After Floyd, Arbery deaths, Atlanta reckons with another: Rayshard Brooks

Brooks was killed by police responding to a call about a man asleep in his car in a Wendy’s drive-thru. “They just broke my family,” said his wife, Tomika Miller. “No justice will ever get that back.”


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  1. "you can't meet non-lethal force with lethal force". If you incapacitate someone with a tazer, you can do anything you want to them, including stomping on their head and taking their weapon.

  2. How about some truth: It was his daughter's birthday. He had passed out behind the wheel in the drive-thru. He was SO wasted, it took several attempts to wake him up first by Wendy's staff, then by officers. When he was speaking with officers, he was so out of it he didn't know where he was. Even though it was his daughter's birthday and he was THAT wasted, he was grabbing food for his GIRLFRIEND who was with his sister at a nearby hotel. Where that hotel was seemed a mystery to Brooks. This news item portrayed him to be some model husband and father. I guess the settlement might be bigger if the loss seems more impactful.
    You all might be wondering how I knew all of that. It came right from Brooks own mouth. Search for the full body cam footage on here. It shows both officers body cams, the cruiser dashcam and the Wendy's surveillance video.

  3. Brooks could have used the stun gun on the officer and then take their service weapon. I would have used the gun also in that exact moment if I was the officer. I can't chase after him in the dark, I wouldn't been able to see him.

  4. So, Its ok for african american suspects to disarm officers and flee without punishment? In no way form or fashion was this incident racially motivated. Stop breaking the law and the encounters with police will go away. If a white guy did this, there would be the same outcome. Brooks died because of his own stupidity

  5. Okay. So. I am sad . This really has nothing to do with racisim. They were so calm and patient with him. He tried to fight them off and get away, and I think he thru something at them?, tho he got killed by white men, this is nothing like Arbery or Floyd's death, these men were so calm with Rayshard Brooks, I really dont know what to say. Im so so so sorry he died and im sorry for his family, but seriously, he did try ti fight them off and hte police ahd no chance put to hold him down.

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  7. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud arbery, Hakeem littleton—all of these people were violent criminals (Floyd a multiple time felon) who did nothing but damage their communities but because they were killed by white people in situations THAT THEY CAUSED DUE TO THEIR IGNORANCE we hail them as angelic, perfect saints.

    Jessica Whitaker, Veronica baker, Vanessa Guillen, David Dorn and Cannon Hinnant are all actual innocent people (Dorn and Guillen were serving our country in one way or another) who were just living their lives not bothering anyone and were killed by despicable human beings for no damn reason at all and the media completely ignores all of them because "they don't fit the narrative".

    Our world is truly upside down and I'm afraid for what lies ahead if this is where we're going.

  8. Maybe you shoulda told your husband if you get smashed and pass out in a drive thru parking lot, you might have to sleep it off in jail.

    1.08 is not slightly over the limit

    You are fubar, faded, krunk, blitzed, smelted, your blood is a brewery at that point and your fermented

  9. I just wish people actually believed in due process. Like, Arbury deserved to be taken alive and face jail time. The police could have deescalated, and they didn't have to kill him. He did not have a lethal weapon and they were in the middle of a Wendys.

    The police also deserve due process. They should be put on leave until a full investigation can be made. I still think we need a special cop jail so that juries wont feel so bad giving prison time to police officers .

  10. Not sure where Mr. Buckmire went to law school, but he is woefully wrong in stating, "You cannot, you or I, or even officer's, meet ordinary force, or non-lethal force with deadly force…that's illegal." The instrument of force used doesn't have to be considered "deadly"…it need only be capable, when used against a person, of inflicting serious bodily harm. Georgia Code 17-4-20, as stated in the APD's SOP manual:

    ADP.SOP.3010 Sect. 10.01.6 Deadly Force

    A. Use of Deadly Force/Firearms Discharge, Generally

    2. A member may use deadly force to apprehend a suspected felon only when the

    member reasonably believes that the suspect possesses a deadly weapon or

    any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person,

    is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily harm when the member

    reasonably believes that the suspect poses an immediate threat of physical

    violence to the member or others; or when there is probable cause to believe that

    the suspect has committed a crime involving the infliction or threatened infliction

    of serious physical harm. (O.C.G.A. § 17-4-20).

    In addition, in Eberhart v. The State (GA appellate case decided 10/31/2019), the former police officer argued "that proof of intense

    physical pain is not enough, standing alone, to support a jury finding of serious bodily injury as required for the aggravated assault

    predicate for his felony murder conviction because the predicate for the felony murder conviction is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon." The appellate court affirmed the felony murder conviction and stated, "the State presented expert medical testimony that the repeated

    tasing of Towns proximately caused not merely the infliction of intense physical pain, but also death."

    These talking heads need to seriously stop with the b.s. that a taser is not only incapable of causing serious bodily harm, but capable of causing death with used in an abusive manner.

