Burnout, Stress: Nurses Share Toll Fighting Coronavirus Is Taking | NBC News NOW

The fight against Covid-19 is taking a toll on nurses, leading to physical and mental burnout. NBC News’ Isa Gutierrez spoke with nurses who shared how they are feeling.
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Burnout, Stress: Nurses Share Toll Fighting Coronavirus Is Taking | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


39 thoughts on “Burnout, Stress: Nurses Share Toll Fighting Coronavirus Is Taking | NBC News NOW

  1. After six years in critical care, and it being all I had ever known, I left it and went into an easy job where I will never have to watch anyone die again. One year and three months of Covid absolutely did me in. I watched hundreds of people die and as a result, I had nothing left to give.

  2. Sending prayers for all of the healthcare workers on the front lines. The vaccines are still not enough. Stay vigilant and protect your families, protect these workers also known as human angels. Wear a mask, keep your distance and only go out if you need too.

  3. Studying for my nclex right now. You can laugh or snub at my decision but I know I want to be a nurse. Thank all the nurses and nursing assistants out there who are fighting this impossible but possible war.

  4. $-Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr. Robert B Strecker a Medical Doctor with a PhD In Pharmacology who said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything”.

  5. I wish people to have a great day and stay away from Corona and everyone keep safe nurses doctors thank you I wish everyone a happy life and live long 🙂 have a wonderful day

  6. Thank you all Frontline workers. You are our guardian Angel's. I hope the nonbelievers see this. Maybe just maybe reality will sink in. God bless all!

  7. While the health workers are hard working night and night . They just concentrated to against Trump anytime . Why ? Instead of against Trump they fight the pandemic to save people but they still keep against him . The Covid died persons know it and following them to claim life , Some media , too.More and more conflict , some unrighteous lawyers judgers , barristers are highly happy because these chances make them richer .. Their client s win or lost it does not matter but money still come in their pockets

  8. Hospitals in my area are not even full, ER are not overwhelmed at all, this must be a democratic city and state problem, and all I can tell you there is stop voting for Democrats they clearly don’t know what they’re doing

  9. Maybe a look at the big picture……By the way I'd like to know if any lab student ever saw a Petrie dish heave off the lab counter due to population explosion. You'll read why. Anyway here's today's …..February 17, 2021. Headline #1 I'm still breathing poison. Quick Frodo give me the ring. Keep in mind this headline pertains to carbon only. There are thousands of harmful chemicals that can only be cut by lowering the population. Nobody even breeches that subject. Many, if not all, of these companies peddle products that are made from those chemicals. They just want too much money that they just sit on for what while people are literally suffocating to death? That is the real cause of many deaths that go completely untolled. That won't help Frodo either. He'll manage.

    "20 New Companies Spanning Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, Financial Services, Creative Services, Technology, Forestry, and the Construction Sector Join The Climate Pledge

    BUSINESS WIRE 3:01 AM ET 2/17/2021

    Symbol Last Price Change

    AMZN 3304.56up +35.61 (+1.0893%)

    QUOTES AS OF 11:50:59 AM ET 02/17/2021

    53 companies and counting across the globe, representing almost every sector of the economy, have now committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, demonstrating the global impact of The Climate Pledge"

    Headline #2 Sounds like Parler rebuilt over a major fault line, I don't know of a bigger oxymoron than independent technology "Social media app Parler crawls back online on 'independent technology'

    REUTERS 4:56 AM ET 2/16/2021

    Symbol Last Price Change

    AAPL 130.2056down -2.9844 (-2.2407%)

    AMZN 3310.79down +41.84 (+1.2799%)

    QUOTES AS OF 12:04:26 PM ET 02/17/2021

    (Reuters) – Parler, a social media serv

    Headline #3 "Myanmar businesses criticise junta cyber law plans……

    Internet providers would have to prevent or remove content deemed to "cause hatred, destroy unity and tranquillity", be "untruthful news or rumours" or be inappropriate to Myanmar's culture." This is part of the law, too according to this Reuters article on 12.12.21 and 11:29am. There's always strings attached with liberals and conservatives. Sounds more like the chaos side of communisms. This seems to be the closest we get to democracy, something that creates enough despair and depression and recessions to void whatever good the politicians appear to be doing, thus, gerrymandering the slavery. It's built into our laws. I've seen it for myself looking over actual final bills' packages that have been passed and signed into law. Note the keyword package meaning more than one law in the bill.

