Baseball season in trouble

ESPN’s Bomani Jones discusses the future of the 2020 baseball season after a surge in COVID-19 cases.


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39 thoughts on “Baseball season in trouble

  1. In Ohio, there are baseball travel league games and softball beer league games and tournaments being played.
    No player on any of those Ohio clubs has reportedly tested positive for Covid.
    How can a bunch of Ohio baseball traveling league kids and softball beer leaguers not get Covid, while it seems like everybody and his brother in MLB has it?

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  3. I just cut off the MLB, NFL and NBA channels out of my cable package. I was a
    strong baseball fan who even paid for playoff tickets before. Now, I
    am not going to spend a nickel on MLB. I am more angry with the
    Commissioner than the players. The Commissioner could put an end to
    this fast. But MLB on Twitter is criticizing the fans who are criticizing the
    kneeling. Official MLB on Twitter s defending the kneeling. It is outrageous! I can't tolerate MLB attacking the fans that support standing for the flag and anthem. Rob Manfred is doing a great job of destroying the fan support for MLB.

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  6. It is so hard for so many job seekers we are helping right now who are out of work and don't have the option of going back to work. It's hard to imagine baseball players and all of the workers surrounding also being effected.

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  8. Jones is wrong, the MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, can technically tell a team yes you will play another, but he"s not going to do that, make a team play another team that is infected with the virus? that makes no sense.

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