‘I can’t predict when a vaccine will be available’: Dr. Stephen Hahn | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn on ‘This Week.”

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48 thoughts on “‘I can’t predict when a vaccine will be available’: Dr. Stephen Hahn | ABC News

  1. I tuned in for the last 10 minutes of This Week. It was simply 10 minutes of commercials. ABC is normally 4 to 5 minutes of ads, half of them seem to be for Disney. What a joke. Surprise that they are the number 3 network or is that number 4?

  2. Many of the former French colonies in Africa still maintain economic and cultural ties with France. Quite a few have modeled their national health care systems on the one used in France (which is truly world class). The nation of Senegal, a former French colony, has provided itself as an example of stellar results in successfully combating the virus (key metrics include a low Case Count per 100,000 and low Death Count per 100,000).
    Back in Feb & March 2020 when Dr. Didier Raoult (MD/Phd) of France published his breakthrough 3-part cocktail treatment (hydroxychloroquine + zinc supplement + Z-Pak), the national health officials of Senegal adopted this treatment as its "National Health Care Standard" for covid-19. This meant that its clinics used it comprehensively with an early-stage strategy. This treatment, to be most effective, is to be started at the earliest noticeable point of fever, sore throat, aches and cough (often the 1st evidence of a covid-19 infection). The cocktail treatment soon became controversial. The worldwide mainstream media and a series of studies completely ignored the crucial time-line aspects of the treatment, a serious lapse. Some bogus studies ignored the zinc part of the cocktail.
    Since the French treatment protocol, properly dosed, (despite MSM claims), is incredibly safe if heart patients are screened out, there is no reason NOT to initiate treatment for most early-stage patients. This prompt movement into the protocol, using proper dosing under a physician's care, proved highly effective. This is what was used in Senegal. In fact, it led to a high pct. of virus elimination in 5 to 8 days (i.e. before it became overwhelming to the body). For anyone prescribed the protocol, patients who start early on the time-line can see symptoms disappear as early as the 3rd day, typically becoming virus free by day 7 or 8. It costs $27.00-$39.00 and is administered orally. No injections.
    A secondary but important benefit of an EARLY STAGE treatment protocol is that it results in a very low rate of admission to hospital ICUs and other clinical emergency facilities. Thus, it greatly reduces the load on the local health care facilitates. It obviously also reduces doctor fatigue, the need for intubation, and the need of a large number of ventilators.
    Thus, using this as their National Treatment Standard, the Senegalese medical doctors were able to manage the covid-19 problem quite ably. They demonstrated an exceptionally high cure rate when factoring in the significance of co-morbidity factors to the statistics and low death rate. You don't even really need a vaccine if you have a treatment protocol that works this good.
    Ironically, some might say tragically, even though the early-stage protocol was developed by a French doctor, the elite medical establishment in France did not make it the National Standard of Treatment. As a result many thousands of people died needlessly, not to mention even more who suffered horribly in the ICU, laid low by the "cytokine storm" which comes later on the time line. To throw gasoline on the flames, the French main stream media attacked Dr. Raoult and lampooned the treatment as though it were some type of fraud. He did not take it lying down & defended his protocol, launching a 1,000-patient observational study that plainly demonstrated the best results of any treatment yet offered up in the world. This led to more reprisals by the French press & certain TV personalities. He did not cave in to this and began an even larger 2,000-patient observational study that reinforced & solidified the results of the 1st study. This weight of evidence changed a lot of minds in France, even among the politicians & the medical bureaucracy. Once the French people realized they were being denied the treatment, a surge of public outrage occurred.
    So, while France was wrangling over the issues common to nationalized health care, the nation of Senegal, with a much lower national budget than France, was able to outperform not only France, but all the leading nation's of Europe. Senegal, using an intelligent well-supported medical protocol that the doctors knew would work, avoided the political fray, and for the good of their people provided a sensible national healthcare response to the covid-19 virus. By simply conforming to the dictates of science, and science alone, they achieved a stellar result. Their national political leadership is to be highly commended. By wisely keeping politics & media bias out of the equation, the government showed that you don't have to be a rich and powerful nation to make good governmental decisions. They allowed their doctors to be doctors, and did not restrain them from treating each patient to the best of their ability. By avoiding extraneous intrusions into what should always be a scientific process, the doctors of Senegal were able to provide the best course of action for their patients. The fact that were supported by the good decisions at their top governmental levels is in stark contrast to what happened in Europe. The exceptionally good national result of Senegal, I might add, is to be envied by the United States as well. It STILL finds itself befuddled and stymied by its own nervous medical community, its FDA, CDC, NIH, etc. Such a bungled national response has certainly called into question the leadership qualities of the medical elite there and stung the pride of a nation prone to bragging about being the best.

