‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera presumed dead after going missing during boat trip with son

Police are trying to determine what happened to Rivera after her 4-year-old son, found sleeping in the pontoon, told them they had gone for a swim in Lake Piru in Southern California.


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45 thoughts on “‘Glee’ star Naya Rivera presumed dead after going missing during boat trip with son

  1. Why do they go alone just him n her in get n boat just them to j usealy take ur whole family not just the 2of u I never heard that before just a woman and son take off to the boat and drive she wasn't experience in boating then she kill her dam self so dam dum the way she did she must have been stone

  2. Probably what happened is she fainted. The exertion of swimming and then helping her little boy back up onto the boat caused her to black out, and when that happens in the water it's never a good outcome.

  3. When my brother went missing all I expected was a miracle, I imagine our other brother finding him on a island burn with the sun gaving him some water and bringing him safe home, my World just fall apart when they found the body, I still dream of what I wish would have happen then that horrible day

  4. To/ Family and Friends of Naya
    No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss
    Naya's memory will be forever in our hearts
    May memories of " Naya Marie Rivera " and the love of family surround you and give you strength in the days ahead.
    R.I.P Naya Marie Rivera

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  6. I know we want to be hopeful but be honest with yourself, do you believe she is still alive just swimming with fishes? I think she had an accident and it’s really sad and unfortunate

  7. Everyone's attention, her body drops in the footage and a new person gets switched with the kid. Attention to detail alert. She had WHITE SHORTS AND A LARGE WHITE BAG. and her whole body seems to drop and a new person with different colored clothing are switched with the kid. Watch the full video!!!! You see a person with a whtie top and navy shorts leaving with the kid, Attention to details. They also stop at a different boat together and different people get on the boat. Why if they were going on a separate boat, would they want to stop with a second boat for people they didn't know??? Attention to detail. Unless, someone was holding you at gun point to stop when they stopped. Everyone in that other boat needs to be investigated. As well as who our all white suit person is and the navy shorts guy are. Furthermore, when she was getting out of the car, people were tampering with her boat.

  8. If she did drowned 5 days ago, her body should be releasing gasses to cause her body to float to the top by now. I understand that after you initially drowned your body sinks to the bottom, which could cause her bathing suit or body part to get entangled with the the trees or other things at the bottom of the lake but them saying she may never be found it’s hard to comprehend because this is not the ocean where the current would take her further from the shoreline.

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