George Floyd memorial follows calls to defund police as protests enter third week | Nightline

Thousands came to Floyd’s hometown of Houston to pay respects. “Nightline” speaks to Rep. Ilhan Omar, who represents Minneapolis, where the city council has voted to dismantle its police department.



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44 thoughts on “George Floyd memorial follows calls to defund police as protests enter third week | Nightline

  1. Paying respects to George Floyd?? How disgusting!!! Wow!! Instead of celebrating the MURDER of David Dorn, A HERO, you morons are celebrating a lifetime criminal who pistol whipped a pregnant woman, led a life of crime, and who had lethal doses of meth and fentanyl in his system as he drove illegally to the store, and who would have driven away illegally possibly KILLING INNOCENT, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS INCLUDING CHILDREN!! What is wrong with you people?? We used to honor hero’s in this Country; but due to hatred of President Trump, Democrats and their followers ARE HONORING CRIMINALS WHO’S BEHAVIOR HURTS THRIR FAMILIES, THEIR FRIENDS, AND THE INNOCENT PEOPLE IN THEIR COMMUNITIES!!! Democrats, BLM, and Antifa have harmed and MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE INCLUDING CHILDREN in the name of justice. You have to be mentally ill to support these lawless people who harm and terrorize innocent people!!

  2. America are you on drugs ?This miserable POS doesn't have your best interest .This thing loyalty is towards its religion nothing else .Just recall 9/11comments ,Anti semite,Kashmir issue ,voting against Armenian genocide .Do you even get it america ?

  3. As usual the like to dislike ratio says it all. I say let the city's vote If they want to dismantle their police. NF the majority votes yes… Welcome To the 1st annual purge. Give them what they want. It's the only way they will learn and the ones who know better their political leaders will be to blame

  4. And yet no one talked about Timothy Coffman. Who got killed in the exact same way George Floyd did. Except he was black, and the cop was white. Why didn’t we have any protests for him?

  5. I know a lady from El Salvador that has a business and she pays a gang member for protection because the cops there are scared of gang members and will not interfere with their actions. This is what will happen in their cities when they defund the police. NOT GOOD

  6. There is evil in this world and there always will be. It takes police, and lots of them, to stem the tide of this evil. There is not an officer out there who doesn't wish they could completely stomp out child molestation, kidnapping, rapes, robbery, assaults etc., etc.!!! Just like ANY other job in America they weed out the bad as they emerge. Law enforcement agencies in America try harder to hire only the best than any other entity in the country. Before being hired as a LEO you are thoroughly researched. They talk to friends neighbors and coworkers going back 10 or more years. They go over school transcripts and talk to teachers. They do a criminal and driving history search. You undergo a phycological exam, a battery of written tests, physical tests, drug tests and are raked over the coals in front of a review board. After that you attend a 5 to 6 month academy where you must absorb a curriculum nearly equal that of a two year degree. After that you are paired with training officers who scrutinize everything you do for up to a year. You can be fired without cause anytime during that year. Unfortunately, because NO system is perfect, sometimes a bad apple gets through. But don't you dare paint us all as racist or heavy handed!!!!!
    For 10 years, starting around 1994?, law enforcement officers nationwide were required to fill out a contact form for every enforcement contact they made. You had to record the date and time of the traffic stop or contact, the reason for the contact, the race and gender, whether or not a ticket, warning or arrest was made and whether or not a search was conducted. If you had to use force to effect an arrest you had another form to fill out. That form is still in use today. All of this information was then entered into a states database and then into a federal database. After 10 years of data collection the results were, drumroll please, NO SYSTEMATIC TARGETING OR SYSTEMIC RACIAL PROFILING WAS FOUND!!!!!!! If it had shown that minorities were being targeted you can bet your sweet ass the demonstrable democrappers would be shouting it from the mountaintops!!!!!! The democrappers are lying to us! And their ignorant stupidity is dangerous and reckless!!!! Make NO mistake, this is planned! They want to weaken law enforcement as much as possible, then at first chance they will disarm the American people! They will then be able to take control of the country. The US will become a one party country and freedom, as we know it, will be gone forever!!!!!!!!!

  7. FFs, the people are SO FUCKING DELULU like 'we dont want police'? Who's going to save you when someone breaks into you're house and kidnaps your precious child? The police won't if they know you don't want them. God, I hate people.

  8. Imagine there’s no police…
    it’s easy if you try…
    no first responders…
    no one to stop the crimes…
    Imagine all the people
    bleeding in the streets…

    You might say I’m a dreamer…
    But I’m not the only one…
    I hope one day you’ll join us
    So that Antichrist will come.

  9. It was 3rd degree murder that Floyd was a victim of. It was police brutality. They have been fired and criminally charged. Fact every year more people of color are killed by people of color more than a white racist police officer. BLM & Antifa are grabbing at little pixels and completely blowing things out of proportion. They refuse to look at the big picture. They want no more police in American cities. That's not going to make things better but worse.

  10. No matter how much these dictators and socialist democrats try to defund the police system there’s absolutely no way they can get rid of them cause they’re emergency responders who by constitutional law is un-defundable

  11. Law & Order personnel need spiritual training (Social Justice, Oneness of Mankind, Prejudice Elimination etc. etc.) “Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from.” ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

  12. If you defund the police, what happens with paedophiles and rapists and murders, how do you carry out forensic science? If you can prevent these crimes by having programmes then why havent you done so already? Are you saying you have knowledge of how to prevent those crimes, and if so you should have shared your knowledge worldwide and you could have saved lots of people from being the victim of heinous crimes

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