COVID-19 is ‘not as mild as people believe’: Epidemiologist

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding warns how serious the virus is amid a surge in cases in states across the U.S.


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  1. Umm.. this guy is a nutritionist, not a medical doctor let alone an epidemiologist. His advice and opinion is irrelevant when it comes to viruses. He first claimed to be supported by Harvard until they told him to knock it off. Now he does not claim any affiliation with Harvard. He ran a failed congressional run…and then made up his credentials on epidemiology. So….. He's kind of crazy.

  2. GUYS !! WAKE UP!!! HE is actually right ( and I usually hate trump) THE TESTS are highly sensitive, meaning 90% of the tests are wrong positives, meaning it shows that the person has traces of the virus in them but are not necessarily active and thus NOT CONTAGIOUS! There's only 10% of those that we should be worried about and 10% is NOT A PANDEMIC!!! DO A BIT OF RESEARCH and ASK QUESTIONS! Cases of asymptomatic people is NOT DANGEROUS!!!!!!!! is just sensationalism and scarcity spreading!

  3. Ok, just in, update!!! here it is just so you know the facts, The current U.S. population is 331 million people. The current COVID-19 death toll is 130 thousand. Take 130,000 and divide it by 331,000,000 equals .00039 percent that’s point zero zero zero three nine percent of possible COVID-19 related deaths in the United States. Where is the pandemic?

  4. I’m surprised there is not more interest in the mounting research coming out demonstrating low levels of vitamin D are highly correlated to more severe symptoms and death of COVID-19. To understand exactly how vitamin D modifies the immune system to create protection against COVID-19 symptoms I suggest the following video.

  5. im 36 and scrawny. I am healthy. What would happen if I snorted a 1/4 GRAM line of pure COVID 19 viral particles followed by 1/8 gram of pure H1N1 flu particles, followed by a 1/8 gram of pure Rhinovirus particles?

  6. A virus is a solvent and can only be created cell'ualy inside Ya body, in response to the build up of toxisity from toxic intake thru daily life, environmental toxins,
    A flu is viral detoxification or a cleansing,
    A cold is mostly bacterial,

    A virus doesnt attack cell tissue its a solvent that breaks down the toxic resedue in a cell that creates a toxic waste n makes Ya feel poorly when Ya have a viral infection, the more toxisity in the cell the worse Ya will feel as the virus breaks down the waste, too much waste can lead to cell damage even cell death in extreme curcumstances,
    A virus is specific to specific cells in the body,
    A virus can not be transmitted between different cells in the body,
    A virus can not be transmitted between different people,
    A virus can not leap between different species,

    A bacterial or fungul infection can be transmitted between people to make certain people in close proximity sick at the same time, as these are both living things,
    A virus is not a living thing (no necleus) its a non living dead protein structures that cant reproduce,
    Human's body clock's work at similar times n can under go cleansing n detoxification at the same time .. although not everybody gets this if Your diet etc is good n Ya being healthy or if Ya body has recently undergone its detoxification,
    Humans have a connection between each others imune system hence senseing if a partner would produce geneticaly sound offspring with them, for best chance of survival, this can be done through scent,

    Any claim that a virus causes a desease … needs proof

    1. Is there an electron micrograph of the pure and fully characterised virus?

    2. What is the name of the primary specialist peer reviewed paper were the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described?

    3. What is the name of the primary publication that provides proof that a particular virus is the sole cause of a particular desease?

    Coronavirus vaccine patent numbers

    The only way to catch a virus is to have it injected .. in infected animal tissue in a petree dish incubated n sterilized then mixed with harmful chemicals for a vaccine,

    Sars cov2 has never been purified and visualised .. Cvd19 test only for genetic sequence of rna, testing antibodys .. proteins that rebuild dna after infection, we all have inside us ..
    Giving an 80percent chance of a false positive result,
    No sars cov2 virus has ever been isolated!
    Must always be compared to the gold standard to be valid ..
    Take ill person with pandemic pneumonia … lung fluid sample n purify out a virus partical that we could identify .. extract the genetic material direct from the virus partical to find out where it came from n would be different then anything before n when theres a pure sample of only these particals can there be a gold standard! Controlled test to estimate error rate …
    Control group of both ill people And healthy people with negative pcr tests .. for guidance..

    False positive causes….

