Supreme Court makes historic ruling on LGBT employment discrimination

The court issued its opinion on Bostock v Clayton County.

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34 thoughts on “Supreme Court makes historic ruling on LGBT employment discrimination

  1. It's not a "historic ruling", it's a monumental blunder.

    The phrase "discrimination based on sex" has always been distinct from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Meanings have precedence. Unless you are the Supreme Court and utterly corrupt, you cannot apply twisted logic to a phrase and then force everybody in the country to accept your new definition. Language requires understanding between the writer and the reader. Words mean what they are intended to mean and what they are understood to mean. Meanings are not formed from TWISTED LOGIC. Meanings come from USAGE.

  2. LGBT professionals face a number of different struggles and experiences in the workplace. Its important the allies work together to build an environment where everyone feels included. Join myGwork to connect with other professionals and work towards workplace equality!

  3. It's crazy how conservatives don't see the irony of the fact that they hate middle eastern countries for forcing Islam onto their citizens, when they want to do the same exact thing to america. I can't believe these kinds of things are still even legal arguments.

  4. It is just common sense not to discriminante against people just because of their sexual prefrence

  5. I have an honest question: If a film producer is filming a western that requires an actor that is very macho looking, is he allowed to deny employment to a gay man who is effeminate and cannot conceal this while acting?

  6. In plain English, to "discriminate" means to distinguish, single out, or make a distinction. … But in the context of civil rights law, unlawful discrimination refers to unfair or unequal treatment of an individual (or group) based on certain characteristics, including: Age. Disability. The word covers sexes all Races Black White yellow ect. This is a start. however it will take time to see it happen. The court will fill up with cases for anything. True or false. America is not awake to the truth yet.

  7. This country has lost its mind. We're done. The whole country will become "CHOP". This will affect employers who find out that their employees are LGBTQRZX…. and need to let them go bc the position requires people of integrity. The employer will be forced to keep the unqualified employee. This is insane. But this is what happens when countries abandon God's law.

  8. USA is turning away from God. We are doing everything the bible forbids. All because someone wants there freedom to be openly gay in public smh

    God save us . we are better than this

  9. Interesting how the Supreme Court can create new laws. They managed to put the word "sex" on an operation table, open it up and sew into it

    "gender identity," thus creating a Frankenlaw. In other words, the court redefined its interpretation of “sex” under Title VII to encompass

    both sexual orientation and gender identity. Will the lower courts now use the new definition of "sex" in Title IX discrimination cases? Now,

    transgender athletes can argue they have the right to compete against athletes of a different biological sex. Imagine a transgender female

    (biological male) can now bring a discrimination suit if he is prevented from competing in biological women's sports. HaHaHaHa. Burn it all


  10. The 2nd Amendment didn’t apply to today’s weaponry when written. You can fire all the gays when making any weapon fashioned after 1776 illegal. It’s a fair trade.

  11. Hey, you rightwingers: here's your literal original interpretation of a law and from a Justice considered very conservative. Except this ruling protects the human and Constitutional rights of those you hate and oppress. Now- live with it!!!

  12. To each there own. I can care less what preferences people have. As long as everyone is a good person and good hard working citizen then should anything else matter???

  13. Gender equality is really important we are already in 21st century we live in this world with diversity. LGBT RIGHTS IS HUMAN RIGHTS. ❤️💜💚💙🧡💛

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  15. To this day in some parts of the US you're not allowed to be an organ donor if you're gay. Why? If it's because STDs then does this mean that straight people's organs are not getting tested properly prior to transplantation and medical staff have to rely on the sexual orientation of the donor? If the donors and their organs are getting tested properly anyhow then why can't the gays get tested the same way in order to have a bigger pool of organs being available in the country when they're needed? And how do you test people for their sexual orientation anyway? By asking them with one of their hands on the bible? Look up metal drummer Sean Reinert who just died and couldn't donate any of his organs. Some bronze-age law IMHO that's still floating around.

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