Jobless benefits expired

Unemployment benefits expire as Congress is deadlocked on new potential stimulus plan.


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27 thoughts on “Jobless benefits expired

  1. Americans need their leaders to pull through !!hard working Americans are going through such a difficult time , yet they keep them waiting for help because its a game of Me first , Thank you senators we will remember this when you come up for re election 🗳

  2. That was a stupid deal they should have did something for people that had to keep working and the people who who wasn't working was getting all the money 600 a week plus a regular weekly unemployment pay check from there job that was way to much

  3. why are we allowing these people to make a mockery out of us ?? time to seriously take a stand before we all end up dead like they want. they’re just seeing how many people they can kill off at this point and we’re all just submitting.

  4. Nobody's coming to save you just think for a moment how many zombie movies are coming out guess the elites are the ones who are living and we are the zombies trying to survive the movie Bird Box stay inside the Coronavirus stay inside…… never trust the untrustworthy…..I rest my case

  5. I am so tired of these clowns playing with our lives, whatever happened to doing what is best for the American People? We are in Crisis and they are playing games. SMH

  6. Many saying they need this extra $600 on top of their regular unemployment. And these will also be the first to complain when liberals raise their income taxes to pay for it. Remember the rich don't pay, they have armies of accountants to make sure they don't. The working poor will be saddled with the bill.

  7. The fact that most people were making more money, with around $700 a week, says more about the fucked up state of our country’s minimum wage and corporate greed than it does about the pathetic amount of money our government says was “too much” for unemployment.

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  9. The electorate can impose term limits by voting out all incumbents.The government wont do this so get rid of all career Senators and Congressmen. That is voter power.I beg you please exercise it.

  10. It’s not about liberals and Democrats. It’s about the people Period!!… I know there are some republicans that have lost businesses and jobs… it’s about human life… stop the left wing right wing garbage… this is why nothing is has or ever gets done… as long as there’s a separation of people this country will never come together…

  11. From Russia,we in crisis too,but we dont care)for all of you good wishes and be strong..your problem,that you laughing about communizm,but we realy love all nations!we dont have 1 sort,2 sort,all good people 1 sort!Criminal must sit in prison..all must have medicine,education and good work!health families,and country without perverse and narcotics!you must be kind,and remember,money is dust!

  12. Unemployed getting $600+ a week while working people getting less? People on the front lines are not just nurses but grocery workers, mail carriers, etc. Why not give the benefit to everyone? That way there is still incentive to work and provide front liners a little bonus for risking their health.

  13. Stop this and make a vacsen for the vires ok Now MAKE A VASIN FOR T H E VIRES now ok over wise your die or not live people should do it over wise it's going to end this amazing world we all live in just think a lot you miss out all the trees and animals and all the amazing things are going now because you have not done something so do it fast before you die ok need to get back to normal 🤣 x

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