Doctor Captures Powerful Images From Pandemic’s Front Lines | NBC Nightly News

Dr. Scott Kobner talks to Lester Holt about his mission to document the realities of the pandemic at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.
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Doctor Captures Powerful Images From Pandemic’s Front Lines | NBC Nightly News


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24 thoughts on “Doctor Captures Powerful Images From Pandemic’s Front Lines | NBC Nightly News

  1. Mans goals with Viruses are no different than his goals with Atomic Weapons. Read “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker to better understand the Truth about COVID-19. Dr Strecker, a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Pharmacology said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything.

  2. People are finally getting the sense that we are being systematically hypnotized. Moreover, all these absurd measures also awaken people from that intoxication of superficial materialism, and the definition of happiness is rightly called into question. These are times to think about things that really happened back then. To reflect on existential life questions. And also, especially now that we are being driven apart, with us as a society. What connects and unites us.
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  3. mRNA vaccine is experimental. Dr Fauci works for NIH- his wife Dr Christine Grady Fauci also worked for NIH as Chief Bioethics which oversees vaccine trials. Is that Ethical?? Every prior trial of mRNA vaccine for the past 25 yrs always FAILED.
    The animals in the trials went through a challenge test. Which is when animals in a trial are vaccinated then the infected live virus is reintroduced to the animals and in ALL prior trials. Animals initially did well after vaccine but once exposed to the live virus – DIED from Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The N. I. H. did NOT have this as part of the trial due it was trialed on humans. N. I. H. deemed would be unethical so instead sent it out as vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization without challenge. ADE takes 4 to 14 months to happen- ADE will cause the body to overreact to any exposure to virus or different strain( virus mutates all the time) DON’T be fooled – it’s NOT the virus or a different strain – IT’S THE VACCINE making your body go into a Cytokine Storm flooding the lungs.
    IVERMECTIN is already approved FDA anti parasitic medication as is proving effective in prevention and treatment of Covid and effective against different strains of coronavirus.
    RESEARCH it DEMAND physicians to order if needed in prevention and or treatment

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  6. This is just grimly true. The question is how can we improve our general situation! I am 69 and I experienced a heavy-duty, virus situation in high school here; and it was water related probably. It was diagnosed as encephalitis, which was exactly what it did. A swollen brain then. Headaches were just rough. I was flown home from my grandparents house to Colorado and to the hospital at 13. I was just exhausted. Then, my great family doctor worked to save my hearing. This virus situation was similar to covid-19 then. Years of antibiotics, to save my hearing from bad infections. Then, I suffered in my emotional situation. I studied and did great in school. I skied each winter! And I also swan each summer and worked with my father in ranching. Then, at 22, my blood sugar was too low! I was very ill and my wonderful doctor saved my life. I did a strict nutrition program. (Multiple vitamins to build my strength up. Special meals to build my body up.) Then, I took this knowledge and courage, and, I also gained as my lifelong trust… in just believing in myself! Viruses are just really bad killers. This is very stressful to watch. Here we all are!! I feel for these doctors. (I am registered for my vaccines. ) I am now 69! I feel for these doctors. It’s just heartbreaking. Yet a miracle every day! And vaccines! It’s hopeful! Wow!

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