‘We all have unconscious biases, admitted or not’: Gen. David Berger | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews U.S. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David H. Berger on “This Week.”

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40 thoughts on “‘We all have unconscious biases, admitted or not’: Gen. David Berger | ABC News

  1. Whats going to happen now is that more women-likely white-will raise to the top in the upper ranks of the military-and thats a really good thing- but then black likely male leaders will not. Thats my greatest concern that not all minority groups will now get the same access.

  2. The only equity is in value. Equality, which sounds close to equity, boys and girls, is a completely different animal. Equality can only be achieved on a scale of ability. If you leave out skin color from your conversations, leave out divisions using skin color as the categories, you are racist. Make a real difference and talk about ability and qualifications. You will not ever have a competitive nation is you coddle the weak and assassinate the strong. It's sad if you don't reach the peak of the goal you set out for, and that's okay to be sad. It has no place no way in the business world. Sad is for your alone time. What good does an apology do if it's forced? None. Wasted time. Stop wasting time with irrelevant considerations. You don't have to try to listen. You listen when there is something useful being said.

  3. No Confederate flags flying in America ever again! We don't have to lose the history of America these flags can be inside museums where everyone can learn the history the painful history of the Confederate flag just like I can go into a museum and see Nazi Flags Nazi uniforms metals these things belong only in museums.

  4. Unfortunately the military is not above being roped in to the political sphere. They are ultimately a tool of a nations will. This is not recent phenomenon even though the media plays on people’s short term memory and apathy. General are political people. I’ve met General Berger and worked under him. He is very smart, down to earth, and a fantastic Commandant! I’m not sure I agree with the statement that “paying more attention” will somehow overcome unconscious bias or even make one aware of it. This thinking is starting to usher in some very poorly thought out policies that will have unintended consequences.

  5. On June 27, 2020, the NYT disclosed that Vladimir Putin had bounties on the heads of US troops in Afghanistan. The story was confirmed by news organizations around the globe citing US and allied intelligence sources.

    Only days later, in this interview, Martha Raddatz sat with General Berger and failed to ask him about that issue. Martha touts her military connections whenever she has a chance, but she fails to hold them to the fire. It's one thing for the President to sit idly by as Americans are being killed, but what did the Generals know and what did they do? It is inconceivable that the intelligence community knew of this for months and the Generals did not know. So, what did they do? Did General Berger abdicate his responsibility as the President did?

    To date, Putin has not been called out or punished for putting bounties on the heads of US troops. Why? And, why is ABC News and Martha Raddatz complicit in the coverup?

  6. NYC? Harlem, 5th Ave, German Town, Chinatown, Little Italy, New Amsterdam, Jamaica in Queens, Inwood, Washington Heights, Little India, Little Ireland etc. people segregate themselves, get real.

  7. I grew up in an inter racial family. A mixed comunity. I am in Canada, proud to be. I have not grown up with visable racism. And still do not understand it.
    The first time I seen it was in the United States. All lives matter no matter your appearence.

  8. The mainsteam media and politics in general, appears to have a unconscious racist bias against people who know that violent acts such as those in war$ and pandemics, NEVER produce afterlives, and, i've received death threats from stockholm syndrome affected sociopathic narcissists who evade debates and would rather i go missing in night, wearing a ill-fitting pair of cement shoes, while they'd laugh about it as they tell me to try to walk on water in such a manner. Come on ABC News, be the first in mainstream media to say the word atheism, and stop racistly treating it like atheism is a swear word not to be heard. A pencil is mightier than the sword, am i shadowbanned here too? #GrapheneNanotech
    #TheDigitalLIfeguardProject-_- <—CAN prevent many drownings, perhaps coming soon to a waterfront, a watercraft, and even helicopters etc near you, because nobody ever walked on water outside of the mythology hollywood-based realm.

    Ask yourself this: How is you're unconscious biases treating you including everyone else around you too?

  9. If you really want to get rid of complicit bias then get rid of ASVAB, it's not like they're letting in the best of the best they just letting in white people. [ think about it like this why is it Everytime You CA military recruitment add you only see white people in it I've got to see an Asian]

  10. Tell us something we don’t know. America’s biggest problem isn’t cognitive bias but hate, intolerance and division inflamed by political leaders and conspiracy outlets passing themselves off as news organizations. Fox News is a prime example along with many of the cable news networks.

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