With jobless Americans waiting for extended relief, GOP reveals new coronavirus plan

Democrats have disagreed with the Republican bill, which would reduce federal supplemental unemployment aid from $600 to $200. “Nightline” speaks to Americans at risk of losing the aid.


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41 thoughts on “With jobless Americans waiting for extended relief, GOP reveals new coronavirus plan

  1. You guys never know someones story. You people are so quick to judge based on skin color and/or weight. People are so judgemental and disrespectful and do not care what feelings they do hurt. Just because she's not fit to most people and she's black doesnt mean shes not STRUGGLING. Then bringing her kids into this is uncalled for! Have some respect you idiots 🤦🏻

  2. these people obviously have no idea what theyre talking about. printing more money is more detrimental to our economy. it will cause hyper inflation. the value of the dollar is already dropping and we are in debt as a nation up to our necks. this is not going to end well.
    debt based fiat ponzi scheme.

    its game over.
    end the federal reserve.

  3. well said, and well presented.
    How many of you, like myself, try to read the titles of the books and magazines placed strategically around those who report from home, AND then try to figure out what room they are in?
    How many of us, like me, give some thought about the props they place around them and what went into That decision process?
    One of the bright lights of amusements for me in this dark time. lol

  4. If congress didn’t sell out America in the first place we’d have American controlled businesses producing for America. Americans would own American resources and land, not foreigners.

  5. We applied and got denied so don't think it's all easy. This society is a joke. What we did is started to look for odd jobs and opportunities. So being broke means get off your butt and find a way don't depend on the government they will always let you down yes the left and right… thank you

  6. Australia has the virus under control, apart from one state, our politicians, have reduced the the extra unemployment benefit, that has been running since March, from Sept 25 and will keep it going to Dec 31, when they will review it again. Difference is our politicians just passed it, no debates or delays, not even one argument from the Opposition party. Our unemployment is all handled at a federal level and while not great is still better than many, many countries.

  7. wow — a good play on feelings i'll give em that, and this passes for sensible arguments for some people? Sounds like 200 fed unemployment + state is a good deal, along with the 1200 stimulus. Quite sensible, and frankly better than I expected McConnell to go for. The house should take it, not grand stand and move on because the GOP wont move on this, and IMO nor should they. Unless the house is prepared to wait until November, this is probably as good as it gets until then. And even after there is no guarantee, as I was pretty fucking sure President Clinton would be dealing with this whole shebang right now, and we see how that panned out.

  8. How is a one time payment going to help anyone, they need monthly payments until this pandemic is over, if they can help people until January and help people to stay home so this pandemic can be over and done. I don't want to have to stay home after the new year

  9. We need to vote all of these old cronies n crooks out of congress,these fuckers make hundreds of thousands a year not to mention all of the illegal kickbacks that makes them millionaires some billionaires VOTE THESE CROOKS OUT……..

  10. The new normal: global pandemic = disband the pandemic response team; Americans loosing their jobs in record numbers = cut unemployment; A country in crisis that needs to be united = tear it apart even more.

    There aren't any Americans anymore. Americans would never allow their country to become what it has become. There are just republicans and democrats. Conflicting entities that happen to inhabit the same geo-political boundary. Neither side gives a rat's ass about the USA. The past four years have proven that beyond shadow of a doubt. Their allegiance lies solely with their party: for better or (extremely) worse. Just ask that piece of crap Mitch McConnell, who instructed republicans to vote against anything Obama proposed. Or just the fact that any of you voted for and still support a despicable piece of garbage like trump, who has inflicted more damage on this country than any enemy the US as ever fought against. A reality TV personality who famously said "If I were to run as a republican, they're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They'll believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'll still eat it up" (it's on video so you can't dismiss it as fake news).

    I am not a republican, nor am I democrat. I hate both you. I am picking on republicans because you have allowed this country to sink to the lowest depths it has ever seen. History will remember the current horde of republican politicians as cowards, who fought only to keep their jobs, rather than put a stop to a mentally handicapped man-baby running the country into the ground. And a big F-You to democrats too, because if trump was on your side, you would be humiliating yourself just as republicans are doing now.

    I am an American. My votes go towards whomever I feel will do the best job for my community or country. I put thought into who I vote for. The (r) or (d) next to the candidate's name means nothing to me, because I actually give a crap!!!!! But I am irrelevant. All of you care so little about the USA, that me and others like me have no voice. It's pathetic. And so are all of you.

  11. Is it cold of me to think, “Just get another job”? These are no doubt hard times, but as individuals, we have to adapt similarly to how small businesses have had to in order to stay a business at all. Some have to carry on while changing how we do the things we do and some of us may have to change what we do all together. Regardless, we must adapt. The system in place now is only supposed to be temporary, but what if this is a permanent problem?

  12. All these jobless individuals sitting back hoping and praying for this second stimulus check while planning on voting for the party that will give all the stimulus money to these big corporations like Obama did not once but twice. Yeah seems smart

  13. Hydroxychloroquin and z-pak is the cure for COVID, as evidenced by Dr. Immanuel’s 350 patient’s full recovery and the fact that all the countries that did not ban this treatment have the lowest mortality rates. The elites knew this and that is why they banned hydroxychloroquin so that they could push their vaccine agenda and the destruction of the American economy.

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