Chilling pleas in transcripts from George Floyd’s final moments | WNT

The transcripts from the body camera recordings revealed that Floyd said the word “please” nearly five dozen times to the officers charged with aiding and abetting his murder.




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  1. Just like at a funeral, you can’t say anything bad about a person. So this coverage is what the family needs to hear etc. In court the whole situation from all perspectives will be given. The news has just been respectful of his death.

  2. Why haven’t you shown the full video depicting the mental state of Floyd before he was put into the police car plus no
    mention of the cocktail of drugs in his body and that he had covid 19
    You’re supposed to be journalists stop putting political slants on this and all the other stories of the day
    Look at what journalism really means instead of offering us the political bias of your wealthy liberal owners

  3. Yep they don't ever anymore provide the full facts, the truth. Not the whole transcripts just the part they want to exploit to keep you angry. Please stop your bs or may your channel die for all your lies

  4. Since Floyd told the cop he suffered from claustrophobia & started having trouble breathing even when he was attempting to kick out the back window of the squad car & repeatedly saying "I can't breathe" even before he was placed on the ground the question remains, why did they take him back out of the car & place him in the ground? FLOYD ASKED to LAY on the GROUND!

    After which the cops called an ambulance for him & did what he asked & let him lay down on the ground.

    So he was saying "I can't breathe" LONG before he asked to lay on the ground.

    Am I address the inappropriate & murderous knee on the back of his neck? No.

  5. he died of a drug over dose, read the transcript yourself, George Floyd wasn't murded, they were restraining him, while waiting for the ambulence the police had called….the media is lying ! and how was this racism. THE WHOLE GEORGE FLOYD STORY WAS A LIE!

  6. They cherry picked the transcripts of the cameras. In observing the full transcripts (like they should have) it is obvious he was high and stated he could not breath before and wanted to go to the ground refusing to get in squad car. Why? Because he was high(as he confirms in the transcripts), that caused his condition and eventually killed him.

  7. And what does any of this have to do with racial injustice? That's right, absolutely nothing! Simple case of gross negligence on the part of the officer. You know kind of like when your surgeon leaves a sponge in your body and you die of a systemic blood infection. That doctor will most likely never see the inside of a jail cell.

    For affirming our belief that MSM runs a bias narrative. CBS failed to mention the shop clerk reported Floyd passed a counterfeit bill resulting in the police response, that Floyd's autopsy showed he had 11 mg of fentanyl in his system, 7 mg is enough to OD. The police officer BRIEFLY pulled his gun because Floyd was non-cooperative, when Floyd put his hands back on the steering wheel the officer holstered his gun. Floyd also admitting to, "hooping," earlier where drugs are smuggled in someone's rectum, possibly resulting in the fentanyl getting in his system.
    If you want a fuller picture of the situation surrounding Floyd's arrest and a comparative view to the restricted view ABC gives you look here: @

  9. They told him to get in the car, he wouldn't, said he's claustrophobic. Said he couldn't breath while he was standing up. If he would have listened and got in the car, but he said he was hooping earlier that day (drugs concealed in rectum) Drugs man. I'm sorry he died but choices man, choices.

  10. The Democrats are causing hatred, anger to the people who they brainwashed. The people in Black neighborhood are misled, lied to by the democrats. Over 20 millions unborn blacks were murdered from the black women since 1960. The Plan Parenthood founder even said it that she wanted to reduce blacks in this country by killings black babies.

  11. This Police probably ignored Floyd's I can't breathe because they know that the other thugs who died from resisting arrest did the same thing. Clearly he said before the knee was on his neck because of the corona virus and the drugs he hid in his "SS causing the overdose. Other FAKE News who rush the judgement causing innocent people's lives and business from the other thugs BLM/ANTIFA.

  12. This is extremely deceitful. He was told to put his hands up 13 times and resisted being handcuffed and resisted going into the squad car. He was saying he couldn't breathe before he even hit the ground(mind you it takes a lot of oxygen to yell like he was, so no he did not die from having a knee on the neck. A LOT of pressure needs to be applied to the trachea in order for you to not breathe, let alone talk/yell like he was). His friends were telling him to put his hands up but he had to many drugs in his system he was erratic. The man had 11 nanogram per millilitres of fentanyl in his system with the lethal dose being 7! Him being restrained by the police and underlying health conditions contributed to his death(being the combination of the drugs he was smuggling among other drugs he had in his system). These transcripts raise more questions than answers unfortunately.

  13. ABC are cherry picking the transcript. The Police video in Floyd's death may give new insights when fully read

    It the seems Police did trigger his death but the drugs he ingested, Fentanyl & Meth, & the circumstances just prior to him being pinned down do need real scrutiny before a lynch-mob murder judgement is concluded. Read the transcript for yourselves rather than listening to a loaded report from ABC .

  14. just read the entire 82 page transcript. The events leading up to Floyds death appear will work in Lane's favor, but not Chauvin. the store employees and the the first cops responding to the call all said Floyd was obviously high or drunk or on some drugs(foaming at mouth). Floyd wasn't responding to Lane's commands when he was talking to floyd in his car. Lane drew his gun when Floyd was reaching for something in his car. but then holstered it when Floyd finally responded.Due to his size, state of agitation, unresponsiveness to commands to get into the cop car, when Chauvin arrived, he led a more aggressive position to hold floyd down while they figure out what to do. Floyds behavior up to that point was extremely suspect and his pleas could have been just lies to get away. Was he really claustrophobic which is why he resisted getting into the car? the cops wouldnt now that. I bet they've heard stuff like that before. HOWEVER… the transcript does capture Lane suggesting Chauvin to turn him over, and Chauvin declining. I couldn't detect any evidence of racism here. Lane and the other cops were taking Chauvin's lead. Lane says based on floyds responses, they(at least he) were about to reassess the situation and change strategy, but it was too late. Chauvin made some horrible decisions. Not defending Chauvin, but 20 years in the force, I bet he's seen some crazy sh*t with criminals. Unfortunately, he went too extreme in this one and Floyd died

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