Who’s on Joe Biden’s VP list?

ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports on Joe Biden’s vice presidential search, as he narrows down his choice ahead of the 2020 Democratic convention in less than two weeks.


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  1. No matter what gender or race you are, I will choose the best, the wisest, and the kindest, I would never choose you because of your skin color or gender. That's how you choose a vice president and also any leader who rules over people.

  2. This is clearly a race. . . .a race card move if i ever saw one. How gullible can anyone be to fall for such insignificant gains when 50+ years of true civil rights movements are thrown in the trask like they never mattered. Love your abuser.

  3. Pay close attention on how this reports are written, highlights who they're pushing for, quick mention of their second favorite and raising questions for the least favorite.

  4. Dementia only worsens and the left knows it, they aren't as dumb as they would like for everyone to believe. Their plan is to get Joe in the seat and then when his mind worsens he will take one for the team and step down. Suddenly, we will have Americas first black female president. That's what they're really pushing for, that's why the huge desire to have a female vice pres. Think about that, it could easily happen if he wins.

  5. He’s only picking a black VP because he wants to win the election and gain more black votes. Picking a VP based on their color and sex is sooooo upsetting !!!! He should be choose a candidate who is qualified . Biden doesn’t care about the black community! He believes in busing ! He’s a fraud just like Hillary Clinton!!!

  6. That old Pervert thinks having a woman as VP will give him the W… lol… Anyone that would vote for that old child molester should be locked up! Everyone need to watch those video of him at the White House a few years back trying to rub and kiss on little girls before voting for Old Creepy Joe, when you see people that work in the White House with Joe jump out of their seats and yank their grandkids away from Joe while screaming keep your hands off her you will wonder how this guy isn't in prison right now!

  7. Who is willing to be the running mate with a demented candidate for President? Truly historic. Our first demented candidate for President of the USA. – in charge of our nuclear arsenal –

  8. I hope Biden picks someone who will attract voters for their experience, their accomplishments and not to appeal to some special interest group. Warren? No way! Abrams? No! Let her try again for georgia gov, she'll prob win next time. Klobucher? no! Harris? Hell no! too controversial. Lance Bottoms? Who?? Ha,Ha! Whitmer? maybe. But why does it have to be a woman? I pick the most qualified and experienced, well rounded person who gets along with others and is equipped to handle world matters. Anyone but this buffoon, semi literate racist is an improvement!

  9. 9 Aug 20

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to sources in the Biden campaign, the presidential candidate is on pins and needles waiting to see who it is he picked to run for vice president on his ticket.

    Campaign aides say it’s been Biden’s most anticipated event since he found out he was running for president a few weeks ago.

    A reporter asked Biden if he could hint about his VP pick during a brief interlude from his stay in the basement, where he was allowed to come upstairs to get some snacks.

    “Oh boy — I hope it’s a real classy broad,” he said as he drank straight from the milk jug…I’m so close I can smell her.”

    Biden’s staff says Joe has been pacing the halls of capitol buildings, congress, and the Senate sniffing the air like a starve-crazed bloodhound in search of the perfect female candidate.

    “He’s huffing longer, deeper inhalations,” said his campaign manager Greg Schultz. “That means he’s getting really close.”

    Biden’s staff says at the rate he is sniffing, he’ll definitely have a VP pick by the second week of August.

  10. It has to be a person of color. That is racist.

    It has to be a woman. That is sexist.

    Google: Biden says he'd pick Michelle Obama as running mate 'in a heartbeat'

    "She's brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman," Biden said.

    Just watch: Biden will pick Michelle Obama as his running mate as vice president.

    Biden will quickly resign and boom…. Michelle is the president to carry on destroying America where her husband left off.

    The Obama’s will undo EVERYTHING good President Trump has done for all the people of America for the last 4 years.

    The Obama’s saw so many MILLIONS of dollars DONATED to the Clinton Foundation, Barrack and Michelle created the Obama Foundation.

    Google: http://www.obama.org

    “Pay for Play” will be the norm and under the table, tens of millions will go to their foundation especially from China and the middle east countries.

    There won’t be a thing we can do to stop the Obama’s from taking us back to the Obama era.

    Who will be appointed to High Ranking positions in Biden’s cabinet after Millions of FAKE Democrat mail-in ballots help him win the election? Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Fauci, Patrisse Cullors co-founder of the BLM, Bernie Sanders, Ayanna Pressley, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Omar Ilhan

    Barely 3% of America is enrolled in Obamacare.

    Google: Sign-ups for 2019 Obamacare insurance fall to 8.5 million people

    But with Medicare For All, every working man and woman will be forced to enroll and their paychecks will be smaller.

    Every one of us MUSTN’T be lazy on November 3rd.

    We MUST get out and vote.

  11. Kamala should be out because of the fact that Tulsi Gabbard exposed her on the Democratic debate. If anybody deserves the vice presidents spot it should be Tulsi. Another DNC tactic to give Kamala good exposure and wants more corrupted politicians in office again.

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