  11. Yes yes, let that "good" black man run away with the taser, what can go wrong??? Apparently since the cops arent dead, theres no threats so let him run free with the taser, see what would happen

  12. Ok she is crying about her husband's death yet she HAD ENOUGH TIME 2 PUT GLITTER ON HER CHEST BEFORE THE INTERVIEW????? I would think glitter would be my LAST CONCERN if I was MOURNING over my husband's death!!!!???!!! Was he NOT ON PROBATION for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/Abuse + another charge which is why he was SO AGGRESSIVE in order not to be arrested again as he knew he would be LOCKED UP??!!?? And his widow is crying over his death – wasn't she the one who suffered the DOMESTIC ABUSE?????!!!???? And why is his FAMILY NOT RECOGNIZING that he OBVIOUSLY OPERATED A MOTOR VEHICLE WHILE INTOXICATED which he OBVIOUSLY had no clue how ended up past out in the DRIVE THRU THEN PULLED INTO A PARKING SPOT AFTER BEING WOKEN UP "TWO TIMES" IN ORDER 2 GET HIM OUT OF THE WAY OF OTHER CUSTOMERS WHICH STARTED W/ A 911 CALL FROM THE WENDY'S EMPLOYEE WHO WAS TOLD ABOUT HIM FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS IN WHICH "SHE EVEN WENT OUT & TRIED 2 WAKE HIM UP" WHICH WHAT SHE TOLD THE 911 OPERATOR!!! Once the officer woke him up 2 move his car – he then pulled over the curb!!! PEOPLE LOOK CLOSELY AT VIDEO & SEE THE CAR STILL SITTING ON THE CURB!!!! He wouldn't be fighting the PO-PO if he wanted 2 still be alive!!! That is case point & proven in the video of him fighting the officers like they r ragdolls & stealing a TASER & PUNCHING an officer then running from the officers & then trying 2 shoot the TASER at the officer – all for what??? To avoid an arrest that would lock him up due to being on PROBATION 4 two charges already???!!!??? If he was locked up & didn't fight THEN HE WOULD BE SITTING IN JAIL RIGHT NOW ALIVE!!!! Just think about that one??!!?? There is no need 2 RESIST WHEN U KNOW U R GUILTY OF A CRIME!!!! WHY WAS HE ON PROBATION??? CUZ HE COMMITTED A CRIME OR TWO!!!! Just do ur time & be ALIVE instead of fighting only 2 get killed & then have ur FAMILY PLAY ON EVERYONE'S HEART STRINGS FOR SYMPATHY & GET PAID!!!! GTFO – better 2 be in prison & serve ur time for ur CRIMES & ACTION & BE ALIVE for ur daughters then make the choice 2 FIGHT then die & have the family claim "VICTIM"!!!! Should have thought about ur daughters & wife when HE CHOOSE 2 FIGHT that ultimately go him killed!!! Think about that one for a minute???!!!?? His family wants 2 play the race card, get sympathy, & get $$$$$ by playing on people's emotions thru social media!!! WHERE WAS RAYSHARD'S INTENTIONS 2 TAKE CARE OF HIS LOVED ONES WHEN HE DECIDED 2 FIGHT BACK & BREAK THE LAW??????? Now we r suppose 2 feel sorry – when if I did the same I WOULD BE DEAD TOO!!!???!!! Regardless of race & I am bigger than RAYSHARD was – I would have NEVER flipped 2 cops around like RAGDOLLS – stole a TASER – punched a cop & ran away then attempt 2 use the TASER 2 CREATE A THREAT & HARM TO AN OFFICER!!! I would have simply OWNED UP TO MY CRIME & DID MY TIME – WHICH WOULD MEAN I AM ALIVE!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. Although he did not deserve to die what did he expect to happen after first drinking and driving, then resisting arrest, third grabbing the officers tazer and becoming armed. Yes I understand the police could have handled that better but he was running away and they can't just let him run and the officer that fired shots was the one farther back. How is he supposed to shoot a tazer that far. Plus the officers were very nice and responsible before he started resisting them and they warned him several times saying you're going to get tazed you're going to get tazed giving him time to stop resisting him and end up not being shot

  14. Just wanted to point out that the DA is charging the officers before the GBI is done with their investigation. Also the DA is under investigation by the GBI for corruption or something like that so…

  15. The first cop woke him up and was walking off gonna let him go but he fell bk asleep. Don’t drink 🍸 n drive or fight w cops what the hell ALL THIS WAS HIS OWN FAULT. he didn’t deserve to die but he was wrong not rolthe

  16. Wait, so since when is resisting arrest, trying to stun a police officer, runs away from police officer. When can now officers open fire? He ran and he resisted arrest. He tried attacking police officers. He didnt deserve to die, but at some point when are police officers allowed to use fire? This was not like Goerge Floyd. This guy deserved what came. If's ur supidity if u drink and run. Idk how can people even defend this guy.

  17. As much as I’m against the actions of many US cops at this time, the cops here did nothing wrong. He has a taser gun, pointed and fired it at them, and began running away, while still pointing it at the officers. They were 100% in the right to defend themselves.

    And it wasn’t even the Wendy’s fault! Even if this was a completely unjustified case, what did the Wendy’s do? Obviously, if someone was passed out/asleep in a drive thru, they don’t know who that person is, or what they’re doing. Of course they’re gonna call the cops.

  18. The nerve of his family and people who stand up for him and act like he did nothing wrong. If he kept driving he could have killed innocent people! Being black shouldn’t give people a free ride for crime and to turn it around into a race thing. Period.

  19. He pulled his taser then dropped the taser pulled his service revolver shot and killed this man in cold blood…1st degree murder period!!

  20. This was a much more complicated case than Floyd’s case: I mean the cop did NOT have to shoot him with a real gun, but he did TOOK the cop’s gun(just happened to be the taser gun) and try to USE it on the cop. Floyd did not have any weapon

  21. O let me see officer gets tazed loses firearm while he's down to the criminal. That's really going to end well isn't it. The moron is dead because of his own stupid conduct. Get it.

  22. I can understand when many people stop accepting to work for the police or police officers scared to do their jobs just because of these kind of videos. It's the guys fault , he knew he'd probably get shot if he ran away and especially that he stole the stung gun he must definately know that there's a high chance of a bullet there after all the officer tried to used his stung gun on him but did nothing. We should stop villanizing the police. This makes their job har. If you look at this video, the police officers were being bullied but didn't do nothing about it most likely because the men were black and the police officers were scared to be taken as the bad guys for anything.

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