    Headline #4 from MSFT "Power outages across Texas have left millions of people in the dark and bitter cold this week amid an unprecedented winter storm that buried the state in snow and ice and brought single-degree temperatures." Whether now or then, it's not a power failure. It's the population heaving like a culture of mindless bacteria on a Petrie dish, beyond the limits of its environment.

    Headline #5 People such as those that ripped up the Capitol are not fed up. They have more energy than I to write a manifesto backed by facts but they don't because even if they can present real honest facts, they can't back it with the truthful reasoning and concepts that prove their points in court. They win battles in court by changing public opinion by bullying and oppression.

    And my key message which will remain the same until it doesn't.

    60 years of fighting the slave trade or the game, has led to this titular brief. I participated in my first Tele-Townhall this week on 2/1/21 and was linked in the middle of the second issue already in progress and it was about providing infrastructure jobs to the middle class. I find this deeply and agonizingly demoralizing, to hear this for at least the 20th time in my nightmare. Like most revolving issues, do we really need to be informed that money is going to be outlaid for roads and bridges. It’s a constant not a variable as should be opportunity by now. Nobody will address slavery as though it does not exist. There's 50 shades of shady slavery-laced communisms around the globe including the U.S. Nobody ever tried real proportional equity anywhere ever because it would work with enough enforced self-discipline and use of algorithms to change the conscience of men by rewarding the truly good and punishing the evil where it hurts, their pockets, the opposite of what the privileged politicians do now whether they be in church, government, private and public corporations or the Insanneseum. And it's the only way for all of us to have enough clean air, water, and food. The Chinese have already proven they can maintain self-discipline with billions of people. With the way I'm suggesting, the additional moves of tweaking algorithms and prerequisites for government expenditures including who gets a common income, we could change the world overnight and begin lowering the population to viable levels without the threat of internal strife induced war.

    Maybe natural resources including wind need to be eminent domained to the people to fund the people's physical and fiscal well-being.

    In my mind the privileged, churches, governments, businesses and local shaykes should be the watchdogs of democracy or at least civil rights by now. They all get money and fundamental technology developed through tax payers contributions like the internet for instance. That’s where morals, love and forgiveness come from because it is congruous with atonement. If there is no atonement or only the cherry-picking or mutilation of principles, then they are not abiding by the ethical oaths most professionals are required to take and pass on to their employees. If they don’t come from civil rights which would include proportional equity implicitly, it's bull, a demoralizing gerrymandering of slavery. This is unconstitutional. Politicians in all areas of culture are not helping and we do not have a culture because culture is for the health and welfare of all therefore, we are uncivilized. A culture built on slavery cannot be civilized. It’s a giant system and should be fully capable of an honest day’s work. It’s like society is saying the bigger we are the less civilized we can be. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is why they continue to smear China.

  10. Prayers up for the medical workers, I can only imagine the strain, while these fools out here no masks, no social distancing, no common sense, not caring just living like it's normal out here, they know who they are! God bless the medical staff

  11. And still they will work and work and work and work. Nothing will change untill they just go home after 40 hrs no matter the cost. But they love to help. So they will get used.

  12. I'm currently a TRAVELING NURSE. I'm at this moment working at a CITY hospital. The STAFF NURSES do NOT want the CONTRACT Nurses their. At least at the 2 hospitals that I have worked at. These STAFF NURSES make the ENVIRONMENT very HOSTILE. They feel because we are making more MONEY, we SHOULD have all the patients that they feel are difficult or more work is REQUIRED.🤔😷

  13. REAL NEWS: COVID is no worse then common flu and is used bye the media and government to manipulate the sheep. All while the establishment slowly kills the middle class, look who made all the money last year, Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, Twitter, these are all members of Joe Biden's staff. Its called eliminating your competition and cutting out the small guy.

  14. I’m a Rn and have worked in different cities, including New York, during the past year and find it difficult to watch this video: We are not victims. Some people aren’t cut out for it. I find myself privileged to be able to work where I make such a difference.

  15. REAL NEWS: NBC paid Capitol insurrectionist JOHN SULLIVAN 35K for his video. JOHN SULLIVAN a well known insurrectionist/ Antifa member who went online bragging about how he dressed up like a Trump supporters, smashed out windows and encouraged people to storm the Capitol building and has since been released from jail without bail.

  16. Jesus says I do not bring peace but a sword well worn to them that call evil good and good evil that put Darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet for bitter Isaiah 5:9 KJV

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