Emerald Garner: ‘If the police were not killing us, we would not have to protest’

Eric Garner’s daughter discusses the death of George Floyd and demonstrations across the country.

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27 thoughts on “Emerald Garner: ‘If the police were not killing us, we would not have to protest’

  1. Make a law that when a police kills an unarmed black man, his whole retirement goes to the family!!!!!.. better yet him and his captain 👩‍✈️’s retirement goes to the family…. somebody gonna think twice!!!!

  2. If everyone just do what the law ask them to do all those could've been avoided. So that's how it works first don't violate the law in the first place second follow the law just like any other human being because law been made for all humans in all colors do what you been asked to do by police third show your I'd in you been asked for respect your self and others and the law . because no one's is above the law as long as we call our self humans…

  3. The black lives matter protests are the only thing right now that are shining the spotlight and highlighting what trump and his terrorist gang have planned for ALL AMERICANS. 🙌🙌 I AM FOREVER INDEBT

  4. all I can say is pathetic. has anyone actually looked up the statistics for most killed/brutality by the police? it's not black people. the bad cop and bad man has had justice, why is this still going on. in what world or common sense does rioting or hurting others or things is ok. let the police step down an let them have what they want. when the time comes an something happens or any city falls into anarchy they will have no one to blame but themselves. NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD.

  5. They wouldn't kill you if you stopped breaking the law in the first place. Not one single black friend of mine feels threatened. Why? Because they work hard, provide for their families and stay out of trouble. However, I know some white dudes that are always watching their back for cops because they're always doing illegal crap. Wake up people. If two hooded white dudes are walking down your street late at night, you're gonna assume, they could be up to no good. You're not gonna say, oh they're white, they won't do anything.

  6. The problem is some police have been getting away with brutality against blacks. That's why the 4 police were so blatant because they know their actions will be covered up. In fact, initial report of death is due to pre-existing condition. If not for citizens and surveillances videos, the police would have gotten away again. Even with irrefutable evidence, only one of the four police was initially charged with third degree murder. Only after huge protest, it is upgraded to second degree and other three for aiding. 3 minutes of the video when George was limp should be enough to charge the police for first degree murder. Systemic police racism and black injustice is the problem.
    Most of the police are hostile to the protesters because they don't want change and are protecting their own.
    There is clearly problem with the system which US politicians are unable to fix after years of living with it maybe because of special interest. An impartial independent international commission should study the problems and make recommendations.

  7. Where will all these individuals when we had all the shootings in the Obama administration? Where are the black people stepping up to the gangsters who shoot up their neighborhoods? If you got balls enough to step to the police and stuff to those bloods and crips

  8. I would like to know what the pregnant woman (with gun pointed to her head) is feeling now that GF is not here anymore.
    I had that experience in the past and I still deal with it.

  9. All lives matter. I get George Floyd was black and the cops went too far. The cop had it out for George not because of race. They worked together at a club. George committed a crime. He was trying to buy something with a counterfeit $20 bill. Yes, he didn't deserve to die. Those cops were arrested and charge so everyone looting needs to stop. I don't think race is at play here. Committing crimes, stealing and causing mayhem is not the answer and you will have to suffer consquences. The military has every right to shoot these looters no matter what color their skin is. By the way there was an elderly white man in Buffalo who got assaulted by police and bled from his head. Police can be brutal to all races. Also, don't trust Andrew Cuomo, he is a liar and manipulative.

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