Beirut rocked by deadly blast

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on the aftermath of the blast that left at least 135 dead and up to 300,000 Lebanese homeless.


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  2. Yeah sad that thousands of people effected by the blast are either dead or injured or even missing but they can always where ever they live can come to the United Kingdom the ones who survived and he enormously crazy blast

  3. And I thought things were bad over here in the United States. A lot of countries have it a whole lot worse. I really pray for that country and it's people. Terrible. And I really hope they find the people responsible because SOMEONE is responsible for this.

  4. Nitrate my Ash….Nuke missile

    Tony Wilson

    TO ALL: I am an Australian engineer who has high level safety engineering training. I do my training course in 2007 and was certified competent by TUV Rhineland. This event is a specific type of explosion called a BLEVE – Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion.

    They are very rare because they require specific conditions. As you can see in the footage there is a lot of smaller explosions before the main explosion. This is similar to the PEPCON disaster in 1988 one of the very few BLEVEs ever caught on film and shown in the 2nd half of this ->

    BLEVEs are fundamentally the same as a fuel air bomb, which are the most powerful non-nuclear weapons ever devised. If you are wondering why this looks like a nuclear explosion with the mushroom cloud is that like a nuclear weapon there is a massive energy release. The reason we know this is a BLEVE is the 2 stages clearly seen in the footage. The first explosion (redish color) and then the second more powerful detonation (the giant white ball). That giant white ball is the expanding vapor cloud. This is quite likely the most detailed footage we have ever had of an industrial BLEVE. We have multiple views of high quality.

    As incredibly tragic as this is the footage will end up saving lives. There are facilities all across modern society that can explode like this. Most petrol/gas stations have large gas cylinders. There is a new push towards hydrogen as fuel and hydrogen is certainly a gas nobody wants exploding like this. If you ask why Engineers don't do enough its simple every time we raise the issue of safety it is met with the same answer – "what will it cost". Its incredibly hard to convince any manager of the value of safety. Safety engineering does not make any facility run faster or more efficient, it adds absolutely zero to the profitability of any project or plant. The only project where safety actually was shown to be profitable was the construction of the Golden Gate bridge. They used safety nets that saved many lives and those survivors formed a club – the half way to hell club. Each time somebody was saved they didn't have to stop work for the funeral. Because f safety the Golden Gate has the very rare distinction of being a major public work that was finished ahead of time and under budget.

    The simple fact is that while we allow managers to walk free after creating the circumstances so that things like the Dreamworld Accident in Australia, the Boeing Max 8 disasters and this terrible tragedy in Beirut – these accidnets will still happen. We have the engineers and we have the technologies to prevent accidents like this. Unfortunately mangers like bonuses.

  5. Capitol City? .. more like Capitol Shitty… the power supply is turned on for only 2 hrs per day…. basically the city was already dead, just the blast is the final death throw. It's no wonder why people are flocking in droves to move out of the city to elsewhere.

  6. They confiscated ammonium nitrate from the Russians and left it there for 6 years because either out of laziness or stupidity

    To be fair 2,700 tons of anything is a lot work to move it anywhere. But even then people were complaining and reporting to move the explosive out of there for 6 years. They tried to lie and said it was fire works that set off.

    I think Russia might have struck a deal with Israel.

    The Russians: "look, I know a way you can hit the Lebanese people wear it really hurts. Six years ago they confiscated 2,700 pounds of ammonium nitrate and I've heard that they have not moved it from the port"

    Russians: in return for give our debts( or something to that effect)

    Isreal fact check this claim and finds out it's TRUE. Then send someone to set it on fire.

    so now Beirut is a disaster area and now every countries coming in to help with there "Trojan Horse red cross help"

    Now they'll slowly try to take over the country, with spies and killers posing as disaster relief helper.

  7. The ammonium nitrate is only a cover. That was a dirty bomb, perhaps even a missile. Let's see some live geiger counter readings. You don't need to be an expert to see that that was a small nuke or a bunker buster or MOAB, so why the cover up? To stop an all out war I suppose…

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