School staff, students bear risk of school reopenings amid ongoing pandemic

In communities with in-person schooling, teachers say they’re choosing between their safety and their careers, and students wonder if they’ll bring COVID-19 home or get sick themselves.


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46 thoughts on “School staff, students bear risk of school reopenings amid ongoing pandemic

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  2. Hannah's parents should be proud of their daughter. David Henry Thoreau (Civil Disobedience) would be proud! She follows her conscience and acts on what she knows and feels is the right thing.

  3. I don’t know what state this is but In our state the schools are not opening , we are all digital . Every school In our state . she did a good job for telling and taking videos of what has happened

  4. For so long I have not said this because i was a coward, desperate for your approval as I have always been desperate for the approval of those around me. We can no longer tolerate the criminal conduct of our government or its exploitation of our people. Working poor people across this nation CAN and MUST boycott the IRS and state departments of revenue until our demands are met (first and foremost the establishment of a National Labor Union for working poor of all colors, creeds, and political stripes) as well as using every potential non-violent measure to take back the power that has been STOLEN from us. We have continued to support the actions of a governement that across DECADES has shown complete disregard for human life and liberty, and we ALL have blood on our hands for it. If a Syrian father holding the remains of his napalmed child walked right up to you and demanded answers, NOT ONE OF YOU would tell him "Gee there's nothing to do but live our lives, I'm gonna go take my kid to the park have a nice life!" ALL OF US HAVE BEHAVED LIKE COWARDS AND ALLOWED THE STATUS QUO TO BECOME A STATE OF VIOLENCE AND OPPRESSION. REAL CHANGE ONLY EVER HAPPENS WHEN A MASS OF PEOPLE SHOW TRUE COURAGE. ARE WE THE COWARDS WHO WILL LET OUR WORLD AND OUR PEOPLE DIE, OR THE BRAVE OF HEART WHO FINALLY STOOD UP AND SAID ENOUGH OF THIS B******T? THE ANSWER IS UP TO YOU

  5. Close them down for the year – Lay off all but a skeleton staff – Subsidize babysitting – put out suggested reading lists. Since we are arguing about it – obviously education is not ESSENTIAL! At least be honest about it! 🤔

  6. I completely understand there are parents who are having to go back to their minimum wage jobs just to put food on their kids' table. That's a sad statement of our society and that needs to change.

    However, have you seen who the people are that are picketing in Michigan and out West for schools to reopen? They're Karens. They look like over privileged, richass folk who are just tired of having their kids under foot in their 16+ room houses. And that's what their arguments sound like. The reasoning is so lame compared to a life threatening virus we know little about.

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  8. So we can fire most of the teachers and let 1 teacher for each subject broadcast the class lesson…Or we can let the overpaid teachers sit on their ass at home. meanwhile, parents may have to quit their jobs to stay home with small children so they can get subpar educations. Great plan

  9. As a 51 year old reflecting on those years of ashtrays everywhere !! My teachers smoking in a lounge in school office ! Smoking in courthouse with ashtrays, planes, trains and busses through the 90's and early 2000 !! BUT BUT……………we stopped it ???? WHY ??? Health concerns for others not smoking? Surgeon General Warning? WHAT ?! It's all a scam cigarettes don't cause cancer I can smoke wherever i want and going to !!! C'mon back me up you people that know this virus is a fake !!?? Do my vaping and smoke my cigarettes wherever and whenever it's all conspiracy theory eh ????? NO ??? I don't look at this country as UNITED STATES of AMERICA as selfish as so many people have become…………..AMERICA but not united. Sacrifice for success ??? That common phrase !! Sacrifice a small part of our time and make small efforts and change to stop virus and succeed at getting things better !!???

  10. Every year parents are required to fill out a medical question form. simply add the question to it. Has anyone you are related to tested positive in the last 2 weeks with Covid-19? These are the children who would need to be watched for sickness..

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