US tops 4M coronavirus cases as CDC revises predictions | WNT

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned the death toll could hit 175,000 by August 15 after the U.S. crossed 4 million cases, with hospitalizations on the rise in 41 states.




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  1. @ ABC News , Look up Iran's Covid 19 cases declared by their authorities a week back , it's 35 Million ! That's more than Entire World Combined !
    Countries need to avoid mistakes made by Iran in Covid 19 handling .Also Why is USA still No 1 in Covid 19 cases ? This should have been corrected 3 days ago. WION is the news source.

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  3. South and West…you mean in the Republican anti-maskers hotspots…the states that followed Trumps pressure to reopen. Now these places that raise beef are using meat trucks for humans…lovely. I wish my family wasn’t part of the problem…

  4. For those who says the death rate is 0.1% (which in decimal is 0.001) in the U.S, use a brain. First search up, How many coronavirus deaths are there in the USA today… ok got it? Cool, write that down in a calculator. Alright next, put a division sign, by typing a / or ÷. Alright got it? AMAZING WORK! Now search up, How many coronavirus cases are there in the USA today? Got it? Great job buddy! Now type the number in the calculator. Now make sure everything is right, numbers, division sign, yeah? Got it? Cool, press the equal sign that looks like this: =. GOT IT? YEAH? AMAZING WORK! Just remember for example, (Btw this is not the actual death rate its just an example) 0.01 = 1% and IT DOES NOT EQUAL 0.01 or 0.001 PERCENT. So yeah there you have it. If you have questions, just reply to me and I'll try and get back to you ASAP. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

  5. Praying for all! Proverbs 29:25, "The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." Nahum 1:7, "The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him."

    … considering the financial incentives and CDC directives to call anything/everything "covid" and,
    considering the test has never been proven accurate and the symptoms are (purposefully) totally generic and common.

  7. Sheep being herded by their shepherd televisions have the nerve to call others stupid when the entirety of their understanding regarding Coronavirus stems from news broadcasts.

    Here are UK health officials admitting tens of thousands of coronavirus cases were counted twice

    Here is one of many falsely attributed coronavirus deaths

    Here is data from the USC claiming the infection rate to be 28 to 50 times higher than reported, thus meaning many people had it and didn't even know cause it's virtually harmless

    Here is a link to the CDC wher you can download a document called Pandemic Planning Scenarios, a document in which the death rate is indicated to be 0.26%

    In this link a Senator from Minnesota explains how hospitals are incentivized to report more coronavirus cases and deaths

    Heres a report in which almost a quarter of the coronavirus deaths in Colorado didn't even have Covid listed as a cause of death on their certificates

    Here is New Jersey reporting almost 2000 probable coronavirus deaths in one day, people that weren't tested but exhibited symptoms of coronavirus, which mind you it's nearly impossible to die from any illness without exhibiting one of the many coronavirus symptoms

    All you dumb fucks that just listen to the TV need to do their research. Theres a lot more bullshit surrounding coronavirus you can find but I know you won't. You'll tune into the news and enjoy your brainwashing and fear and then insult other's intelligence as if your perspective on coronavirus takes any sort of intelligence to understand. Guess what, it's easy to listen to a news anchor and believe what they tell you, it doesnt make you smart, it makes you a sheep. BAHHHHHH

  8. Do you realize how he is carefully fearmongering by saying "Florida setting a record number of deaths in the past 24hours and more than 10 thousand cases." The death toll is 133, nothing near New York in its worst days but they make it sound like it is much more.

  9. You can see Dr. Birx is so exhausted and desperate to save her country. I am sorry for her to have to deal with these political nonsenses, instead of only saving lives.

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