Trump takes executive action to address economy amid pandemic

The president’s order includes unemployment relief, extends eviction moratoriums, cuts payroll taxes, and defers interest on federal student loans.


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46 thoughts on “Trump takes executive action to address economy amid pandemic

  1. Forever President Trump
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    Forever my President.
    Yolanda Ysiano

  2. Mr. President
    I hear you have pardon many I feel you could also pardon my son in Fresno calif the prison there you see I need his help he really is a wonderful person with a big heart. Please I'm begging you to bring him home to me. His name is Leonard Ysiano Al9804
    Thank You, Yolanda Ysiano

  3. Everyone I hope realizes that it’s Nancy Pelosi and the other government officials that’s stalling on this. She can’t come in to help America citizens but can get her hair done. She can’t bring the house back for this stimulus but she can call them back to help the USPS that there’s nothing wrong with.

  4. If🐒was serious about helping struggling Americans, he wouldn't have cut those payments.
    I'm hoping everyone will see these fake benevolent acts for what they are; the actions of a desperate man.

  5. um what about planet x and planet hitting earth soon or meteors is that why you shut down all the telescopes think we dont read the old old newspapers and find out? I wonder why the weather is getting bad and all lizard people going to hide underground and leave us for dead?

  6. He and his Republicans are playing politics with American lives..just to try to win an election. He lies so much..
    Ppl are dying , getting infected daily because of this administration..ppl are hungry..ppl are losing their jobs.getting evicted from their homes but the rich Republicans could care less… their pockets are getting fatter everyday..we pay getting fatter everyday


  7. The Democrats want that trillion dollars for Washington, Oregon and California. Nancy want to wipe out her nephews 100 billion dollar debt and pay for the riot damage. No way. Pay directly to American citizens or no money at all.

  8. In the future 2020, whether the president of the United States is elected by Trump or Biden, the confrontation between China and the United States will not end. Therefore, there is likely to be a hot war between China and the United States. However, it should not be in the Taiwan Strait or in the East China Sea. South China Sea, because wars in either the East China Sea or the Taiwan Straits are not good for China, but if it is a controllable regional war for China in the South China Sea, the relationship between China and the U.S. should have been severed after the hot war, and then the U.S. There will be a cold war with China, but the United States will join other countries to do it, such as: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia, Britain, France…and many other countries that have common value and interests with the United States

  9. Crooked politics won't let Congress sign and pass important things. They get paid for life and seemingly don't have time to approve one bill at a time. They would rather sneak in a bunch of bs and knock out a hundred at a time. Lazy rich argumentative pos entitled politicians we elected are not doing their jobs. Trump calls to drain the swamp, since the 90's I've wanted the same thing. They're getting worse like the snowball effect with crap rolling down a hill.

  10. Looks like some are attacking Trump’s proposals – and trying to hide Nancy’s Democrat THREE TRILLION package – that “aided” mostly the GOVERNMENT that put US in this mess by shutting down the entire ECONOMY based of a virus 🦠 that is 0.05 fatal… and primarily for people over 65 (what they lovingly called “The Boomer Remover” and prompted Guv Cuomo to use its “tax saving” eugenical properties) People are at greater risk driving vehicles… BAN DRIVING until its “safe” !?!

    Drop the Party Propaganda Talking Points – Socialite Apparatchiks – and Admit that the Democrat Party’s PRIORITIES are NOT the AMERICAN CITIZENS but the members and voters who rely on GOVERNMENT SPENDING TRILLIONS MORE $$$ WHEN ALREADY $25 TRILLIONS IN DEBT!

    You got $80,000 to pay that down? Oh, wait, do you already get a GOVERNMENT check for you “work” so you are paying ZERO (other taxpayers are picking up your “fair share”)

  11. It's obvious they are being dramatic,right? Im not saying what POTUS did is The Best Choice but Come on. That was dramatic. Nancy Pelosy as always, for a decade, done what SHE thinks is right. Like being President without the title and responsibility. Did it in the Obama Admin. Bush Admin and Clinton Admin. These people are not our Leaders just remember that. They Represent us. The People. Non of them are Our Leaders. This is a democracy not a dictatorship. Even tho they treat us like they are dictators.

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