Philly Installs Window Fans In Some Classrooms To Help With Ventilation Concerns | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla speaks to the parents and teachers of one Philadelphia school about their concerns of reopening and the health measures in place.
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Philly Installs Window Fans In Some Classrooms To Help With Ventilation Concerns | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


18 thoughts on “Philly Installs Window Fans In Some Classrooms To Help With Ventilation Concerns | NBC News NOW

  1. First thing window fans are meant for that those motors are thermally protected witch means the can be exposed to what ever is out there these people obviously don't understand that

  2. I was a safety trainer /miner for coal. Before operating and going in the mine's we had to have ventilAtion plan, and safety plan approved by MINE SAFETY HEALTH ADMINISTRATION-FEDS. WE HAD TO HAVE A VENTILATION PLAN BECAUSE OF THE GAS. IF MINES HAVE TO DO IT BECAUSE OF GAS BUILD UP AND POSSIBILITIES OF AN EXPLOSION. SHOULDN'T THE SCHOOLS TO??!!! THEY NEED TO HIRE A VENTALATION EXPERT!!!

  3. 😆 yea that’s going to solve the problem. Sorry, but schools where I work are so decrepit that no amount of fans will solve our ventilation issues!

  4. Americans, We the People must require a higher level of accountability from our elected officials. America has been losing ground on developing a satisfactory infrastructure for the last 55 years. We have had time to develop a National Health Care Plan. We have had time to merge our education and jobs programs for an Economic Plan that combines public service with stability. Unfortunately, for decades we have been placing these important decisions in the hands of people who use greed as their criteria. We the People must have elected officials who are willing to put in the long-term effort to plan community changes and to follow through. We short change ourselves when we vote for people who are inadequate, who lack leadership skills, and who do not care enough to be certain that we safely reach our goals. There has been sufficient time to retrofit these historic school buildings for ventilation systems. However, no elected official took the lead in arranging the change through the decades. Now responsible city planning will be becoming a life or death issue.

  5. Stupidity. The virtue signaling and larping is silly. GTFO. This has nothing to do with health and everything to do with money and political corruption connected to teacher unions.

  6. please help. i am a us citizen and the republic of korea has me captive and started a torture on a government level. they have denied me of all access to human rights and is depriving me of food and water and living quarters. please do an ip tracking and help me get out of this country

  7. They have spent 4 million probably @ Home Depot on this so-called resolution. With 64 million still in the kitty. It scares me to see how that money will get dispersed. Or who will steal it. .. Idiots!

  8. They should've sold all those buildings during the pandemic and leased and bought new space with the amount of real estate going up in the city. Desperately failed at their jobs.They were definitely left out and its not fair. These buildings were built in the 1920s meanwhile we have some of the best universities in the world in the same city such a shame.

  9. GREAT RESPECT! I am from Russia, Siberian … I position myself: INVENTOR! … My know-how!, (Power take-off rotor – conveyor type) will allow you to get energy from the river, without any special hydraulic structures, without coal, gas, oil .. all year round – environmentally friendly.
    Show in full …
    More than 11,000 scientists from all over the world have gathered to declare a climate emergency. Their article, published in the journal Bioscience, explores the science behind this problem and how to solve it.

    Recently, this topic has been constantly raised. However, signatories from 153 countries note that society has taken too little action to prevent a climate catastrophe. Despite longstanding claims that burning fossil fuels causes serious environmental damage, global industry has been slow to switch to alternative and cleaner energy sources. Of course, these are banal business laws – but emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are steadily growing, and humanity itself suffers from this first of all.

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