Turbo Dodge Omni GLH 5-Speed RECORD! 9.99 @ 143 MPH!

The Dodge Omni GLH (Goes Like Hell!) is a mean machine, especially when you consider the fact that it can run a 9 second pass in a mostly stock form! These guys know what it takes to build a street car AND go fast, even with a manual transmission! These guys are having a lot of fun with this little turbocharged Dodge four cylinder with a Daytona five speed behind it. Not only that, they also just finished a brutal Drag Week trip that took them nearly 1,000 miles to FOUR different tracks, beating up the car at each stop! Props to these fellas!


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  1. Great video Dennis and Roger!

    About 15 years ago, at the local friday night corner races there was a guy who had one these swapped with the larger 2.4 or w/e block, a neon cylinder head or something, a huge snail and one of those front valence things on it.

    Pretty much nobody knew what it was and he was just cleaning up, taking on all comers and upsetting everyone with his little monster sleeper hatch…. with the 'piece de resistance' being when he easily licked a boosted Viper. Lmao.

    The craziest part however is even though the car was front wheel drive the thing pulled so hard and the shifting was so violent that after pretty much every launch and shift into 2and and 3rd the front of the car would be up so high and would come droping down so hard the front valence would smash the ground.

    It was one hell of a sight and sound hearing that blow off valve punctuated with that crunch-scrape nastiness.

    It didn't take long for everyone to be afraid and refuse to race any black 4 door hatch that so much as resembled whatever that "GLH" "OMNI" mystery machine was.

    The next year the same guy showed up but this time he had one of those boxy turbo ~85 Dodge Caravans… he had a 5 speed swap in it and the throw on the giant shifter had to be something like 12-18 inches. I think he even extended it for effect. Lmao.

    That van was uglier than sin but boy was it fast, faster than the omni somehow…and just watching him He-Man throw those shifts like he was rowing some kind of evil boat was an absolute blast.

    The thing was much more of a sleeper this time though and he was embarrassing corvettes, boosted v8's and big blocks and AWD DSM's, and WRX's left and right.

    Like literally everything, and then he just drove away into the sunrise and I believe no one ever saw him again.

    Having mercilessly beaten whatever this world could throw at him, and with nothing left to do, he ceased his existence on this mortal coil and returned to where he originated:

    Where else but,


    I don't think it was just us quiet, unwashed Canadian's who had witnessed such an unhinged ruination dealt ruthlessly to the unworthy…

    It was at the very least an OMNious prophecy…foretelling what was to come.

    And as it was just a short year or two later when Dodge released the first of it's Satan-spawn: The SRT4, followed by many more SRT monsters who were obviously only harbinges for the damned feline "HellCat", the malignant "RedEye" (Lol I think? I'm not a Mopar guy) and finally…

    the doom-slaying, soul-snatching fiend: The Dodge Demon!

    Could you imagine in the 90's telling someone buying an anaemic 150HP "muscle car" that in 20 years one of the big three would be selling a normal one of their vehicles with aengine and performance package that puts out over 900hp and allows the car the wheel stand down the track? Unbelievable!

  2. Loved my 85 GLH Turbo until I rolled it upside down. The driver was incorrect about that being a GLHS originally. I am pretty sure none of the GLHS (only 500 made) models had a red interior. They were all like a whitish/gray interior and had the special CS dash plaque with their number out of 500 on the dash.

  3. I remember these cars. Absolute piles of crap. Yes quick if you could keep them from falling apart. And who wants to be seen in it ? I can’t believe what I’ve seen people asking for these things either. 19k for a shit box with no airbag ? No thanks.

  4. Omni GLH turbo was the best handling car of its time, and arguably continues to be today. At the time with a few cheap mods it could out-steer everything on a tight track or in autocross, even Fieros.

  5. No I laughed like hell reading the 1320 intro… "The Dodge Omni GLH (Goes Like Hell!) is a mean machine, especially when you consider the fact that it can run a 9 second pass in a mostly stock form! " Ummm….ok…but no….

  6. For all of those that say "…they respect this car but hate on honda.." My Shelby Charger was actually kicked out of an import drag race event because after winning 5 races straight they decided my car was "American" and not "Japanese".
    I was told at first "…as long as it's 4 cyl." Which it was…and "…front wheel drive…"
    Which it waz…guess I beat too many hondas…Mad respect for mah Mopar peeps!!!

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