Trump administration insists kids should return to school

The president called current CDC guidelines for reopening “very tough.”


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36 thoughts on “Trump administration insists kids should return to school

  1. Reading all these replies is eye opening. As a teacher I assure you I do not go to teach for the money or head count. I instill core values of honesty and love of learning for success in life. We do not brainwash the kids LOL ….ridiculous. Teachers promote discussion and just listen a lot of the time. Math, reading and thinking skills are our essential focus. Don't hate us, we work hard for less $$$ and returning to school won't kill the kids but it may kill ME.

  2. Send trumps kid to a public school
    He's going off on what he heard from other countries they have been staying home doing the right thing and listening to the professionals .
    We however you have seen the numbers.Why can't we just follow directions so we can be normal again
    It's just gonna take one kid getting sick and then here we go again kids should not be the Ginny pigs to see if this virus is still active
    Some kids have health issues
    Trump needs to back up were not other countries that listen
    He should have did something about this when it first came out
    Trump it's not going to magically disappear you have to work at making it do so with masks and washing your hands
    Social distance
    Talk to a professional get some information so you will know what to do .We all want it gone but when people refuse to wear mask in public places cause you don't doesn't help the cause
    They way you are running things seems like you trump are trying to knock down the population if not make people wear mask or get fined
    The rest of us do what were suppose to unless you know something we don't about this virus trump but then again why would you share information

  3. 🙄 Covid-19 deaths about 571,000 ( unconfirmed) is less than 0.001% of world population…

    ABC News: "it's the end of the world!!! everybody's infected!! stay in your homes!!! lock your doors!!! don't vote Trump!! the world is ending!!!"

  4. The real epidemic is child trafficking and we are kicking down the doors and making lots of arrests that this station refuses to address and then they censor our discussion about it. If the US knew the epidemic that is covered up is child abduction harvesting kids for sex, organs, adrenachrome, fazzle juice and their own penal gland then they would demand justice from this network.

  5. YES! It is urgent that We elect Trump + Pence in 2020. It is about Life or death. What are We going to do for the more than +50,000,000 unborn babies that have died since 1973? What are We going to do for Women that get victimized? It is urgent that We defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood Action Fund Endorses Biden for President  
    It is urgent for Nancy Pelosi to give more funds to Planned Parenthood, ($363,000,000) taxpayer’s dollars every year. Planned Parenthood improperly received $80 Million in COVID-19 relief funds in the stimulus bill. 
    Nancy Pelosi wants to give Trillions of taxpayer’s dollars to fund abortion. 
    Joe Biden supports abortion. On February 25, 2020 in the South Carolina Democratic debate Joe Biden said: “I’ve worked like the Devil”, that is exactly what some politicians do in this country and around the world. They work like the Devil, promoting the culture of death. 
    Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer and Andrew Cuomo have done a Hell of a job, literally. 
    People must amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins. They must not offend our Lord any more, for He is already too much offended! — Our Blessed Mother Mary

  6. Why we can’t learn from our mistakes? Every other developed country did better than US in managing Covid because they had national strategy and plan. We had every state doing its own thing and fighting against each other for PPE. I agree school should re-open but can we get a plan? How many students per class? What’s the plan if a student tests positive, what about those teachers with pre existing conditions at high risk? You insist that schools must re open, you say CDCs plan is two strict but you don’t give none of your own? You say each district should make it’s own plan, what what money? Who is going to pay for smaller class size or to disinfect Classroom everyday?

  7. Outbreaks that could lead to permanent disability and/or death are not "little flare-ups," "embers" or "tiny flames." Must be nice to sit in a privileged, protected bubble with access to daily testing while the rest of America is expected to risk their lives so Trump's precious economy can be saved.

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