Is Legionnaires’ disease a real threat?

Dr. Jen Ashton has what you need to know about another possible health risk on the horizon.


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37 thoughts on “Is Legionnaires’ disease a real threat?

  1. Thank God for mask! Because not only it can protect us from S.A.R.S-CoV-2 (C.O.V.I.D – 19) but other airborne transmitted illnesses and pathogens like Legionnaire's Disease, Viral & Bacterial Meningitis even the deadly Nipah Viral Infection.

  2. My brother is now in ICU with this in Minnesota. He worked at a factory as a maintenance man. They made him go off the line to fix bathroom plumbing and air duck issues. All the workers got sick in January and were all negative on covid virus. So they all continued to work sick…last Friday my brother was air lifted to Saint Paul and has been in a ventilator, dialysis and can't get a MRI to check for brian damage during to a stroke from this…..

  3. As the elections nears the covid numbers will drop. This is a gimmick used to drum up support for more funding for the CDC. Truth is covid numbers are still rising in most states. As school time nears, the numbers will drop. This is so kids can be crammed into classrooms without proper ventilation. Most school districts across the country do not service their air purifiers. This allows legionnaires disease to grow in AC ducts and can make people sick. But let's cramp those kids into crowded class room to help Trump win the election. Just wait until the fall when flu season starts.

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  6. To the kind American people that’s reading this.
    You are unique and likable, stay happy and healthy during this pandemic. Bless you.
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  7. My Mom takes Hydroxychloroquine fer her Crones Disease. I would bet they wont mention how widely used Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat other illnesses. Can't say it is good now, because you destroyed it already.

  8. I believe it's the Deep State disease we all need to be fearing. It's the disease that intends on killing us all leaving no stone unturned. Also the United Nations disease. There's only one cure for both of these diseases but it can't be found in the USA or UK

  9. Why are they still keeping the number from 4 months ago? How many of those 20 mill have died from covid19 how many have recovered from covid19? Why dont they subtract the recoverd and the death from the original number? 🤔

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