The latest on COVID-19 antibodies and immunity

Dr. Jen Ashton has an update on what we do and don’t know about antibodies.


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29 thoughts on “The latest on COVID-19 antibodies and immunity

  1. Bullshit! How can a man made vaccine be more stronger than a body’s natural way of immunity. Sounds damn fishy to me. I have the antibody for almost a yea now and it’s still on the high level. My Dr. told me that I must’ve gotten COVID-19 almost a year and I’ve been getting antibody testing for the past 10 months and still have antibody at a high level. Don’t believe what these Doctors say all the time. I’ve never had symptoms of Covid-19, not even a sneeze!! And they’re saying I must’ve gotten it before. If you don’t have symptoms of the virus, why should they say I had COVID???? Like I said, somethings fishy going on….

  2. You people are quacks, the immunity build up you get from taking a flu shot for the flu only last for about 6 months, hence the reason you need to have a flu yearly so there is no surprise that immunity from covid 19 does not last

  3. If a woman has antibodies, it is their sacred duty to share it with us men. After all, women are made for men, not the other way round. Women's bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat, blood, urine, breast milk and vaginal juice are vital to our survival as a human race. But women have become selfish and keep all that for themselves. That's why we must take it from them by any means necessary. President Donald Trump the Great is the only one that can correct women's selfishness. No one is a better friend to women than our Great President. Re-elect Him, for the sake of our country and our lives. Make America Great Again!

  4. Herd immunity occurs when enough people become immune to a disease to make its spread unlikely. As a result, the entire community is protected, even those who are not themselves immune. Herd immunity is usually achieved through vaccination, but it can also occur through natural infection.

  5. Obey.
    Do as told.
    Hush, the Teleprompter gods are speaking.
    Take in there non stop driving in of the Plandemic.
    "Breaking! Spike in leaves falling somewhere on earth due to [insert a covid narrative]."

    "Cases spike" "cases surge" cases cases cases.  Illness and mortality is too low, in response to pump the Plandemic its all about the "cases".

    Summerization of the news for this year.  Ahhhhh! COVID-19!  A group here… Ahhh! covid "cases" spike.  A group there… Ahhh!!! covid "cases" surge.  The goal in this phase of the Plandemic is "cases".  News will not assert that those that showed freedom became sick or tested positive.  News will just plant that seed into your mind.  End of summary..

    Ignore decades of CDC statistics.
    Worship your covid stricken celebrities..

    Interesting videos about media and the agenda.

  6. The study of this has been part of the answer all along. They just evaded the answer to it. They knew it they just wanted to make money off of stock. But you dont put money over life,that's blood money. No weapons formed against thee shall prosper. These people are innocent,they wont prosper. PSALMS 23,24. When this country and others learn to value life over material wealth it will become wise and advance.

  7. Ok what I’ve seen and videos to my own doctor saying after you get it like I did. You can after 3 months once the COVID is no longer in your system you can get it again. This isn’t going away. But it can help slow the spread of this horrible virus down to help get rid of it. It’s like wild fire in my town. 1 month ago we had 1000 or so cases. Then right now in just a few weeks from then we hit well over 2000. With me I got tested on the 7 of July. I asked hope will I find out if I’m ok or not which I new for a fact I had it. They said if you don’t hear from us in 5 days you don’t have it. It took there stupid ass 2weeks to finally call and say I was positive. Thank god I new I had it and self Quarantined. I didn’t go anywhere locally or not luckily I’m also a bed ready so I didn’t go out and spread this virus but I have grown children and adults but also were tested and also took them two weeks to get their results my area it’s spreading like wildfire because of what I seen at the hospital people were coming in and out visiting people that were in the emergency room my mom brought two children pass them off to grandpa and she to go visit their loved one factor but she’s had her kids right by me I told Hospital I didn’t want to come in because I had been exposed to Covid what do you want me to do the hospital kept saying you have to come here and I said I know that I have it it’s in there some isolated place you want to put me they said you have to come in and be tested I also was having trouble breathing I was the first one that came in and all these other people came in after me they took them first and still left me out in that waiting area it was ridiculous I see why it’s spreading specially in my areaI also see people not wanting to wear mask people having pool parties going places this is ridiculous nobody’s taking this serious thank god I’m getting better I still have issues but I’m a sickly person so it’s gonna take me a lot longer to get better everybody please I beg you sell quarantine and also for 4 to 5 days you don’t show any symptoms so you’re a walking timebomb taking temperatures is it 100% when I went to the hospital they said my temperature was normal I knew I had the virus so Everything they’re doing isn’t 100% right way this virus is silent and deadly I’m telling you and I’m scared in three months I can get it again be prepared take it serious for somebody if I don’t have it in my area people are dying

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