  3. Damn it, the first questions was a Yes or No question!! Answer the damn question!!!!! Geez!!!!! Why even talk to the FDAC? He's not a fucking epidemiologist or a virologist! If I was the reporter I would have NOT gone any further and would have pushed for a Y or N on that. As for what else he said, gee, old news. Remdesivir only helps to shorten the recovery time for those who will be able to recover. Once you are too far gone it is a useless waste of your money. That is when steroids may help you a lot. Steroids combat the cytokine storm and may keep you from drowning in your own fluids. Both have been proven. Blood plasma that contains antibodies in definitely a must use!

  4. This guy knows what he’s saying but you’re all trained to close your ears when someone who isn’t a devil talks guys the vaccine will have the most dangerous thing in it we are all getting through this don’t listen to msm

  5. Trump's comment was a bit crass but here are some stats from the CDC:
    *7% of total US deaths (as per the CDC) are persons who did not have underlying conditions.
    *Greater than 80% of total deaths are persons over 65 years old
    Source: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#Comorbidities

    COVID is not "harmless." Of course, there are adverse symptoms that people experience. However, likelihood of death is extremely low if you are under 65 years old with no underlying conditions.

  6. Dr. Hahn is a radiation oncologist with no expertise on the coronavirus. He capitulated on the hydroxychloroquine issue and refused to contradict Trump's dismissal of the dangers of the virus.

  7. How many people are infected? OH boy lets see… wasn't it suggested 24 million in the US just the other day? That would make what, 120,000 Deaths out of 24,000,000 total estimated cases? Somebody check my math that's a .005 death rate you media idiots. You're right though, President Trump lied, its not 99% harmless. It's 99.5% harmless. Rather than report the truth the media wants to scare you. Wake up people.


  8. This is the kind of spineless expert that Disinfectant Trumpet surrounds himself with, this guy looks literally petrified over every word.

    Stephen Hahns doesn't need to answer with his mouth, his eyes rapidly blinking when asked if Trump is lying over the 99% and particularly whether a vaccine would be ready "well before the end of this year" says it all.

    Eyes are our windows to our souls.

  9. English is my second language. I am very surprise someone who are very well educated in front of national television can not answer a straightforward question. Sadly. Just a waste of time in giving air time. Perhaps this is my humble opinion and understanding.

  10. You can do nothing to prevent death we was born to die what you media need to tell people don't live the rest of your life in fear i know everyone knows someone who have died and one all of us living will die so start telling people they should not live in fear death was here before the virus there is no cure for death that's the real truth cut and dry

  11. You ask a doctor who’s income is derived from treating illnesses if a cold isn’t serious? Are you serious? As far as he’s concerned, a paper cut can turn into gangrene! ( -ask a stupid question…)

  12. Nick Cordero~Wow he died with money to eat and extra to pay rent and if he lived it would have been a miracle, he was hansom also I would have seen him and wanted to eat what a person wishes for on death row but ok let's live with a purpose to battle lifes illnesses and people who want to change the world but are stuck wondering how it all works.. The purpose of life loneliness seems to work on us well…poverty helps…Elitism brings us to our knees…and the final blow to the nose biases we cant control…When they said covid19 I knew it would do the job because all my life I had loneliness which they call being crazy and I tell people and they think it's not real….ubiquitous

  13. Don’t let this virus distract you!! Keep being healthy, exercising and getting your vitamin D you don’t have to be around anyone. Stay safe everyone ( btw don’t be so quick to trust every word you hear in the news )

  14. I know! I know! The vaccine will be available: NEVER! Researchers have been trying to make a vaccine for many years. And the convalescent plasma does not appear to work (started 3 months ago). Otherwise, it would have in the news already, but I hear crickets….

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