Federal Reserve chairman says economic recovery could take until end of 2021 l ABC News

Jerome Powell explained the latest on how the coronavirus has caused a downturn in the U.S. economy as he looks to a projected economic recovery.

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46 thoughts on “Federal Reserve chairman says economic recovery could take until end of 2021 l ABC News

  1. The Fed sets asset prices, not the market. Since 1980s, the Fed has lowered interest rates and since 2008 the Fed has done QE to reward the asset owner class by raising asset prices. These artificially low interest rates and QE have caused the year/generation you were born in to determine whether you are able to own a home and generate wealth . The older generations bought homes for 1-2 times median income and bought stocks at 8 times PE ratios in the 1980s because asset prices were low because Volker set interest rates high. Then these people road the Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and Powell puts and became rich as their homes and stock portfolios increased +10% a year. They became rich because they were simply born at the right time . But the asset non-owner underclass (millenials and poor boomers who didn't accumulate assets in 1980s) deal with housing at 8-10 times median income (because wages didn't increase since 1980s), a bubble stock market that only went up because of QE and low interest rates. It is a shame that 99% of people have no idea that monetary policy and not fiscal policy deserves most of the blame. Eventually the asset non-owner underclass will revolt by electing an MMT president, who will inflate away the asset bubbles and make housing affordable again (and cause a depression in the process). Please spread the word so people can understand this and we can have a change in monetary policy.

  2. Trump's legacy is one of death and economic collapse. It didn't have to be this bad if Trump would have led a quick, effective response and setup of testing/contact tracing instead of running his mouth. The "All Talk, No Action President"

  3. Love how the only businesses hurting from all of this are locally owned ones. The little guy. Walmart is still open, all those big name stores and food joints are open. What was the point in shutting down small locally owned places? They get less customers anyway. They make less money in the long run. But because they aren't Walmart, they have to close down because they only sell furniture or clothes and not food. There isn't even a mandatory mask policy on Walmart. So what is the difference between Walmart being open and a bookstore being open?


    When you pray for healing and voices of doubt about Jesus’ willingness to heal come to mind, dismiss them! Jesus wants to heal you!
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  5. The SHEEP on the left only believe what their masters tell them…that's why they follow them to the edge of the cliff and then go over…THINK FOR YOURSELF…RESEARCH and find out for yourself. don't listen to ANY leader until you check it out…I was a Dem. but I started to think for myself and with the help of the internet you CAN find the truth…..WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY….BUT RESEARCH !

  6. economic recovery for whom? As I see it this pandemic has only made the rich richer while a single parent that may owe child support can't even get help but still want their cut of my daughters money during this pandemic to bail out floating STD tankers. yup, those costly flyovers are doing wonders for me.

  7. President Trump will go down in history as one of the worst Presidents ever. His family name will forever be tarnished and people will have less respect for them more than ever. Wow. You love to see it!

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