointment as our Democrat Parties nominee for VP. You made it Kamala, and you did it all on your own by remaining truthful to your tremendous convictions with the utmost integrity and best intentions for the citizens of this great country.
    You are the future in our political horizon you are our woman of the year you are the absolute best choice VP Joe Biden could have ever made and more . You made me proud because I believe in you I am in awe of you .You will win Kamala it's in your future. You will be in the White House this January I'm certain of that. Thank you for your unfailing wisdom and focus on what's best to heal our nation Thank You for your life's work and Thank you for being you.

  6. It is a shame that we will lose the White House and likely both houses of Congress this year to the Radical Dems because Trump cannot act like the leader of the free world and stop all his petty name-calling and tweeting. This country will be run by Kamala Harris, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren likely in prominent cabinet positions, with Joe Biden locked in the White House basement playing with a ball and talking to himself. Scary times.

  7. This crazy lying sack is the worst thing to ever happen to our nation. She can’t get elected on her merits so she will go through the back door cause Biden just don’t have the steam so she could become our president, what a total waste for the Democratic Party. I’ll vote for trump cause he still believes in our government and our democracy.

  8. This woman jailed more minorities than any DA in California history. She implemented forced labor imprisonment. To protect her record she withheld evidence and kept innocent people on Death Row from being released. And worst of all to me! She jailed and fined people $1000’s of dollars for Minor Marijuana Offenses. And then….And then….Joked about her times smoking weed. Only in the most deranged of minds does this person make a good VP for the People. Get bent! I’m done!!!!!!

  9. Hey great choice Joe Picking this clown for your vice President that bashed you at the debates calling you a racist among other things and believing your female accusers of sexual misconduct!👍🏼🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Trump 2020 👍🏼👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. 2:07 Things have become like the Kardashians. If it is not the "IN" thing now it's not right. The in thing now is diversity and people of color regardless of true qualification and worthiness. Can you honestly say Ms. Harris is the most worthy candidate in the entire country. The fact that the Biden team said months ago the VP will be a woman and that too of color kinda said. The rest of you can just "F### off" regardless of if you more qualified. It's gonna be a reality show. #Iconsidermyselfmoreofademocrat

  11. She grew up in Canada, she is NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN.
    She's more Hindu and Caucasian than anything.
    Not African. She was the first Indian American in Harvard,
    Now she's African???
    Disgusting larper.
    She's a horrible human being.
    You have ruined the Democratic Party.
    I will vote trump before I ever vote for this dumpster fire.

  12. We need to see some political cartoons of Biden making advances on Kamala with his hands up her dress and saying "I think she likes me" and she replying blushing " Oh Joe I do, I do

  13. When Biden picks a former cop who is known to be a whore and for extending prison sentences for black people. I thought the left hated cops. The left clearly didn't want her when she ran for president so why would they want her to be sceond in command. The left needs to get their act together. CNN was even complaining that she wasn't "black enough." People call the right racist but when the left's mainstream media is saying that a vp isn't "black enough" is pretty racist.

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