    Pushing extra cycles to amplify results dureing pcr test … amplifying the chance of contamination which would be amplified into the result!

    Exosomes … naturaly occur in our body ..leave a cell to find a target cell ..thought to be for cell communication between different parts of the body but have many different functions!

    Identical match between exosomes n new sars cov2 micrograph so notheing new ..
    Diamater inside cell .. 500 nm
    Diamater outside cell ..100nm
    Receptor .. ace 2
    Contains .. rna
    Found in .. bronchoalveolar (lung fluid)

    What induces exosomes…
    Toxic substances
    Stress n Fear
    Ionizing radiation
    Immune response
    Deseases (unspecific)
    Electromagnetic radiation 5g

    Respiratory illness is caused by an insult toxic or otherwise which cause production of exosomes,
    Poison, Stress, Infection (flu/ pneumonia), electromagnetic radiation..
    Express exosomes when healthy or sick (increased)
    Pcr test can detect both
    Rt – pcr actually tests for host rna for exosomes

    Dr Andrew Kaufman's theory,

    Cvd19 is actually exosomes
    The result NOT THE CAUSE of the illness

    Function … exosomes help remove toxins,

    Sars cov2 has been shown in human cells from cancer patient n also monkey kidney cells mixed with toxic antibiotics, both which would normaly exhibit high level of exosomes,

    People are being tested for coronavirus not a certain strain like sars cov2/cvd19, coronavirus is old news n not deadly…. there are no credible statistics of cvd19 reported as there are multiple different illness's grouped as cvd19 without any reliable test!
    Nobody has died FROM cvd19 (label) they've died WITH cvd19 (label),
    There are (coronavirus) flu & cold related respiratory illness's that can have serious health effects to some people,
    Most people around the world sick or healthy will have some ammount of covi-dna in there system!

    Phage's or viruses of single cell organisms, eg. amiba, algi or bacteria have been isolated properly n chemicaly chatarised n photographed, (bacterial phage… wid geometric shape .. head n tail)

    Koch's postulants…1884,
    1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organism's suffering from the desease but should not be found in healthy organism's,
    2. The microorganism must be isolated from a deseased organism and grown in pure culture,
    3. The cultured microorganism should cause desease when introduced into a healthy organism,
    4. The microorganism must be re-isolated from the inoculated, deseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent,

    All claims that a sars cvd virus has been isolated are fraudelent as don't adhere to koch's postulant's … no isolating pure virus particles from a host (patient) then (after makeing sure new patient is virus free) effecting the new patient with pure isolated virus particles to see if they cause or don t cause the desease (effect) .. that's actual science, proveing causeation!
    The fraudelent method is to use monkey kidney .. or other cells n cultivate in petree dish after mixing in other foreign matter n exosomes, not useing pure virus on healthy patient to prove cause, then testing for exosomes n rna sequence, not at all scientific (cause n effect), totally misleading n fake …
    Then labeling people like the nazi's did the jews n restricting movement, quarantine … we all know what was next … forced vaccinations n more 5g radiation active denial system weaponry against the population!

    How a rumour starts …
    Kim's paper introduction
    "Following the first outbreaks of unexplained pnuemonia in Wuhan China in late 2019, a new coronavirus was identified as the causative agent in Jan 2020"
    The kim paper like the others conclude ONLY a possible association detected in the testing and were not dealing with any cause n effect (actual science)

  7. This damn virus looks like it manmade. Why the hell the government don't come out and tell the people the truth. Everyone who got this virus or had their family die from it should SUE evetyone who knew about this and did not say or do anything to help contained it.

  8. People have to understand this is not mild at all. First of all it doesn’t have a vaccine and secondly it’s spreading like wildfire.
    It has effected my life very badly because I am a divorcee with kids and my ex husband is just trying to control my life in the name of this virus.

    So if I meet my boyfriend because he works during the week, My ex husband can very well take my kids custody because this means I expose my kids to a potential virus career.

    And just like that there are a lot of things people have been going through all along Covid times financially and emotionally.

    So please understand and be responsible towards yourself and your community to stop the Spread of this virus.

  9. Not anecdotal. Just underreported. People of color : greater number effected with comorbidities (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer) lack of health insurance or underinsured, low vitamin D, poor medical access, poor access to healthy foods and poor housing. All of these preexisting longstanding variables compound the issue of susceptibility to covid19.

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