Tips for coping with mental health issues during pandemic

Dr. Jen Ashton has some helpful advice for those struggling with depression.


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27 thoughts on “Tips for coping with mental health issues during pandemic

  1. As it’s now Mental Health Month, 2021, I wonder if anyone will cover the mental health issues that come as a result of WFH ending and people returning to work.

    When WFH began last year, my employer wanted to have these check-in meetings, to see how everyone was adjusting. For me, it was weird. I live here. I don’t need to adjust to being at home. But, for those who are extroverts, being at home alone or even with family, it appears to give them tremendous anxiety. Still, because commuting to the workplace everyday, has been so normalized, being an introvert and wanting to work alone at home, makes you a freak. At minimum, you’re considered lazy, cheating and not healthily-social, when all you want is a peaceful workday and, sometimes, without the anxiety of constantly leaving your pets alone.

    My GP was surprised that I am an introvert and someone once called me a high-functioning introvert, which is probably true. But, my GP also asked her other patients how they felt and 100% of them said they were introverts so, I expect that, returning to the office is going to be a very big stress, like it is for me.

    It is true that a lot of the stress comes from that which I cannot change. So, I’ve already gone through a decent depression and mourning meal of pasta and am trying to distract myself, anyway I can, even if it’s to be better organized for a return to work, so I have to grit my teeth less, the day that may come. I still plan to ease into it. I DO NOT want to participate in big catchup events and chatting, if I return. If I can, I will quietly steal an unused office, just to get work done.

    And, as an important side note, it isn’t really anxiety that I feel. I don’t get nervous around people. I’m simply disinterested and don’t want to be bothered.

  2. I find it disturbing that Youtube is censoring COVID-related content especially as it pertains to mental health services. A video like this should have over 100000 views.

  3. Realize that you are not alone.

    If one is cognizant of that much I believe that same person has a pretty good grip on reality.

    Try to stick to a schedule or routine.

    There's no such thing as a schedule when one is in disoriented frame of mind.

    Exercise and increase physical activity.

    Like hallucinating and screaming?

    Avoid alcohol / drugs / self medication.

    Yeah, that's going to help a lot.

    People seem to drink more when it's been recognized one life has spiraled out of control.

    Ask for help: virtual, apps, in-person

    That's not helpful advice at all, especially when dealing with someone who is not tech savvy or when communication lacks logic and rationale.

  4. This 2020 is really suck and hard ofcourse, everyday i think too much, like what happen to us if this pandemic continues, anxiety with money, career, and different problems connecting to this current situation 😔, i pray GOD to end this pandemic and go back to our previous normal situations 😔, it's so hard to live these year.

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