Hong Kong’s COVID-19 surge

ABC News’ Britt Clennet reports on the rise of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia and Australia, and how the region is managing the surge.


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39 thoughts on “Hong Kong’s COVID-19 surge

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  4. Obey.
    Do as told.
    Hush, the Teleprompter gods are speaking.
    Take in there non stop driving in of the Plandemic.
    "Breaking! Spike in leaves falling somewhere on earth due to [insert a covid narrative]."

    "Cases spike" "cases surge" cases cases cases.  Illness and mortality is too low, in response to pump the Plandemic its all about the "cases".

    Summerization of the news for this year.  Ahhhhh! COVID-19!  A group here… Ahhh! covid "cases" spike.  A group there… Ahhh!!! covid "cases" surge.  The goal in this phase of the Plandemic is "cases".  News will not assert that those that showed freedom became sick or tested positive.  News will just plant that seed into your mind.  End of summary..

    Ignore decades of CDC statistics.
    Worship your covid stricken celebrities..

    Interesting videos about media and the agenda.








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  6. did the ppl comment about protesting lead to covid spread even watch this video? At 1:31 stated very clearly that those exempted from covid test brought the virus in, it's definitely the gov's fault letting those ppl going around HK, there are NO LOCAL CASES FOR MONTHS in hk, for god's sake

  7. 🆘 Remember Communist China 🇨🇳 gave the World 🌎 Chinese coronavirus. President Trump 🇺🇸 has done a great job in the United States working at fixing this nightmare. US citizens need to Boycott all China made products. That will send communist China leadership a message. 👎

  8. What went wrong is? taking any countries word on it" even the advanced countries! If they truly had a low? then they've should've staid masked" for at least another 6 months not lift them. We will get a hold of ours when we've thrown our obnoxious" this bunker boy" out on his ear come November 3rd. 2020 – 2021 less then 100 days to go 🍵… #Biden46 #blkprgsv20

  9. ABC News are Fake news as President said. Dont listen to them. We dont wear the masks, Its doesn't help and Covid19 doesnt exist. Its Fake Virus. Please lets save Our Human rights together. And Trump is With Us fighting wit us with all these Fake Agenda.

  10. 2020-07-27 America's Frontline Doctors 2nd opinion project COVID-19


    What virus? 100% scam to mandate vaccines. Not a single person has died of COVID19. If it’s real, please produce the Koch’s Postulates test to reveal its identity? Anti-body test detects NOT the virus but the antibody associated with the virus. They never isolated a virus. They isolated an anti-body. PCR tests are not meant to test for genetic material. They are supposed to be used to amplify genetic material. Learned all of this in Biotechnology. The Covid 19 RT-PCR test shouldn't be used to diagnose AIDS/HIV/Ebola or covid-19 as it only looks the RNA sequence which determines if there's genetic material of a virus, of which we all carry as humans. Watch Dr. Kaufman's vids where he hosts other renown scientists. Covid-19 doesn't makes sense because this so called virus has never been isolated, purified or proven to be contagious scientifically. This is the biggest scamdemic since 9/11. I wonder what the masses will do when they realize they have been tricked out of their jobs and homes?

  11. 🚨Pearl Harbor, Japan killed 24,000 Americans, lost hundreds of billions of dollars and Japan was punished. Now,with the biological weapons of Wuhan, the Chinese Communist Party Zombie killed 156,000 Americans, killed 670,000 people in the world and caused trillions of dollars worth of damage. CCP zombies have serious challenges, threatening to invade and expand the East Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan Country, India, … CCP Support Pakistan to fight India, support Iran, North Korea, .. .to fight Americans and Allies. The CCP threatens to expand the ‘Global Economic Supply Chain, and the Military, threatens the‘ debt trap ’to expand. CCP brutally suppresses and kills people in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, … CCP steals technology, copyright and confidential information with Huawei, ZTE, by Chinese living abroad, … CCP 'drinking the Mekong water' and 'creating a new dispute with Nepal and Buhtan'. The United States, the Allies, the UN, International Law, the WTO and the International must immediately eliminate the CCP Zombie.CCP zombies must be severely punished.

  12. You media ass traitors keep on ignoring the truth about the virus. A constitutional attorney came out and told the truth about everything. He knows we are being played. Video on my playlists titled (Trump resumes who funding/constitutional attorney talks covid)

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