Brits React To Royal Rift, Break Down Racism In The U.K. | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Molly Hunter breaks down a poll on how people are sympathizing with Harry and Meghan by age, and questioned Brits on the street about the racist allegations. 
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Brits React To Royal Rift, Break Down Racism In The U.K. | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


36 thoughts on “Brits React To Royal Rift, Break Down Racism In The U.K. | NBC News NOW

  1. Harry wore nazi outfit,megan didnt invite any of her black family except her mom to her wedding. So tell me who is racist? Most folks dont know she has Black people in her family. Mm does not represent the black woman in US

  2. When I was in UK. I saw empty boarded up streets under a constant grey sky, litter everywhere.
    Homeless people sleeping in doorways. Opioid addicts out of their mind and women so drunk they urinated on the streets. It's a sad declined country

  3. 48 percent support M&H and from ages 36 – 65 yo and above disagree with M&H. Just figuring where the rest of the % fall under. That was an elaborate 9% but doesn't say whether 35-64 yo also disagree or fall under just don't care about M&H

  4. It is not racist is culture, if England is holding on to the history or tradition or its normal practice of only white skin descendant can entitle for Prince title and set condition both parent must be native to England.

  5. It was rather interesting the young man's thoughts about racism being worse in America. There should not be a comparison of racism. Racism is an injustice to society. Racism benefits some people but causes irreversible harm to many others.

  6. How weird that the ethnics defend Megan and believe her BS without hearing the other side and they talk about racism aint they being little bit racist towards the Royal family 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. How does UK fund education? "Race" doesn't really exist (no genetic basis, only discrimination by skin color), shouldn't we eliminate the word and plainly call it ethnic hatred, cultural exclusion, or even petty victimization because of skin color? Local taxes fund USA schools and ensure the conyinuity of belief systems. Doesn't "Race" belong in Junior High Science, along with other debunked WRONG IDEAS like Flat Earth, creationism, and the curative power of Vicks Vapo-rub to cure cold-induced illness? Don't believe, understand. Problem solved. Turn all the churches into libraries where people can sing and dance.

  8. BREAKING NEWS : William the cheater. Waity Katie Middleton was upset and made Meghan Markle cry because she discovered that William was cheating on her with ROSE HANBURY who is Waity Katie's ex best friend. British Tabloids The Sun, The Daily Mail, Piers Morgan, Royal Family, they all were aware of that and actually they are trying to hide the romance between Willy Leak and ROSE HANBURY.

  9. If aboriginal and have baby to white man. Over generation you lose the colour of skin. If asked what colour will your baby will be. Say like mine l hope and be proud. To me that is not racist .

  10. Why don't we talk about Harrys racism and the hurt he caused by dressing up in a nazi uniform for kicks in public and throw racial slurs at British army officers of other ethnic backgrounds. Just google it. He was made to watch Schindlers list and go to Auschwitz by the Queen….

  11. They talk about racism in the royal family against Meghan and all that. But, did anyone forget when Harry wore that Nazi uniform years ago?? Now they talk about racism when they claimed it happened to them. Kinda double standard there.

  12. My opinion is all of the following. Meghan and Prince Harry have turned the Royal Family into a Three Ring Circus with all of us looking on as gawking intrusive Spectators. Meghan is probably the main culprit in reducing the Royal Family to a Circus. Meghan is probably a Narcissist who is leading along and Manipulating Prince Harry who is probably not fully cognizant of the fact that Meghan is Manipulating him and the Situation. Bit by bit Meghan is Isolating Harry from his Royal Family and Other People who have long Cared about him. Under the Influence of Meghan and her circle of selfish friends, bit by bit Prince Harry is Burning His Bridges between himself and his Royal Family. Prince Harry knows his Royal Family values their Privacy; Prince Harry needs to Stop Reporting all of his Conversations with his Royal Family. Meghan and Prince Harry can afford their own Security they have $160,000,000 Spotify and Netflix Deals. Regarding the allegations that the Royal Family is Racist. They Welcomed Meghan into their White Family and Meghan is a Black Woman; so that suggests that they are NOT Racist. Prince Harry was Raised by the Royal Family to NOT be Racist; that suggests that they are NOT Racist. Regarding the Conversation about Archie's Skin Color; Prince Harry said that Conversation occurred while he and Meghan were Dating; Meghan probably Lied or was Confused when she said the Conversation occurred while she was Pregnant. None of us in the General Public were there when the Conversation took place, so we do NOT know the Context in which the Conversation occurred; it could have been totally Innocent, Harmless, Benign. We should all just mind our own Business, and let the Royal Family sort out their Family Problems quietly in private.

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